My Hot Summer (ModernViking & Sky Reed)

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Feb 6, 2019
Stephen grinned with satisfaction as Katrina voiced her desire in such a lustful manner. She wouldn't even have needed to say anything - the look she gave him over her shoulder was enough to understand what she wanted in that moment. He lifted his hand and brought it down on her plump ass cheek, delivering a loud slap that caused the bountiful flesh to jiggle tantalizingly, a pink imprint of his hand left behind for the briefest of moments.

Then he proceeded to give it to her. He pushed forward, the head of his cock pressing right up against her entrance and starting to slip inside. He didn't go as slow this time, pushing all the way into her in one smooth motion, moaning lowly at the sensation of her warm pussy squeezing tightly around him. He pushed until his hips met her ass, and he reaffirmed his grip on her hips before he pulled back.

And then he really started fucking her, doing it hard like she wanted him to. The bedroom was soon filled with the sounds of his hips slapping against her ass, her pussy slurping at his cock every time he filled her with it, and the mixing of their moans began anew. He pulled her back towards him every time he pushed forward, but with this position he was able to do it faster and harder than before.

"Mm yeah, it's good," he moaned out.

Sky Reed

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Jan 1, 2019
Under Your Bed
Katrina couldn't believe that he is an utter surprise. Her hair is now a complete mess but she didn't care about that at the moment, she would just keep flipping it, and it would go back to its own place. The soft plush of his silk sheets rubbing against her, "You are playing with fire, be careful not to get burned." she said between breaths. Stephen was stirring a fire in her navel, as she can feel every thrust inside of her.

This is the part where she likes the most when men show their macho ego how well and hard they can thrust and she enjoys those puny middle-aged and mature men how she would need to stoke their egos more unlike with Stephen he just needs a little push and he would do the rest. He is virile and stronger he's got a lot of stamina for sure, she can see those gorgeous muscles and rippling abs of his she gushed over them it's so shocking that she's got used to dating mediocre middle-aged men because she thought that is all she was worth.

She let out another moan as another thrust hit her g spot. "Ahhhh...yes, just right there." she mewled in pleasure. He is probably going to make her cum several times tonight.
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