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Mar 13, 2020
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Hello, and welcome to my request thread! I just want to quickly thank you for taking the time to read this thread. Let's be real, like most search ads, I know a majority of readers will be skimming for keywords and just the necessary information. I will do my best to keep this as concise as possible, so you can quickly determine if I'd be worth considering as a writing partner. I'll be keeping most long lists under spoilers to maximize readability, and because not everyone is going to care about all the same information. So, let's not waste anymore time!

💌 C O N T A C T M E 💌
Private Message | novablues#0341 [Discord]

》》Nova for short​
》》30 years old​
》》Female | she | her​
》》MxF | FxF | MxM
*Subject to change upon further experiences

》》21 and over​
》》Any gender​
》》Able to make compromises​
》》Can take charge when needed​
》》Open to "random chance"​
》》Willingness to tell me when it's not working out​

*Subject to change upon further experiences
》》Character development
》》Flavor text
》》Evolving storylines (I like leaving the story to chance vs. setting everything in stone)
》》Short and long-term stories
》》Can (and happily will) play multiple characters
》》Can write male, female, and non-binary characters
》》Original characters and canons
》》Original settings and fandom worlds
》》Attentive to detail
》》Post-matching, I will write as much as you give me
》》Multi-paragraph writer by default
》》Will write with any writer of any level of English and grammar fluency, as long as I can understand what they are intending
》》Open to positive constructive criticism (I love to learn from my mistakes, please point them out kindly--dont be an asshat about it)
*Subject to change upon further experiences
》》Being concise (I'm getting better at not rambling about random useless details, but sometimes I struggle to keep things short and sweet when needed)
》》Mild grammar and spelling mistakes
》》Time-management, sometimes I put things off because I'm terrible at scheduling my time, just give me a friendly nudge-nudge-wink if needed
》》A bunch of other things, will add when I decide to self-analyze again
*My kinks vary from story-to-story.

Preffered Story/Smut Ratios:
70/30 thru 40/60

For some stories, all I want is some light-hearted kinky fun. For other stories, I might want some darker themes. If it's on the NO list, it means it's something I will not compromise on. Maybes might take some convincing, there's no guarantee though. It just depends on the context of the story. Just ask and be respectful if I say "no." Thank you.


*ON AGE: Site rules apply. Characters MUST be 18 minimum. My characters will typically be no less than 21 years old.

*ON VIOLENCE IN RP: I am not opposed to violence in roleplays and in some sexual themes, so long as it pertains to the story we are writing. I will not incorporate violence just for the fun of it, especially during intimate interactions. Unsure? Just communicate with me.

*A ON FURRIES: I have recently opened up to writing stories with furry characters, especially in regards to intimate themes. I am, however, still uncomfortable with furry characters having their actual species private bits. Human bits are preferred, I apologize if that is a deal-breaker for you.


All the genres I'd love to craft original stories and characters in.

As to not waste too much time listing out a million subgenres, I'm going to link to a list of genres and subgenres. I will simply state that I love ALL major genres, and pretty much everything on that list is something I enjoy. Not sure if I'd like something? Just ask! Chances are I'd be willing to work something out.

144 Genres and Subgenres for Fiction Writing


*I prefer to collaborate on original stories, settings, and characters within these universes. However, I will consider playing some canons.
Current cravings will be bolded in green.
》》Mass Effect
》》Baldur's Gate Trilogy
》》Dragon Age
》》Harvest Moon

》》Story of Seasons
》》Gleaner Heights
》》Stardew Valley
》》The Legend of Zelda
》》The Elder Scrolls
》》Jade Empire
》》Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
》》This War of Mine
》》Tomb Raider
》》The Witcher
》》The Walking Dead
》》Silent Hill
》》Assassin's Creed

》》Fire Emblem
》》Final Fantasy X & X-2
》》Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles
》》Kingdom Hearts
》》The Last of Us
》》Red Dead Redemption
》》Grand Theft Auto
》》Rim world
*I prefer to collaborate on original stories, settings, and characters within these universes. However, I will consider playing some canons.
Current cravings will be bolded in green.
》》The Walking Dead/Fear The Walking Dead
》》Star Wars
》》The Hobbit/The Lord of The Rings
》》American Horror Story
》》Harry Potter
*These pairings apply to both original and canon stories and characters.
Current cravings will be bolded in green.
**To be added
*All plots are not set in stone, as I prefer to let stories and characters progress organically.
**To be added
*OCs I would love to play in any setting.
**To be added

Electronova [NSFW]

Strange things had been happening around Miranda Pratchett lately. The occurrences had started out subtle, little unexplained instances of bad luck that would throw off her stride for a spell. They were just silly little things at first. Like random changes in the digital clock interfaces on her smart appliances, or her tv turning on and off at any given moment. After a few days of random shenanigans around her apartment, things started to feel a little too coincidental. An insomnia-fueled night and an over-caffeinated mind even led the young woman to begin theorizing she was being haunted. Watching her computer have an electronic seizure and wipe her entire work hard drive only added more fuel to those flames.

