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Jun 7, 2019
I have several ideas, all with varying levels of importance to me. My muse is considerably higher for some of them, and lower for others. To convey this, the ideas with the highest muse will be marked in green, the ones with moderate muse will be marked in orange, and those with the lowest muse will be marked in red. Under each idea, there'll be a list of kinks and aspects that'll be within the role-play. As time goes on, I will add in more ideas, and strike out the ones I'm no longer searching for partners for. And now for requirements.

-You must be able to give at least two paragraphs per reply
-You have to be a literate writer
-All plots and replies will be conducted and played out in third person

-Please keep away with any drama, I don't need the toll of it
-Patience is a virtue that I require. I'm a busy person and can't always reply right away
-If interested in a plot, DM me, do not reply to this thread

Now with those out of the way. Some plots are longer and more complex, since I've had more time to work and develop the ideals they're based on. How developed they are influences my muse with them greatly. However, I do have simpler plots, with shorter starters and fewer expectations. When writing with me, assume that I always have a general outline I'm hoping to follow. If I don't, then I'll likely ask whomever my partner is for their ideas for an outline/plot. Granted, I'll always be open to ideas, but be warned that I give fair amounts of constructive criticism.

1. The Dream Control Initiative

Aspects Within The RP
-Shared/Personal dreaming
-Bodily harm
-Dream harm transferring
-Dreams coming true
-Lost/Returned memories
-Slow Burn

The General Plot
No one was sure when it officially started, but they suspected it was sometime in the early 2030's. Mental hospitals were beginning to fill up quickly, and they were running out of room. Every new admittance seemed to share the exact same story. They weren't alone in their dreams.

Dreams began to play out in a style not far from video games. Before, this was classified as a rare forms of lucid dreaming, but with the increase of it, medical professionals began to question their diagnosis. The people in the dreams could interact with each other, and even remember the exact details of the dream when they woke. In some cases, one participant would continue to see the dream upon waking, while the other remained asleep. And so, technology was thought up.

Businesses everywhere reached out for the so called "insane" patients who experienced these dreams, and they focused in on their cerebral cortex, which generated the dreams. It was barely ten years later that the first DCI (Dream Control Initiative) came out. They provided a way for others to experience these dreams by tapping into the cerebral cortex and expanding the reach to other unconscious bodies. The signal was small at first, but as the years progressed, it increased. By 2065, anyone could link their dream with any other person so long as they were asleep. Distance no longer mattered.

But, when humans take such science into their hands, they risk unleashing something dangerous. It came undetected at first, slinking into the dreams of weakened individuals, specifically ones in hospital; ones close to passing. There would be no suspicion if someone who was dying already, passed before their predicted date. This thing, however, hungered. And it moved on, into the minds of stronger individuals, ones who could feed it stronger energy waves. It was insatiable. It tore through the population at an alarming rate, but government officials blamed it instead on an illness. So, it continued.

This thing, however, encountered two individuals it couldn't force into death. It picked one, latching onto their dreams and watching from the shadows. And so enters in Amathea Rose. A young woman of twenty five with hopes and dreams larger than the sky.

2. Demon Rot

Aspects Within The RP

-Zombie Apocalypse
-Slow Burn
-Scientific Subjects
-Triggering Subjects

The General Backstory & Plot
It started with hurricanes and thunderstorms. Then the volcanic activity began. Next thing they knew, the world looked like Pompeii. After that, it just got worse. The government fell, the citizens rioted. You could’ve called it anarchy, but then they appeared; creatures of unimaginable speed and strength. They smelled like rotting flesh, and their skin looked like slimy oil. Their flesh was pulled taught over skeletons, and they looked like they’d just come back from an oil spill where’d they had gone years without food.

At first they were taken to the hospital and treated, but then those who touched them began to get sick as well. It started with a cough that escalated to them coughing up blood. Next came the bloodshot eyes and cravings for flesh. If they managed to not succumb to their cravings, they’d advance to what’s called the Rot Stage. At the point their skin has begun to rot and thin till it looks as if they’ve been starved as a means of torture. When their eyes become a milky white, they’re no longer human.

