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Jan 2, 2019
Your coffin or mine?
The basics.

-Don't post here. Shoot me a PM. Because I'm locking the thread after my updates anyway~
-Don't care what gender you are behind the screen as long as you can write what I'm looking for.
-If you want to drop a game, just say so. I'd rather someone not disappear or slog through something they aren't into. It's not fun for anyone.
-Literacy. Not going to be a complete grammar Nazi, but try to make yourself understandable. Constant typos, poor sentence structure...Be legible and we can play ball. I don't enjoy having to reread something several times over because what is written has little in comprehension.
-Plot or smut? Smutty plots? I'd rather have a well written story to focus on before I think about the fucking. There's plenty of other people here doing wank-sauce material. If that's what you're wanting, please mosey along.

Posting frequency. I will try to post at least every other day when possible. I work full time and have what scrapes by as a social life these days. I will give partners updates ahead of time if there will be any sort of extended inability to post.

Thread, PM, Discord, Google Docs....I am impartial and will post just about anywhere.

About 'kinks' and characters
I don't write smutty scenes to satisfy a particular kink. I don't do dom/sub/top/bottom nonsense. I'd rather neither have the "upper hand" and instead both characters work to please one another. When it comes to sex scenes, I prefer realism. Naturally, I'd like to experiment with some situations given the level of suitability for the plot. I'd rather our characters have their own flaws, not being masters of their own fate. Please don't give me a 22 year old that's already top rank at whatever they are with some broken backstory. No experts martial artists that can use every weapon on the face of the earth with the most proficiency, having the ability to fail, etc. They aren't perfect; they will make mistakes.

The usual list of Nos.

-Anything under 18. Seriously. I will report you immediately.
-Anime/Furry. Not my thing. Don't use cartoons for face claims, don't send me hentai as an "inspiration". The only rare exception for anything is if I get a rare wild hair for a plot based around a fandom, and usually those fandoms are video games. (Shin Megami Tensei for example)
-Godmodding. My character is mine. Unless discussed ahead of time, do not control her. Period.
-Shit/piss/vore/gore. Violent deaths of characters is one thing (discussed beforehand). Gore for sex scenes? No.
-One liners. Don't waste my time and your own. I understand not every post needs to be massive, but at least try for a full paragraph or two.

If there's anything else, it will be discussed later.


Square One
If given the choice, would someone sacrifice their free will to avoid death? To live with no autonomy and instead as a drone to be ordered around? In the not-so distant dystopian future, criminals are given that choice: lengthy prison sentences with penal labor, death.... or undergo surgery and be implanted with the Rasa chip. At the expense of the host's free will, Rasa chipped inmates are released back into society as blank slates for a new beginning...set to Square One. Docile, harmless.

The Tabula Rasa chip, designed by Equinox Bio-Organics (EBO), limits human emotions and hinders fight-or-flight instincts. Chipped individuals obey without question. Men and women chipped with the Rasa act as emotionless dolls, overseen by handlers to insure their safety. After all...the chips are expensive. And although these people are criminals, their value to society is...at the discretion of their 'employers'. To the public, criminals are given low-end jobs and serve as an all-too public warning of what can befall even the most hardened criminal should they break the laws.

Your character is a man with a violent past. Whether or not he was guilty of the crimes that ultimately landed him in the super-max is up for the debate. Chipped against his will, he was once more thrust back into the civilized world.

My character resides in the building yours works. As an artist, she's taken a keen interest in the poor, mindless criminal seen working through her building. One day, after witnessing the man being taunted and pushed around by a group of local thugs, she brings him into her loft. At first her actions are benign, kind. Later, she realizes the potential of a man she can mold. Tame, at first. She poses him, studies his blank eyes and drawn face...over time she strips him bare, mystified by the marks on his body and what tales they'll never tell her. Her portfolio grows with sketches and paintings of him.... One day her frustrations mount and she uses him for less than appropriate means...exploring his body in a much more intimate manner.

Until the day his chip fails. He regains consciousness, emotional and physical feelings washing over him like a tidal wave. Equinox never planned for this...and neither did his enemies. Nor did the woman seemingly stuck in his mind. She is more than she seems...and he has plans of his own.

The Forest
I've jumped back into the game lately and the world has me itching for a little more. Wanting a partner familiar with the premise of the game; someone knowledgeable of the lore and plot.
Everything started out miserable and only got worse from there. Aine Gallagher and her half brother Shawn were supposed to enjoy a vacation together away from their father and Shawn's diva mother ( a woman only four years older than Aine). Their journey from Portland to Anchorage to visit Aine's mother had already been delayed. What should have been a short four hour trip turned into a nightmare when the turbulence brought down the plane. Was it because of the head trauma that Aine witnessed a towering, red-skinned man walking away from the wreckage with her brother? When she roused herself several hours later, the cold morning light revealed nothing but bodies...and not all were victims of the crash.

Looking for someone to play a fellow survivor. He will have shared a flight with Aine and would have no prior knowledge to the cannibals and mutants residing on the island. And not to jump too far ahead, but choices made by the characters will eventually impact the ending. How the island affects the character will be wholly up to you. Will he retain his sanity or will exposure and the island claim another victim?

