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Feb 9, 2019
This is an interest check directed to male doms/semes. I'm craving a mostly smut plot with one of my far more slutty characters. My requirements are 2+ paragraphs with literate english. I understand typos now and then, but if it happens often it's a big turnoff. Male doms/semes only please. Reply here if there's interest. I would like to have at least three people interested. I'll edit this if there's enough interest to warrant an rp thread.

The Character
Name: Sin Eden
Age: True age unknown, though he appears to be in his twenties
Species: Incubus demon
History: Sin was born as any other incubus; the child of an incubus father and human mother. Sin has far stronger pheromones, that chemical smell that draws in sexual partners. Unlike other incubi, Sin's pheromones take the scent most desired by the one that smells it. From a young age, Sin's mother used him as a way to make good money. Somehow, this shaped Sin's personality. Instead of carrying lasting harmful trauma, Sin grew up craving every touch brought upon him, save for the ones that were painful or left scars. Men stopped paying his mother, and she died in debt to a powerful gang leader. Sin left the city of his birth and moved to a smaller town, built his manor house, and spread the rumours that would bring in clients.

The Rules

  2. No lasting harm
  3. No pain; biting and hair pulling are the only exceptions
  4. No creating/typing actions/reactions/thoughts for Sin; he is my character to control
  5. Entrance and exit posts are required. This is a location, if your character enters or leaves the manor, appropriate posts must be made

The Plot
Eden House is a manor home owned by one Sin Eden, a demon with no family and a vast array of sexual tastes when it comes to men. He holds no interest in females, but many males frequent his home. Sin spends his days indulging the sexual whims of travelers far from home, husbands bored of their wives, boys newly into adulthood(18+), and men with nothing better to do. His main bedroom is equipped with a massive bed built to fit at least four people, shelves of toys and restraints on the wall. Another room is designed specifically as a playroom, equipped with a variety of sexual furnishings; a bondage bench, stocks, various bars and rings fixed to the ceiling, and a sling among others. More shelves of toys and restraints are located here to avoid Sin's 'clients' needing to fetch items from the bedroom. Even the bathroom is well equipped; the tub is more of a multiperson hot tub, the shower is a separate room with rainfall showerheads, a bar on the tiled wall, and a ring in the ceiling. Men come and go as they please. Sin's only rule is that they maintain their respect of him, and the rules he keeps posted in the front entrance of his manor.
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