The hospitals were quickly overrun by what the people had begun to call, “Forsaken.” It was in the middle of April when the screams of the terrified nurses filled the streets of Aracaju, Brazil. Metallic, foul smelling, crimson liquid filled the streets as a river with no end in sight. People panicked, the governments issued nationwide emergencies. Survivors were quickly taken behind the safety of military walls, but sadly some children had been with their parents as they experienced the illness that caused everything. It infected and killed the children, then proceeded to infect whomever had come into contact with them.

It’s been three years since then. The military bases have crashed and everyone has been forced to fend for themselves. But rumors still spread like wildfire, and lately a particular rumor of a group of soldiers who managed to survive the outbreak have been going around collecting survivors.

A group of soldiers struggle to survive the outbreak of a lethal sickness that produce beings called a Forsaken. Coming into contact with a Forsaken is almost always fatal, it’s rare when someone doesn’t come down with the sickness they’ve named, “Demon Rot.” Back at the headquarters for the soldiers there are scientists working on a vaccine that may just save millions of lives. The goal for the group of soldiers is to gather as many uninfected survivors from across the globe, using the military equipment provided in their headquarters. But Demon Rot spreads faster and faster every hour. The Forsaken are doubling in numbers, and what survivors are left are either hiding in a tree or dying from natural causes.

The soldiers are tasked with finding survivors, even at the cost of their lives. There’ll be difficulties along the way, such as Forsaken getting smarter and beginning to move in hordes, rather than just on their own. The soldiers will struggle and lose hope, but because of their orders, they’ll continue on. No man left behind after all. There’ll be some who betray their mission, and some who decided it’s too much and simply end their life before the Forsaken can get a bite out of them. Those who stay loyal to the cause will continue on looking, using the technology from the lab to determine if someone is infected or not.

Back at headquarters, twenty scientists are working relentlessly on finding a cure for Demon Rot. They use the survivors brought back as test subjects, infecting them with Demon Rot before trying out their vaccine. Even if the vaccine doesn’t work, a good amount of medical attention can put a stop to the disease before it spreads and worsens. Even though the previous vaccines produced unsatisfactory results, the scientists will continue to stubbornly work to defeat this virus.

3. The Inner Struggle

Aspects Within The RP

-Zombie Apocalypse
-Triggering Themes
-Short Term

Small Note: This is a shorter RP simply because it follows the struggle of a single character rather than focusing on the apocalypse as a whole. Y/C would be someone she comes across and ends up travelling with.

The General Plot & Starter
Čepel ducked as an undead went to bite her, swinging her leg out and knocking it down. Without hesitation, she brought a blade down into its head, pulling it out quickly and resuming her sprint. Her boots hit silently on the ground, making everything the slightest bit easier. Though honestly, is anything ever easy during an apocalypse?

She laughed quietly at the thought, climbing up a tree carefully. Being a human during the apocalypse wasn’t fun, and at times she wished she could suddenly sprout wings and just fly up to the heavens. But in all honesty, she’d miss the adrenaline rush running for her life provided. She was constantly on her toes, awaiting the next thing that would attempt to slaughter her.

With a small sigh, she began to leap from tree to tree, constantly glancing down. Undead littered the ground, snarling and reaching up towards her. She growled and spit on them, forcing herself to speed up. When a branch broke beneath her, she cried out, freeing her machete and swinging it into the tree. Luckily, it held, though it wouldn’t last long, and she hurriedly began to pull herself back up. Her heart raced as she caught her breath, eyes wide with terror. Last time that had happened, she lost the one person she had grown to love. She climbed higher up the tree, sitting on a secure branch before letting the memories resurface.

“Sparrow we can’t risk it! There’s too many walkers and too few of us!” She snapped, clinging to his arm as tears well up in her eyes. “Please, let’s wait till they clear up some-”

“They won’t clear up, mi amor. They just won’t. There’s not that many right now. If we’re fast, we’ll survive,” Sparrow whispered to her, wiping her tears. No matter how many times he saw her eyes, the blue of them still took his breath away. His hand brushed over her cheek and she leaned into his touch, closing her eyes in the hopes of making this tender moment last longer.

