New here!


Jun 8, 2021
Hey there, call me Eliphas.

I've been roleplaying for about four years now, roughly, so I've gotten a lot of experience with the craft. With recent changes in my life, I've grown a bit bored and in need of something fun to pass the time, so that's primarily why I'm here. I'm mainly looking for a female RP partner around here, but I don't discriminate. I'm quite literate in my roleplays, but I hope that doesn't intimidate anyone!

I'm very shy about advertising things I like, but I'm sure once I get used to this place I'll be more outgoing. If I were to say anything about my preferences, well I guess I would start here:
  • I'm primarily a dom
  • I don't mind Fandoms but I am partial to original settings. I have the most experience with Fantasy/Medieval settings, including sci-fi and modern, to name a few.
  • I'm experimental, but I don't very much enjoy scat, urine, necrophilia, etc
  • Here is my kinklist if anyone is interested in what I like/dislike. It may get updated in the future.
  • I am very respectful with characters, both yours and mine.
  • Given my experience, ideas/scenarios aren't too difficult for me to figure out.
Other than all of that, I hope I get along with people here. Feel free to message me if you want to Roleplay or simply chat.
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