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Apr 15, 2019
Hi everyone :)
I was googling for writing forums and stumbled here somehow??
Decided to join and see what happens!
You can just call me matcha I guess? I’m in my late-20s and from the UK.
Roleplaying has been an on/off hobby of mine for some years now, tbh I’ve forgotten what my preferences and tastes are like - but have always preferred 1x1 RPs and random interesting to see what I can get involved with on here!

Mostly here because I want to write fiction/stories and could do with some motivation and practise (in any form really. Writer’s block is so real, and I feel so rusty :/ )
Love to read manga/webcomics, non-fiction, light novels and classic lit.
I also like animals, childish humour, watching cheesy dramas, listening to jazz/bgm/kpop and spending all my money in coffee shops.
Always open to random PMs XD

Hope to get to know some of you :)
Not open for further replies.
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