New Worlds to Explore, New Stories to be Made: Scintillating and Sinful

Endac Korinth

Nov 16, 2020
The Frozen North
Good evening.

Hopefully, I can catch an eye or two and begin to get some writing going. I'm awful at these introductions and as I am apart of another Xenforo forum, this all feels too familiar for me to feel like I'm supposed to properly introduce myself.

That said, I'm Endac.

I've been writing since I was 13, and while the beginning was a crock of shite, as all of us might have begun, I daresay I'm a pretty damn good writer these days when the mood strikes me. I primarily write paragraph to multiparagraph posts in 3rd person, depending on how many characters I'm playing and how into the story I am, as well as how much my companion writer gives me to work with. Any more details someone might want can be directed to my inbox, and I honestly could not lay out everything you might want to know in this initial post because I do not know what you would want to know.

So yes, hello there. I hope to write with some of you and be welcomed into the community.

Or I'll just lurk about until the silence drives me away. One or the other.
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