All too soon, he pulled away, leaving her cheek feeling cold. “We’ll survive, right?” She questioned worriedly, slinging her bag over her shoulder. The familiar weight of it provided little comfort, and in no way does it ease the twisting of her stomach. Something about this didn’t feel right, in any way.

“Of course we will. There’s no need to worry,” was Sparrow’s confident reply. Despite his efforts, she still wasn’t soothed.

Together, they climbed out of a window close to the ceiling, carefully testing the fire escape before sprinting along it. Time seemed to move in slow motion for Čepel as she ran, only half a foot behind Sparrow. But she saw it before he did. Her heart froze in her chest and she cried, “Sparrow, jump!” Sadly, it was too late.

As he turned his head, his foot is grabbed by an undead beneath the fire escape. She lunged, grasping his hand in a death hold and tugging him with every ounce of her strength. Sparrow’s eyes were wide in shock as he flailed. The struggle continued, with her desperately tugging on his arm until she heard the slice of a blade. Blue eyes widening, she watched the top half of the corpse’s head slide with a sickening sound of flesh being removed from a sticky surface. With another tug, she pulled Sparrow back up onto the fire escape and he collapsed heavily against her smaller form. He gasped for breath, pulling her to his chest whilst she cried. “It’s okay, it’s okay,” he whispered against her sweat matted hair, his hold never loosening despite the threat being gone. She sobbed, tightening her hold on him and nuzzling deeper into his embrace. “You need to watch where the hell you’re going, you fucking idiot,” she hissed through the tears, slapping him roughly. He grunted, his trademark grin on his lips. “Yes ma’am.”

Before she realized what she was doing, she’d pressed him against the wall and crushed their lips together in a heated kiss. One that said what couldn’t be put into words. He responded with equal force, gripping her tiny waist in his scarred hands as their positions switched. She was never in charge for long when she did take control, and she loved it.

When the need for air became too much, she broke away, looking into Sparrow’s eyes. Never before had she seen anything close to as breathtaking as he was with his platinum hair and crimson eyes. She looked over him slowly, taking in every detail about him. His shoulders, which were wide and strong, brought back memories of when they had stayed in an army base for a month and she’d convinced him to let her ride on them. His muscular arms, the only place where she felt completely safe in this damned world. He was her love, her humanity, her hope.

Slowly, he moved away, keeping her in his arms. “Let’s keep going, mi amor,” he whispered, kissing her forehead. She nodded nervously, following him. Her bad feeling still hadn’t gone.
She wiped away her tears, freeing her machete from the tree before continuing on. Weak, that’s all she had been back then. Not now though. Never again would she be so weak. Despite her thoughts, she couldn’t help remembering the way she felt when he held her, kissed her.. She exhaled, shaking her head and running faster, jumping higher. If there were any higher powers, they’d abandoned everyone.

4. Luna's Light

Aspects Within The RP

-Created Lore
-Mating Bonds
-Ancient Rituals
-Bodily Harm
-Slow Burn
-Triggering Themes
-Royal Werewolf X Ancient Werewolf

Small Note: The general plot of this would be explained via pm, as it is a highly developed plot of main with months of work put into it. It's too complex to put within this thread.

The General Lore of My Czechoslovakia
Bordered by water on two sides, separate countries on the other two.
Primary Port: Province of Karlovy Vary located on the North Eastern border, against the water; main place of trading for the capital.
Secondary Port: Province of Bratislava, located on the eastern border, main place of trade with neighboring countries.
Streets: Cobblestone towards the busier cities, dirt and undergrowth towards the outer lands.
Ruling Body: Queen Brelinnea Emerald Sinari
Government Building: Czechoslovakia Palace; home to royalty, council members, and ambassadors alike.
“The Moon’s Palace”
Prague: The capital city, located close to the main port of Karlovy Vary, up in the high cliffs, surrounded by stone walls.

