My Teacher My weapon...ALL MINE w/ Chuck89

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Jan 3, 2019
Human Form:

Weapon Form:
Scythe form
Sword Form
Name: Viper Sagara
Age: 26
Species: Weapon
Profession: Teacher
Viper was found recently by Death in an old lab that was discovered to be Arachne Gorgon, it seems she was trying to recreate the multi form weapon but only was able to give her two forms. Viper is now a teacher at the school and has been teaching there for the first two months, Happy to help young students and their weapons reach their full potential.

Stein is constantly following her wanting saying she must be examined and not only that but her Male students have made a fan club and all are jealous of those who get her as their teacher. She has no partner in weapons terms and doesn't mind that considering she has made teaching her full commitment.
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