The Mist
Loosely based around the new survival horror game Mist Survival.
In the autumn one seemingly normal day the mist rolled in. No one knew its origin. The first mist spread across the country, then the globe. For weeks, cities stood still in the grip of the dense fog. Before doctors could discover why, people were dropping dead. Others infected turned into rabid, savage husks of what they once were. Insane, violent....without human reason. Yet not without weaknesses...Those infected cannot survive in direct sunlight.

Those unfortunate souls immune to the deadly mist eek out a living, whether banding together to form what semblance of community they can or turning to lives of banditry and living only to satisfy more hedonistic urges before the end. The mist comes and goes, unpredictable....yet always just over the horizon. The infected freely roam outside when the mist stretches over the land, as well as under the cover of dark. Survivors must learn to adapt...or become victims themselves.

Papers, please
Loosely based on the Indie game and the short film, but in a more alt-history, real world scenario (or pulled from fictional locations within the game)
The war is over. Eight long years of neighbor fighting neighbor brings ushers in an age of tentative, fragile peace. Our story takes place in an Eastern Bloc country (Arstotzka should we follow game logic). Through the post-war labor lottery, one of our characters will have won the position of immigration officer. Jobs are scarce; the Ministry of Admission has provided an apartment for the character's family (to be determined). At first, the job is simple. Like peace, the simplicity fails to last. Domestic terrorists, a shadow organization bent on infiltrating and destroying the government from within.... What happens as the tenuous peace frays further. Will the inspector must make choices. Will he unite long lost relatives of strangers while risking his/her own?

Naturally one of our characters will be the inspector. The other could be a litany of choices: border guard, agent attempting infiltration, refugee, smuggler...

More to come later including: Project Rigel (sci-fi/space), Death Watch (think Return of the Obra Dinn only modern), The Harbinger (horror/monster)

Not really looking for anything listed here. Plots are taken, reserved, or shelved....Or here merely so I don't forget them later. Since we are getting some fresh blood I may consider reopening.
The crew of Alterra Corporation's Aurora set out for deep space for the construction of a new phasegate. The eighteen month journey seemed a standard affair; a process the crew was highly familiar with. Yet Alterra's pockets, and greed, ran as deep as space. In their ever growing need for expansion, the Aurora's crew pushes out to further reaches. Most planets remain unexplored. While attempting to perform a slingshot maneuver in the atmosphere of uncharted planet 4546B, the Aurora suffers critical failure due to an known energy pulse and crash lands upon the water planet. What crew members survive face new dangers as they come to realize the planet may not be as uninhabited as they first believed.

Looking for someone to play counter no-nonsense, practical Doctor Elle Strauss

Another officer, perhaps even the captain himself. I'd like for the characters to have a pre-existing relationship. Definitely already familiar with each other given their jobs, but I'm thinking a past romantic encounter that didn't end well. YC would be more of a foil to Doctor Strauss' more studious, reserved character. Will focus more on the exploration and discovery than the base-building aspect (there will probably be more islands with above ground facilities where the characters can aid themselves in exploring the oceanic depths.)

Agares Pointe
He sought escape from justice. She ran from the trappings of her mistakes. Both would soon be running for their lives. Perhaps she'd simply not updated the GPS. With the sudden winter gale upon her, she had no other choice. The small town of Agares Pointe would keep her safe for the night, or so she believed. By the time she arrived at the small, quaint hotel, visibility was nonexistent: a foggy haze of grey and white. Freezing temperatures drove her inside. Warm....welcoming.


An illusion of safety. Nothing felt right; from the shifty eyed desk clerk to the few other hotel guests seeking refuge from the blizzard. Something intangible, a shadow always lurking in the corner of her eye....

A more Silent Hill-ish themed story. Monsters, psychological horror. Agares Pointe, named for the Goetia Duke of Hell, summons the lost souls on the run. The small town calls those fleeing from their sins. The eve of the ritual is upon them....what happens when an extra soul enters the game. The Reaping already drew the six souls of sinners to its midst. No one escapes true punishment for long.

YC is a wanted criminal with at least one murder to his name. The hows and whys are up to to you. Down on his luck and a victim of circumstance? Vigilante guilty of himself trying to right a few wrongs? Mob thug breaking from the violence to start over? All up for discussion. There will be a small batch of side characters with potential for growth. The focus will be on the two mains, however, and how they come together in attempt to escape Agares Pointe.

State of Decay 1&2
Again, no hardset plot. Jumped in and have been playing 2 lately....put me in a mood.

Potential, completely unformed, plot bunny. Something different than my usual settings. A plot more fantasy based....a la Legend of Grimrock. Trapped in a dungeon, castaways on an island...magic and all that jazz.

Something very vaguely, loosely themed around Shin Megami Tensei
Not a heavy craving and will probably not be too seriously considered. Maybe something more current day (Dx2 Liberation style) or something along the lines of SMT:Imagine where the end of the world has already occurred. Again: not really craving at all and will only be considered if I feel like it.

While I'm open to other plot suggestions, more than likely I'll decline. I'm only really craving The Forest and Subnautica. But if you're curious about what I like/have wanted in the past, here's a rough list of themes and fandoms.

Post Apocalyptic settings (nuclear fallout/zombies/whatever)***
Bioshock (Rapture only)
Firefly (or similar)***
The Secret World*
Elder Scrolls
Far Cry (2, 4, and 5 current faves)
Call of Cthulhu***
Deus Ex Machina
Judge Dredd
Pacific Rim

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