one star war, please [TRoS friendly, spoiler-free]

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Feb 17, 2019
Please look over my F-List Sometimes people send me really long thought out ideas but they're based on a kink that I hate and I think we both come away feeling bad after that exchange is over.
WHAT I SEEK: I'm looking for a literate partner who can spell properly, understands grammar, and can give me enough to work with. Preferably someone who can write at least two paragraphs or more, because I think it's important to be able to put enough detail into the posts. If English is your second language just let me know ahead of time! I don't care about the gender of my writing partner, but I'm not looking to double or play male.
OTHER: I'm an Enthusiastic Communicator, and I like to chatter! I'm not trying to pressure you for a post or anything, I just have ideas or will want to talk about the world, or I'll have found a funny picture I want to share. Let me know if that's not something you're into so I don't get too annoying, please!
ORIGINAL PAIRINGS: I will only play humans and firmly humanoid (Chiss, Zeltrons, anything that has hair) characters- you've got a little more wiggle room as long as isn't something that could potentially be categorized as a furry. Probably no force sensitive OCs for pitched original pairings unless it is absolutely necessary for the plot. Faceclaims are required, I have a collection of FCs (not that you are in any way required to use those if you don't vibe with them) but realistic and non-anime art is a-ok too!

No KotOR. If you want things set then, just lightly explain the general setting you're hoping for and don't try to mention the games at all because I know nothing about them.
My Star Wars Knowledge: All the movies, the (better looking) Clone Wars cartoon, all or at least most of the Jedi Apprentice books.

Tahl x Qui-Gon Jin
Jyn Erso x Cassian Andor
Leia Organa x Han Solo
xx• post original trilogy
Rey x Kylo Ren/Ben Solo
xx• redemption arc only
Rey x Finn
Rey x Poe Dameron
Rose Tico x Finn
OC x Bodhi Rook
xx• long hair and trauma is weirdly my thing? I'd like to drag out his full recovery
OC x Galen Erso
xx• plot
OC x Obi-Wan Kenobi
xx• up to my tits in plots
OC x Luke Skywalker
xx• post original series, probably when he's trying to rebuild the Jedi Order. There's gotta be some other adults out there with the Force.
OC x Kylo Ren/Ben Solo
xx• two plots
OC x Poe Dameron
xx• I don't have a full plot, but I'd like for the story to start with him being sent to recruit her and a few others? I'm thinking she's so poor she's never even been in a ship before, so his flying is, uh, jarring.
OC x Finn
force sensitive thief x Jedi
bounty hunter or assassin x rebel doctor
first order member x resistance member
xx• I'd like to explore the idea that some people’s planets have actually been made better so they legitimately morally support the Order through a combination of that and propaganda. When forced to face reality, it will be infinitely rougher.
suggest, please
xx• I am just hella picky about OC x OC. I'll probably take canon genderbends if they're pitched, why not?
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