Eastern border is against the ocean, with lush forests further inland, a cobblestone road and several other paths crossing through to lead to Prague, and other minor trading cities. Northern border is heavy forests, several fences surrounding designated protected places. The western border is against the sea with tall mountains surrounding nearby lands, plains beyond that. Finally the southern border has steep mountains and deep valleys with small sections of woods scattered throughout.

Soil: Rich towards the Eastern, Southern, and Northern borders, workable but difficult towards the Western. Precious minerals can be found towards the Southern border if mined within the mountains.
Inhabitants: People from many races and origins, but the criminal types will find themselves quickly disposed of by the Royal Guard.
Cityfolk: Soldiers, guards, royal guard, merchants, miners, farmers, hunters, fisherman, mercenaries, thieves
Crime: Low to medium risk in North Western cities. High risk in the peaks of the Southern mountains

Motto: “With Luna we thrive; without her we fall.”

Czechoslovakia Empire: The kingdom saved by the goddess Luna. Ruled first by sorcerers, Czechoslovakia was prosperous, but isolated. They were kept hidden by the magic of their founders, and the population suffered because of it. Those in the West told of how they couldn’t hunt or farm, and those in the South complained of beasts in the caves of their mountains. The sorcerers who ruled, as well as the populace in the North and East, pushed aside these problems for many years, until what they designated other’s problems, became their own. A revolution had brewed in response to the negligence. However, due to their constant attack on their fronts, those from the West and South, ultimately lost. They were banished into the mountains of the South, forced to run from what they first thought to be beasts that raged under the moon’s glow. This accusation proved false when they came across the Moon Altar. Surrounding it were the “beasts” who greeted them at first with suspicion, then warmth. They called themselves Lycans, and they told of how they worshiped the goddess Luna. Desperate, the Czechoslovakians begged for a way to join them.

They were changed, and then they plotted. Born Lycans and changed alike went against the corrupt government established by the sorcerers. It was a quick, bloody battle. The streets ran red for days, earning the time the title of, “Luna’s Wrath.” After that, the leader of the Lycans, a female by the name of Naomi Ari, took the place of ruler. Later on, the name Ari changed to Sinari. Freed, the people rejoiced, but they remained isolated for many centuries.

Enter Brelinnea: Youngest of the Sinari line, first daughter of Adela and Danek, she was crowned heir. She carried the Lycan gene of her ancestors, and brought her kingdom out of its isolation when she ventured outside of it. She’s small in stature and appears nonthreatening, which aids in her ventures. However, beneath the skin lies a deep hunger for power, but with the guidance of Luna, she picks her battles, and her allies.

Within Czechoslovakia:
Moon’s Palace
Catacombs beneath Prague (restricted to the public)
The Goddess’ Realm (A place of worship for the Moon Coven)
The Echoing Howls (N.E. Port Tavern)
Library of Prague
Karlovy Vary Marketplace (N.E. Port)
Bratislava Marketplace (E. Port)
Mercenary’s Hunt (A place for less honorable people to hire those who will complete anything for the right price)
The Silver Pelt (E. Port Tavern)
Mining Tunnels
Wolf Range (Designated places near each city for the flourishing of Luna’s children)

Vaulted ceilings were lit by sparkling chandeliers, and music echoed beneath the chatter of the nobility gathered within the Moon's Palace. The stained glass windows depicted images of Naomi Ari leading the armies of Lycans against the tyrannical sorcerers who previously ruled the blessed lands of Czechoslovakia. In front of the windows were mahogany tables with a variety of sweets to suit the variety of guests invited to the court gathering. They mingled on the marble floor, the Sinari family emblem gleaming a bright silver in the middle of the floor. Two curved stairways lead up to a balcony branching off from the hallway where the royal family had their chambers, and when the music swelled, the queen herself stepped from the hallway. An glow surrounded her, making her appear ethereal.

