My (hopefully not permanent) Departure from Fiction Depot


Jan 6, 2019
USA (Unfortunately)
Hello all,

I've been RPing with this site ever since it went by a different name nearly 6 years ago. The people and friends I've met and made along the way and the stories we've been able to create have been wonderful. I've loved every second of my time here, and to an extent, still do. Needless to say, FictionDepot has been a great positive part of my life for quite some time now.

I've been battling the site just to login for about almost over a year now, and patiently tried to work through endless loading screens and total website crashes and even not being able to open my Pms, but it has boiled over to a point where I can barely even login now. When I was first experiencing these issues nobody else had mentioned experiencing the same thing and some of my RP partners told me I was the first person they knew of who had these problems. Slowly, unfortunately the problem seemed to spread to more people, to the point where it seems to have been discussed in the main forum (I don't know what exactly was discussed as I can barely load any pages so I don't have the opportunity to read it).

Because of my love for the craft of writing and FictionDepot, I have tried to just push through the loading issues, but as I said before it's come to the point where the site is basically unusable for me. At least 80% of my time I could spend writing my replies goes into trying to log on, then trying to get to my threads. I can't even open my PMs for 95% of the time. I simply don't have the resources to wait that long only for the site to crash when I am finally able to hit post on my reply. Because of this, my reply speeds have been extremely slow, and it is really ruining my enjoyment that I get from roleplaying.

With that being said, it pains me to say that for the time being, I will be moving off-site to Discord to continue my current RP threads. I will still be logging on when I can to try to catalogue all of my RPs so that I have them for my own safe keeping should the day arrive where I can no longer even log in onto the site. Should anyone have any interest of RPing with me, a message to my inbox or a profile post should suffice and I will most likely PM my discord info should we decide to RP together.

I will be contacting all of my RP partners individually to see who would prefer to stay on site and who would be willing to move things to Discord for the time being. Of course, due to the loading issues, it may take a bit of time for me to get to PMing everybody, so please bear with me on that. You may also drop your Discord info in the comments if you feel comfortable, and I can add you on Discord so we can discuss there since it's nearly impossible for me to load my PMs here anyway.

I hope that one day the issues with the site get resolved, and when that day comes, I will be more than happy to RP here once again. I really enjoy the community aspect that this site has provided in the past and I hope it continues to do so.

Also, if by any chance any of you enjoyed just reading my roleplays, I can also send you pdfs of the threads for you if you want. Again, just give me your discord info and I'll be happy to send copies of any of my threads your way (still working on making them for all my threads).


Jan 23, 2019
You can try literotica, that site is still up and running despite using the old clunky format
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