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Jan 12, 2021
Good evening, all. You may call me Conjuring; I'm a twenty-six-year-old female in the Eastern Time Zone in the United States. I'm an experienced writer excited to dip my toes into new stories. I'll be working on getting a few plot ideas up over the course of the next few days, but in the meantime, if you would like to message me and find out a bit more about what I'm looking for, please feel free. I'm always happy to chat.

A Few Details

  • I tend to be a bit slow on replies, usually only able to reply once per week IC and sporadically OOC. As this is the case, I require patient partners.
  • Length is of little importance to me, but I do require competent writing, i.e. proper spelling and grammar and a varied vocabulary. If your reply gives me something to reply to and is easily readable, I'll be ecstatic.
  • Collaborative writing only. I don't want to carry the plot, and I also don't want to be following along with little input. Brainstorming is our best friend.
  • All communication, whether IC or OOC, will have to remain onsite. I don't care for messengers and I rarely check my e-mail.
  • I don't have a kink list up yet, but I am open to most things. My only true limits are that I am not willing to write anything underage (characters under eighteen), ageplay, rape/non-con, bestiality, scat/vomit, gore/vore/death, and mind control/bimbofication. Most other things can be discussed.
Please feel free to message me or comment here. I'm looking forward to submerging myself in all your lovely writing.

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