Clad in crimson, Brelinnea walked slowly forward, the skirts of her dress being tipped in black, with silver crystals weaved into the fine fabric. The corset torso of the gown pushed her bust upwards, the ivory slopes being accentuated by both the plunging neckline and the garnet resting atop them. She made her way slowly down the left stairway, crimson curls bouncing against the bared skin of her upper back. Her galactic eyes scanned the crowd, being what would draw her the most attention. With hues of purple, blue, and pink swirling within the irises, her gaze was hypnotic, commanding respect while remaining steely in appearance.

"Her Majesty, Brelinnea Emerald Sinari, Queen of Czechoslovakia, Luna's Chosen!"

As she was announced, all eyes fell on her and she offered a deep curtsy of respect to the visiting dignitaries. She stopped at the bottom of the stairs, accepting a flute of champagne offered to her. Her black glove clad hand raised, the silk material of her gloves brushing lightly over her arm. A slow smile made its way onto the queen's delicate features, while her other hand rested on her ebony sword that hung at her hip, peaceknotted so it couldn't be drawn.

"Welcome one and all to the first gathering of Luna's Court. Whether you be from Czechoslovakia or from distant lands, the Sinari family values your presence, and rest assured that everyone will get a chance to present their ideas, and their wants. For now, let us enjoy the night. Be merry, have something to drink, meet someone new, and bask in the light of Luna!" Brelinnea dipped her head when she finished speaking, sipping her champagne and smiling at the crowd.

5. His Queen

Aspects Within The RP

-Possible incest
-Mental manipulation
-Emotional, mental, and physical abuse
-Recurring Trauma
-Trapped Princess
-Triggering Themes
-Possible multi-muse play

Description: This is an older idea I've stumbled upon again where it's based around the kingdom of Arcadia. Rhea, MC, is the daughter of a kidnapped queen who recently turned 21 (the age at which a coronation can occur) and her father, preferably YC has decided he wants to finally take her as his own. However, tales have spread across the lands about a princess with skin more precious than an onyx, and hair glittering like freshly fallen snow. YC would be a potential suitor from another land, determined to win the princess's heart, and to steal her away from her castle prison.

Side Note: The starter might be confusing, and for that I apologize. Your reply would hopefully be the introduction of the suitor, and his approach/entrance into the castle. If you choose to play the king as well, he would be the one to greet the suitor, and reluctantly lead him to Rhea.

She wasn't used to this. Wasn't used to the adoration being bestowed upon her slender shoulders. Yet it had arrived. She was in shock. Everywhere she looked she was either being lusted for or envied, and she neither liked nor hated it. Simplicity. That word seemed foreign to her jewelry covered ears. The crystallized souls upon her head, the ones forming her crown, said that she would never again have the tranquility of a peaceful life. It hurt to think about, and she ached to run as she had done so many times before. She could not run. He kept her trapped here.

Agony. It burned against her back even as her dark skin glowed under the moonlight. She cried, she screamed, she begged. She didn't make a noise. Sealed tight were her rose petal lips, contrasting with the misty irises of her teary eyes. Peace. That was all she wanted. Such a funny thing to want, and yet, as clear as it was that she wouldn't receive it, the hope remained.

He expected a child of her body, a love from her mind, and a broken piece of her spirit. How cruel must a man be to demand such things from as fragile a thing as a queen? To take them by force, he must be completely heartless.
Screaming. The sound echoed in her skull as she pushed upon a swollen belly, inside of it being the deepest of treasures. Pleads and prayers, that was all she could comprehend, but when the light began to fade from her eyes, her fate became clear. "Rest well young one." A breath, barely heard by any but one, and followed by an innocent cry.
Years passed by until that innocent cry faded and became one of joyous laughter. As beautiful as her mother, but as pure as a white rose. He watched her at all times, just as demanding with his treasure as with his queen. Innocence wouldn't keep him at bay for long, but a challenger arises to claim the fortune.

