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May 9, 2019
Just somewhere to dump random writings of mine. Sadly I will have to revive some older PCs as that is where the majority of my poetry works are; but I'll just drop the various recent ones I wrote, till I can find time to scavenge for others.

Obviously the header will serve as a quicklink database below for misc poetry postings of mine as well in this thread.

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Forbidden Fruit


May 9, 2019
Forbidden Fruit

Come along and take a bite.

Is it wrong to be denied?

Of a taste that sheds light.

Just listen and decide.

Many men and women are overjoyed.

When they are given the chance.

There is no need to feel paranoid.

Everyone deserves a glance.

Although there is always a cost.

A simple bargain if you will.

What is gained can't be lost.

Any desires can be fulfill.

Poverty no longer need their rags.

Inflicted do not fear their disease.

Fallen now raise their flags.

Their enemies on bent knees.

Kings and Queens have been made.

Religion form to celebrate these deeds.

The cost they all happily paid.

Prayer alone cannot satisfy the needs.

Hidden covens inevitably took root.

Rejoicing their comrades in confidentiality.

To the public they are always mute.

So society remains blind in nationality.

Sinners to saints and saints to sinners.

Their reasons make no difference to me.

With their surrender they are all winners.

When they all seek out the same tree.

So if you want something of grandeur.

If you are earnest and true in desire.

Take a bite and accept your savior.

Trust and that wish you will acquire.

Are you ready to open the doors?

Just to be clear there is no rescission.

Regardless, the final choice is yours.

Though do not regret your decision.

So what are you waiting for?

Come now and don't be shy.

Truthfully you will beg for more.

And yearn for another supply.

If yes, then go ahead and have a taste.

Give yourself to this wonderful fruit.

Its capabilities cannot be misplaced.

Its power is always absolute.

If no, this is where we must depart.

There are others more eager to sale.

Many willing for a refresh start.

Even if it comes with a ticket to Hell.​
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