Penetrating Force (with Aqua_Star)

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Jan 8, 2019

Name: Cassian Piett
Age: 27

Cassian raised just like every jedi from a very young age he was raised under very strict rules, yet he was one of the few that were considered to be troublemakers, since the very beginning he had defied those rules, but from punishments he had learnt through the years to be more quiet about his thoughts and actions.

And we come to the present day, when knowing that despite the prohibition, which he finds ridiculous, of having children he takes advantage of the sexual needs of fellow jedi and usually slept with them for his own benefit, sometimes monetary, other times to skip responsibilities, and rarely, when he found his partner attractive he did for fun, as long as he didn't develop any feelings he was fine with anyone.

Cassian was supposed to meet a fellow jedi that day, apparently they would start working together going to missions, yet he didn't arrive at the meeting "perhaps you should check if he's in his room" the master suggested, judging by his face, he was quiere disappointed on Cassian's behavior. In the meantime instead of meeting his companion he was jumping on another jedi's cock while other two took turns on receiving a blowjob from him, and another one held him from behind kissing his white hair, supposedly the door was locked so nobody would find out.
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