Professor Jenny Hilliard

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Feb 8, 2019
Name: Jenny Hilliard
Nickname: Jen, Jen-Jen
Age: 30
Sex: Female
Sexual Orientation: Lesbian (but, could be swayed by tranny or fem)
Weight: 99 ibs.
Height: 5'3
Breast Size (Female)/Dick Size (Male): Small-B-cups. Short and petite.
What they do here: She teaches three separate classes/courses: "Sex Toys and Devices: Proper Usage and Maintenance", "How to Pleasure Multiple-Partners", and "Overcoming your Sexual-Turn-offs/Fears"
Sexual Preferences: Jenny prefers women of all shapes, sizes, and ways of life. Even though she is small, she can still be dominate and not put up with anyone's attitude.
Why they are here: She was hired and transferred here from an affiliate London-School due to cut-backs. Also she had her fill of UK women and wished to sample the sweet-fruits that another Continent had to offer.
General Information about Character: Jenny is half-Japanese and half-White-European. Looks-wise she takes more after her Japanese-Mother than her Brown-haired Father except for inheriting his odd-red colored eyes as well as his heavy-South-London Accent. She had always been into kinky sex with other women ever since her first experience with another girl in High School. Jenny is very strict when in the classroom but, when she is not-teaching, she can be very quiet. She is of course single while also looking for the right woman to maybe be more exclusive with depending on the situation of course.


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