Fantasy Fandom Original Record of the End Games

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Cannon Dragon

Feb 14, 2019
Plot: All fiction is real. Now all reality is now merged together in one plane. As Heaven, Hell, and Earths are all merged together there has been rules to be made. The Source (God) is trying to fix everything, until then a tournament is to be made. To decide who shall make the rules during the time before everything is fixed.

Yes a massive fandom depot rpg. There is rules for character creation and combat. Sex? Happens of course! Before battle, after. Some may do it to their foes during it to insult them. All up to the players there. Note original characters can exist for human volunteers of this Reality can may deals and pacts to access their own super powers and items of massive importance. (As Fates dictated that it would be boring for puny humans to face some on this list without augmentation.)

As a Group RPG can have many players, and all players can have multiple characters. Fights are to death, knock out, or submission.

Willing to discuss more details in time if there are interested bodies. (Not all characters have to be participants though.)

Edit: Yes to smut. Did not list because in truth any pairing gender wise works here.
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