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Jan 13, 2019
The highway to the DANGER ZONE
For personal reasons Sky Reed has withdrawn from the group and deleted his character sheet. The name Kalana is now open to use; not in the exact interpretation that Sky had, but he did give me a basic character outline, which anyone who wants to use her can build off of to make their own take on the character. It is attached below:

Kalana El

Daughter of Superman and Lana Lang. Niece of Alex Danvers of DEO and Supergirl.

Alex Danvers is the director of DEO which stands for Department Of Extra-Normal Operations, a friend of Lena Luthor, who is now running Cat Co magazine, stepsister of Lex Luthor.

She is part Kryptonian and part human. She has the same powers as her father. Have a little of God complex since she spends more time with her aunt who is Super Girl. But other than she can still be sweet and caring since she still most traits by her father, Superman and Lana Lang, Superman's high school sweetheart.

If no one claims Kalana soon, I'll probably have to have her killed off or otherwise written out of the story.
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