6. The Trials of the Crow Witch

Aspects Within The RP

-Possible Crow Witch X Witch Hunter
-Possible Crow Witch X Rebel
-Possible Crow Witch X
-Set in medieval times
-Slow Burn
-Long Term
-Triggering Themes
-Demonic Possession
-Possible multi-muse play
-60:40 Plot-to-Smut ratio

Description: This, like the previous plot, is an older one I recently came across again and figured it was worth a try. When it comes to the main pairing, you could choose all three, two, or one of the pairings presented. When it comes to replying to the starter, simply reply with the main pairing you want, and we'll go from there. I also don't mind if your character is of the same sex as Cecily.

Crows were often seen as bad luck. It was no exception for Cecily Temple. It seemed that with every misfortune she came upon, crows surrounded her. Eventually, she stopped fighting them. And once she embraced them, her opinion changed. Rather than being the cause of her misfortune, they were the warnings. They were the omen that came before the storm. And now, they were her eyes.

They flew in all directions, warning her of events that were passing, and ones that had yet to pass. That was how she learned of the beginning of it all. They whispered to her of the plans to have another era of Witch Trials. She retaliated immediately. She lashed out, burning down buildings, and tearing families apart. Cecily Temple became a name that was either feared or loved, there was no in between. She amassed a following, and they, like her crows, told her of the next move that would be made against them.

With every witch killed, Cecily grew even more enraged. It came to the point where she resulted to less than humane tactics to ensure the safety of her kind. Summoning of demons was called in, and they flocked with her followers, tearing down towns and killing those who wouldn't succumb to her way. And so, here is where the world lies, with an all out war between bigots and witches, with the latter growing stronger every day. With no end in sight.

Cecily waltzed with her crows, golden eyes ablaze as her followers caused havoc on either side of her. She stopped in front of a crouched human, bending down and lifting their head. Her blazing eyes stared unblinking into theirs.

"Will you be staying alive today and joining me?"

7. Modified Soldier

Aspects Within The RP

-Previous Emotional Trauma
-Super Soldier
-Possible Scientist X Soldier
-Triggering Themes
-Y/C is a scientist
-Can be male or female

Sparks erupted from the metal heels of her boots as she skidded along the floor. She glared, hazel eyes flicking against the blackness that cloaked the man. Her left leg swung out. It was blocked and shoved back by her opponent. The clack of the heel hitting the floor echoed throughout the room. Rather than retaliate once more, she ducked and rolled along the cold steel. Pain flared in her right shoulder. An unnoticed assailant had struck her spine with the toe of his boot. She could smell fire. She was hauled to her feet by her cloak. Her sensitive ears picked up on the harsh sound of the material ripping.

And then she was falling. It wasn't a far fall, but striking against the concrete drove the wind from her lungs. She felt how the skin on her back tore. Gasping, she tried to push herself upward, but a foot on her chest slammed her back down. The back of her head collided with the floor. It left her dazed and nauseous. She clawed at the exposed skin, at whatever she could in fact. A hiss was heard and she was released. She scrambled to her feet and swung outward toward her attacker. Surprised, they couldn't move fast enough. Her knuckles ripped open as they collided with the strong bone of the person's jaw, and she heard a growl of pain.

Then, she ran. She ran as fast as she could, knocking down people and tripping over others in her desperate attempt at escape. Blonde locks billowed out behind her, some swatting at her face, unnoticed in her attempt to flee. Just as she thought she was home free, she was snatched up by the back of her neck. She gagged and flailed about wildly, kicking out in desperation.

"Release me, you coward!" Her strained voice filled the void in the air, and she could feel her captor grin against her neck.

He whispered, "No," and she was dragged off, thrown into a car.

That had been over five years ago. Shreya grumbled as she recalled the events that had lead to her being trapped in the musty cell she resided in. She was visited daily by a man she'd taken to calling, "The Glove." His counterpart was the one who had taken her originally. He only visited once a week, and he was, "The Iron Fist." She'd attempted escape multiple times, and each time was burned onto her skin as a memory. The scars littered her arms. She was glad she couldn't see them while in the dark.

