Professor Carter

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Jan 25, 2019
Name: Edwin Carter
Nickname: Eddy, Carty
Age: 31
Sex: Male
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Weight: 195 lbs/ 88 kg
Height: 6ft
Breast Size (Female)/Dick Size (Male): 9 inches
What they do here: Teaching students about pleasing and passion
Sexual Preferences: Like his topic of teaching, Eddy is all about passion and pleasing others in an encounter. he loves when things are romantic, even going far to please someone, even thought he does have limits like anything the restrict people.
Why they are here: Noticing how often young people nowadays are like wild beast in bed, he decided to become a teacher to simply show the softer sides of sex. He doesn't plan on going personal with the other people of the school, but he wouldn't refuse it.
General Information about Character: Edwin was born with an average family, having 2 brothers and a sister, which he is protective of the latter, seeing how she is around 14 years younger than he is. Eddy always dreamed to be a teacher, seeing how studious he was back at school. During his college years, he heard many people talking about how ruthless and careless people can be in bed, inspiring him to actually wanting to get it back to the way he enjoyed most, passionate and slow. It was not until today that Eddy noticed a certain school meant for erotic teachings, it was now his opportunity to finally teach the world about a topic he held close all that time.
Picture (Or description for my case): Eddy is quite the handsome looking man, while also sporting quite the cute and caring side. his got eyes as blue as the sea and Silver hair that is silky, while reaching around the bottom of his neck. in term of his physical build, the man is well built, sporting an athletic build with a good torso and a six pack is forming. the man is decently endowed at 9 inches long.
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