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Sep 22, 2022
Hey All,
Long-time roleplayer, first time joining up here.
I don''t know about you, but I have this sorta love/hate relationship with Request Threads.
  • If you make them too detailed, it feels like you're boxing out potential partners because there isn't much they can add.
  • If you make them too generic, it feels like you aren't really bringing much to the table.
So, I'm just going to give you a more generic description of what I like and how I play and we'll take it from there.

First of all, I like smut, that's why I'm here. That doesn't mean I don't like a good story. I truly believe that you need a framework to drive the smut, but I do enjoy the naughty bits that come from bouncing things back and forth with a RP partner and the ideas that are generated from it.

  • Slice-of-Life.
    • Neighbors
    • Roommates
    • Cheating
    • One-night-stands (sometimes a great warm up while getting to know a partner
    • the list goes on ;)
  • Science Fiction (original universes, or OC's in a limited set of known universes.
    • Lost in space (not the series, the idea of being stranded or adrift)
    • Different species (generally humanoid)
  • Taboo - Yep, I love the family stuff. If it's not your thing, that's all cool. Just one of my things
    • I've done so many dad/daughter RPs, which I like, but you'll really get my attention if you pitch me a mother/son
    • I love doing multi-character stories that involve a nuclear and extended family where I play all the males and you play all the females.
    • Brother/Sister is always fun
    • Other family connections
    • Qualification - I want there to be tension in an incest RP and there to be a little delay before getting to the naughty bits in taboo. The point is in working past the social barriers of it and the thrill of it.
  • Cum
  • Intense, physical sex
  • All-night sex-fests
  • drunk sex
  • pregnancy or risk of
  • lactation
  • (many more, Let's talk)


  • Fandoms. I always find that one player knows the world being played in way better than the other, or even if we both know it equally well, we'll each have a different idea of what it all really means.
  • Novella length posts. If you're one of those players who thinks that each post MUST be at least 5+ paragraphs in a roleplay and you're going to 'ding' me if I don't get there, we're not a match. Quite frankly, I find that kind of writing in a roleplay to be extremely annoying and vapid. To me, roleplay should be about back and forth, and if you feel you must fill 600 words worth of material for it to be a 'worthy' post, we're not a match. To add onto that, if you think that because you wrote 600+ words (or whatever your number is) with lots of descriptive passages, we're DEFINITELY not a match.
  • Non-con and abuse. If you just want your gal to be pinned down and assaulted with no reward or emotion in the end, I'm not your guy.
  • I can play in PMs or on Discord. Discord preferred, but not a dealbreaker.
  • Third-person preferred, but I'm perfectly comfortable in first-person.
  • I like to hear what you're interested in and your ideas. If you bring no ideas to the table or say 'whatever you want to do' you've lost me.
  • I like face claims (Photo or drawn, in that order), but I'm just as happy to go with descriptions.
  • My belief in post length is it should be long enough to respond to my partner and move the story along, also, ending with something for my partner to respond to. That could mean a 3 page reply, or it could mean a single paragraph. It depends.
  • I love OOC chat and getting to know my partners, but I'm also perfectly happy keeping it all in the RP.

Okay, I think I've gone on long enough. If any of this interests you, please send me a PM and we'll talk!
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