The door to her cell creaked open, and she whirled on her heels to face the direction of the newcomer. His steps were different than the main two. When he spoke, he sounded enchanting, and soothing. His voice lulled her into serenity, and before she knew it, she had slumped to the floor, unconscious. Two guards dragged her off and strapped her to a spotless, steel table, and she squirmed slightly in her sleep. However, she jolted awake with a yelp as water was dumped onto her malnourished form.

"Wake up, Miss Bloom. Your training begins today," came a cheery voice of a male.

She swallowed hard against her dry throat.

Here are a few, random pairings I'd be willing to write with. Once again, they're color coded to fit what I have the most muse for. My characters will be the ones on the left.
1. Alchemist X Feral Werewolf
This idea is something I've pondered for awhile, but haven't really had the chance to try it out yet. It's centered around the ideal of an Alchemist who's determined to bring back a werewolf gone feral to their sane mind.
2. Victim X Kidnapper
While this may be a bit more cliche, I've been aching to try my hand at the more darker subjects of roleplaying. We'd have to discuss plot, but know that it would contain a case of Stockholm Syndrome. This isn't for the faint of heart.
3. Vampire X Werewolf
If you thought the last one was cliche, this one certainly is. There's just something intriguing about the primal natures of vampires and werewolves when they're played in the way I enjoy them. I don't shy away from the gory details of their origins, or of their natures, so expect that when going into it.

4. Civilian/Tavern Worker X Royal Guard
This would be set within my version of Czechoslovakia (check above) and would link closely to the main plot, but this is a considerably more short term part of it. My muse on it is low due to the idea not being the most developed, but I'm eager to develop it with someone who takes a liking to it.

5. Sacrificed Virgin X Demonic Overlord
Super cliche, but I recently developed quite the liking for this pairing. This particular pairing would be mostly smut, with some story thrown into it; a rarity from me. I will only take up to three partners with this pairing, so grab it while it lasts. Trigger warnings are obvious, and we can discuss plot via DMs.

If you've made it this far, congrats! Here's a general list of kinks that I enjoy seeing in most RPs!

  • DubCon/NonCon- So, this used to be something I could never manage to write, but now is something I actively crave in my writings. The more merciless your character is, the better!
  • Somnophilia- Sleep sex, need I say any more? This is something that I love, definitely one of the things I get rather disappointed when I don't see. The thought of my character waking up and finding themselves leaking.. Just yes.
  • Moderate to Heavy Bondage- By all means, tie up my characters and make them beg.
  • Pet Play- Collar my characters and degrade them, please. Leashes, fakes ears (or real ears if you like nekos), tails, they're all a huge yes from me.
  • Sadism- I'm a huge masochist, so by all means, take out your character's violent urges on mine.
  • Knife Play- With this one it depends on the plot, but it's generally accepted by me. Having cold steel against my character's throat while they're taken is definitely enjoyable.
  • Humiliation- This ties into the pet play kink listed. Make my character crawl on their knees to yours, make them loudly announce how much of a slave they are in public, just humiliate them.
  • Temperature Play- Whether it be wax play or ice play, messing with temperatures and having my characters tortured with them has always been a huge yes.
  • Master/Slave Dynamic- Generally in this situation, I prefer to be the slave. While I am a switch, I lean more towards submission.
  • Sensory Deprivation- Blindfolds, nose plugs, ear plugs, all a huge yes. Remove my character's senses and heighten the others while they're being tormented.
  • Forced Prostitution- If my character has been bad, then tie them up and force them to serve whomever you want them too. Keep in mind the safe words, however. They do still come into play in all plots.
  • Rough Sex
  • Bestiality- Listed in my plots are quite a few involving werewolves. Within these plots, I enjoy anatomically correct feral forms of the wolves, and by anatomically correct, I mean it. A wolf is going to have a knot and will get locked to their partner.
  • Breeding- This includes creampies, unprotected sex, etc etc. This is something I heavily enjoy.
  • Overstimulation
  • Blood Play- This goes along with the knife play. Small cuts and such are perfectly okay.
  • Cervical Penetration
  • Markings- Bite marks, scars, brands, tattoos, all a huge yes! Show your ownership!
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