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Jan 3, 2019
Somewhere other than nowhere.
This is where my M/m requests will be located. Note: A bulk of this, along with the information is lifted wholesale from my more general RP thread, which can be found here. As such, a couple of things; like my FFXIV character list will be omitted from this. The purpose of this thread is mainly to open my self to M/m roleplays. Be it the plots from my general thread (of which are modified for M/m) or specific M/m only pairings.

Requirements and notes
  • You don't have to write an essay but no one liners.
  • I play mostly submissive but I can be Dominant.
  • No 'txt' typers
  • I do procrastinate; so please send me a PM or something if I forget.


  • Feudal Japan/China
  • Arabian/Arabian Nights
  • AU Modern Day
  • Post-Apocalyptic
  • Tribal
  • Ancient Egypt


  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Crime
  • Horror
  • Kink/Erotic
  • Fantasy
  • Romance

  • Master & slave
  • Samurai & Geisha - CRAVING
  • Samurai & Peasant
  • King & Servant
  • Master & Maid
  • God & Priest/Worshiper - CRAVING
  • Final Fantasy - OC original story preferred. XIV universe but can do VII, VIII, IX, X, XII and XV.
  • Avatar - TLAB or Korra Universe
The above was just an example of what pairings, settings and genres I do. But if you have any other suggestions feel free to let me know and I'll see if they match my own interests. Like I said I am flexible and I'm sure we can work something out.


The War at Home - Any - Lord of the Manor x POW
It's wartime and MC is a captured enemy combatant/civilian and as punishment is shipped off to serve in a manor for the remainder of the war. At first, YC/YCs are openly hostile toward MC but they eventually start warming up to MC, much to the chagrin of other members of the household/spouse.

Good to be King - Egyptian King x Servant/slave - CRAVING
An odd sort of request. The King of Egypt is obsessed with his debauched and lavish desires. For exmaple, being worshipped like a God by his slaves. He is the eccentric sort. One who would rather spend time with his harem boys than govern the country, but that's when MC comes in. His most beloved slave and advisor that goes along with his games, though due to this the country is suffering. Plenty of political intrigue and smut as MC tries to slowly push him to actually performing his duties as King.
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