That is until things started happening everywhere around her. At work, the grocery store, her fiancée's car—no matter where she went, whatever it was followed. After her coworker cut in front of her at the soda vending machine, it began firing corn-syrup mortars at all the unfortunate souls in the breakroom. Then at the grocery store, a bitter old woman slammed her cart into Miri as she held a glass jar of pickle slices in her hand. The jar then exploded, sending glass shrapnel, pickle bits, and juice in every direction. While just last night, all four of her fiancée's tires completely blew out when he was attempting to tell his bride-to-be that he was having second thoughts. Everything was beginning to make Miranda believe that her universe was about to supernova on her.

Perhaps Miranda Pratchett was just cursed.

Beep, beep, beep

The shrill tone of the alarm crackled out from Miranda's phone, the speakers sounding as if they were about to blow out. Attempting to ignore her responsibility, she defiantly squeezed her eyes shut even tighter. But the beeping persisted, the sound only growing louder, demanding the woman to pay it attention and shut it off.

"Noooooooooooo—" she groaned, pulling her white comforter over her head and rolling onto her side facing away from the phone.

As she curled into a fetal position, her hands reached for her ears in a desperate attempt to muffle out the alarm. Unsurprisingly, the alarm continued to shriek, it was so loud she could literally feel each obnoxious beep in her head, pulsating to a shitty beat.

"SHUT THE FUCK UP!" Miranda screamed, flinging the comforter off her as she bolted to an upright position, finally unable to take it any longer. At that same moment, a blur of blue shot past her and collided with the wall opposite her. Horrified, Miri watched as her phone shattered into tiny little pieces, clattering into a sad heap of glass and plastic bits.

Leaping from her bed, she stumbled across the cold smoky-stained hardwood floor. "No, no, no, no, no…" she mumbled panicked to herself, her mind in a confused haze as she fell to her knees by her obliterated phone. "How in the hell?" She poked and prodded the pieces, her heart caught in her throat as her ghost theory became a poltergeist/gypsy-curse scenario. With a sigh, she attempted to scoop all the pieces up, when she heard a faint cheerful melody playing from her coffee maker in the kitchen. The mesmerizing aroma of freshly brewing coffee soon enveloped the frantic woman in its warm embrace. Miri's eyes fluttered as she inhaled deeply, then dropped all the pieces of the phone back onto the floor, bolting up to her full unimpressive height.

"Shit!" She quickly turned on her heel and bolted to the bathroom, obliterated phone entirely off her mind when she realized what time it was.

Come on Miri, get your shit together, she lectured herself, flinging open the bathroom door and flicking on the light. A shrill gasp escaped her lips when she looked towards the wall-mounted mirror and saw her reflection, mistaking it for someone else in her jumbled state. A cringe wrinkled the features of her reflection as she noted how very similar to a raccoon she looked. Her cinnamon-colored eyes were puffy and swollen, framed by thick smears of bold black mascara and eyeliner, tear-stain flecks long dried on her freckled cheeks. With a huff, she twisted the sink's matte black metal knob and turned on the water. She began to aggressively remove her eye-makeup, cursing between splashes of water and scrubbing.

This is why we wash our face before bed Miri, she turned the water off and grabbed the black hand-towel hanging close by, not drink an entire bottle of wine and cry in the shower, Miri.

After patting her face dry, her thick brows furrowed as her face contorted into a scowl. While she may have been able to remove the crusty flecks of makeup, her eyes remained stained a dark shade. If she went outside in her current state, knotted wild curls, bruised looking eyes, and dried cracked lips, she'd be able to pass herself off as a street-roaming addict.

Miranda threw her arms up in the air, exasperated she cried, "I don't have time for this!"

Maneuvering quickly towards the shower, she pulled her black tank top off over her head and tossed it onto the white tiled floor. Grabbing the cold metal handle of the pristinely clear glass shower door with one hand, she pushed it open. Meanwhile, her other hand awkwardly shimmying her cheeky black panties from her wide hips. They dropped to the wooden bathmat as she stepped into the roomy tiled shower, closing the door behind her. It took her a moment to fiddle with the shower knobs, water cascading down from the rain showerhead. Lifting her foot, she reached out behind her and hissed through gritted teeth when she felt the sharp pang of ice-cold water pelting the bottom of her foot. "Too cold, oh my god—so cold." Her teeth began to chatter as cold mist clung to her skin, goose-pimples flaring over her as she twisted the knobs again. Finally, she felt warmth caress her foot, and she let out a little content sigh, curling her toes at the pleasurable sensation.

She stepped back under the showerhead, hot water saturating her untamed dark brown locks, tendrils of wet hair snaking over her pale, freckled back. Her spine tingled as hot water streamed down every curve of her body, exciting her senses like a lover grazing gentle fingertips all along her flesh. She leaned her head back, allowing the drops of water to gently drum against her neck.

Okay, we had a shitty start to the morning, she began her daily shower ritual with an internal pep-talk, but today's going to be a great day. The best day!

You're going to get that promotion, and your fiancée is going to come to his senses! Everything is going to be alright, Miri!

"Fuck yeah!" She said aloud to herself in response as she shampooed and conditioned her unruly hair, wincing at each knot she tried to untangle. Her boss had something vital to go over with her today. What with all the rumors flying around about salaried positions opening up in the office, she couldn't help but be a little excited

You've worked your ass off at this shitty job, Miri reassured herself as she scrubbed her scalp with her burgundy-painted nails. Her matching toenails curling at the stimulation, you fucking deserve this. She smirked to herself, rinsing the creamy, honey-scented conditioner from her hair.

With a little newfound motivation, Miranda hurried herself, quickly doing a more intense face wash to remove the remnants of makeup from her face.

Don't worry about David either. Rinsing her face, her thoughts turned to her future husband, and the horrifying talk they had last night, all guys have "second thoughts" a week before the wedding.

It was a little harder to convince herself on that one, but she tried. Admittedly, things had been a little off between the two of them for the past month. Initially, she had attributed it to both of them getting busier with their jobs. Of course, there was the wedding planning too, that was a little hectic. And then all the house-hunting, that had to be the most stressful. It also didn't help that they—well—hadn't been very intimate as of late. Like, at all. It was killing Miri to not be physical, but this had all been his idea.

"Let's wait till the wedding night, imagine how intense it's going to be when we fuck," his ineloquent wording rang loud in her head, and she sighed.

She had so much built-up stress and tension; all she wanted was a release. Had it been up to her, she would have canned the whole waiting game. Biting her plump lower lip, Miri ran her fingers down her slick soap-coated body. Deeply, she inhaled the scent of warm sensual amber as her nails gently teased at the hardened flesh of her breasts. A powerful ache rippled through her body as arousal burned within her. Dizzy from the heady smell of her body wash and thick steam, she subconsciously slipped her fingers between her smooth, swollen labia. Her breathing deepened as she rubbed soft circles around her soap-slick clit. As adrenaline pumped through her, Miranda closed her eyes. She licked her lips, her thoughts turning to past sexual encounters with her fiancée in this very shower.

The lights in the bathroom began to flicker as she propped her leg up on the dark wooden shower bench, but she was so focused on her pleasure, she paid it no mind. With her leg up, she was able to spread her lips further apart, allowing her to slip the fingers on her other hand inside of herself. She groaned, throwing her head back and closing her eyes once more, envisioning her fiancée sitting on the bench and burying his face between her legs. She felt her muscles fluttering inside her as she neared climax. Her vision whitening behind her closed lids as she remembered the way her fiancée's tongue teased at her most sensitive spots.

"Oh, fuuuu—" she began to moan out just as she felt herself about to reach her peak. As her orgasm danced on the edge, a low hum filled the bathroom, causing her to pry her eyes open. Her attention was caught by the lights, which seemed to be glowing brighter with each desperate hungry cry she made. Too under her own sexual spell to care, she let out a scream as she came. In the same moment she felt an intense release from deep inside her, the humming grew higher-pitched until finally there was a crack and shatter. As the lights exploded, Miranda's juices cascaded forth. It coated her fingers as she let out a raw cry of ecstasy from her climax.

The freckled woman doubled over onto the bench, breathing hard as her body quaked. She shivered, the momentary high from her release already over, the cold chill of the air clawing back into her.

"What the fuck…" She whispered to herself, regaining her senses and now fully grasping the fact that her bathroom lights had blown out when she had reached completion.

It was just a coincidence, right?

Quickly, Miri turned off the shower and pulled open the shower door, reaching for her black towel and promptly wrapped it around herself. Before stepping out, she scanned the bathroom, squinting through the dim light coming from the gray-curtained window, letting in the early morning light. Her eyes caught glints and flashes of light reflecting off the shattered glass pieces that littered the floor when she stepped out of the shower. Tip-toeing carefully over the glass, she bounded out of the bathroom. There was nothing she wanted more than to figure out what the hell was going on around her. However, her little play session had set her back on time, and if she didn't hurry, she was going to be late for her promotion.

"Everything is going to be alright!" She shouted to herself, her voice cracking with uncertainty as she desperately tried to ignore the fact that her world was rapidly changing.

Thank you for your time and reading my rambles! ❤
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