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Milky Gateau

Jan 4, 2019
some sweet dream~ 🍰 🌙
🥛🍰Hello~ Call me 'Milky'! 🍰🥛
Thanks for stopping by! I've been roleplaying for a little over a decade, though I’m still a bit new to the more sensual side of things. I look forward to all the fun we can have together!

I enjoy both smutty and story-driven RPs...fantasy, sci-fi, fandom, or slice-of-life...Full con to non-con, I like to consider myself pretty flexible! Or at least very willing to experiment~ While my default is playing female characters and my plots are F[x]M, I can be convinced to play F[x]F or M[x]M pairings regardless of my partner's identity/orientation. Just feel free to shoot me an idea, especially if you don't see something of interest in my plot list.
I also like to draw my characters from time to time, so I hope you look forward to that. My second post will host my character gallery while my third post lists all my plots.
Feel free to reply here or shoot me a PM whenever!

But before we get started, here are a few things to keep in mind…

| Rules
  • All site rules apply
  • I prefer to stay on-site, so I’ll Roleplay through Threads or PMs only
  • Quality over quantity…but I would like at least 3 or 4 sentences per response. Just a little something for my character to respond to
  • Life can get hectic and I don't mind waiting--I will never demand a post a day or even a post a week. Just please let me know if you need to take a break and I'll do the same
  • If something makes you uncomfortable or you want to end the Roleplay, let me know!
  • Basic RP etiquette. Unless we’ve talked about it beforehand I’d like to avoid godmoding, puppeteering, auto-wins, and all that
  • When it comes to fandoms, I don't enjoy RPing with or against canon characters...Sorry
  • If there’s something you don’t see on my lists, feel free to shoot me an idea! I love expanding my horizons, so long as it’s not gore/vore/excremental-play.
| Kinks
Things I enjoy: here, and things I don't: here. But by no means should you take it as written-in-stone or necessary for the RP. While I enjoy dirty talk, spanking, choking…I also like romance, sarcasm, and witty banter and it really just depends on the roleplay.
My hard No's will always be:
  • Cheating/Cuck
  • Vore
  • Gore
  • Toilet Play
  • Extreme Macro Sizes, eg. 2ft cock
  • Playing canon Fandom characters or MILFs
  • Forced sexuality, ie. Someone non-questioning in a contradicting pairing
I'll pretty much explore anything else.

| Latest Plot | Added: xxx
-At Your Side | MedFant | Slow Domination, Dubcon, Possession and potential romance
Rumors were not enough to drive the people away from her sanctuary--not when war threatened the borders of the land. For all her cleverness...for all her spells and all her charms, the witch of the woods is be gifted to the prince of the neighboring kingdom. For this was his wish, demand if they wanted his help: His soldiers, for the sorceress. But he wants more than a skilled magus in his court, he desires to make a bride of her and so long as she is kept within the walls of his keep there will be time to show her that life at his side will be a...fulfilling one.
| Current Cravings
'Devil Dames', 'No Sanctuary for Angels', 'Seek Olympus', 'Slime Rancher' plots. Something to do with Pirates, something set in Ancient China with a focus on Wuxia/Martial Arts or political intrigue in the emperor's court...

Next Post is Character Gallery...or skip ahead to Plots 🍰
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Milky Gateau

Jan 4, 2019
some sweet dream~ 🍰 🌙
📖Plot List 📖
Trying to list pairings and fandoms is difficult...There's just so many! I love games like Pokemon & Mass Effect, I'm a sucker for fairytales turning lewd or anything to do with Halloween, there's nothing wrong with a simple Bad Student[x]Worse Teacher pairing...Just shoot me an idea and we'll plan together!
I'm open to however you'd like to interpret the following plots--Think a smut/story plot might be more interesting as a story/smut instead? Want to switch up the roles or change the setting? Make something more dark and dramatic or lighthearted? Or maybe you just have your own plot you'd like to pitch? Let me know and we'll talk~

| Fully Smut
Pleasurable Plots that are almost wholly sinful...
| Thematic Smut | Plots without defined roles, World VS Player, or are based more on setting than a specific pairing
Ride of my Life | Modern : Slice-of-Sexual Life | Casual sex encounters at a Theme Park/Carnival
It's a carnival like no other...where all the attractions are about giving its customers the best, most wild fucks of their dreams. The haunted house? Be prepared to be groped and teased in the dark. The wild west corner? There's a bucking bronco with a nice, not-so-little attachment right in the saddle. The acrobatic performance...? Hope you're prepared to be tied up and suspended...The nighttime parade is nothing more than an excuse to fall in and be passed around in a park-wide orgy. And they'll even give you a special wake-up call when you've gone and passed out from the pleasures of it all, making sure that when you leave, it's completely and fully satisfied. That is...if you'll even want to after a week.
Speak Easily | Noir : Supernatural 1920s | Where the things that go bump in the night go to meet and drink
Hidden in the heart of the bustling city, away from human eyes is a special club privy only to those dwellers of the shadows. Werewolf bouncers, vampire mafias, siren singers, and witchy bartenders who just can't wait to test their latest brew on you--All the city's supernatural denizens flock to the club to do away with pretense and indulge themselves in the sins of the night...Whether it be drinking illegally or...other activities, the 'Silver Apple' is happy to host.
Treasure Hunter | Modern : Adventure & Mysticism | It's basically R34 Lara Croft/Indiana Jones
Adventure is her calling, and ancient relics are her prize—This treasure hunter is off again on some grand adventure to some lost temple or…something or other somewhere. Can she beat every puzzle, survive every trap, and get to the treasure no matter how sticky the situation? We’ll see.
Descending the Tower | Medfant | When the damsel in distress tries to free herself...only to get into even more trouble!
For whatever reason, she’s been trapped in this tower and none have been able to free her. Tired of waiting, she dons armor and a sword and seeks to fight for her own freedom. However, the path down the tower will be treacherous…and messy. Is it a dragon that has hidden her away? Do lustful monsters lurk on every floor? Only one way to find out!
Slime Rancher | Sci-fi : Space Western, Like the Game | Some nice squishy fun with alien slimes
A young Rancher has just arrived on the Far, Far Range and is looking forward to exploring this new frontier. All these colorful Slimes seem so friendly too! Maybe a little too friendly…but perhaps she'll learn not to mind too much~
Tricks-n-Treats | Modern : Slice-of-Sexual Life & maybe magic | I just really like Halloween
This Halloween, one lone witch is looking for the best kind of treat…but she might be getting more tricks than she bargained for when she comes across a strange candy shop open at midnight.
| Plotful Smut | Plots with pairings or stronger story backbones
Ghost Hunting | Modern : Supernatural | When curiosity gets an amateur ghost hunter in trouble
Every town has got that one house…the old abandoned manor on the edge of town where nobody goes. ‘It's haunted! If you go in, you'll never come out!’ everyone says. But it’s just a silly urban rumor and who really cares anyway? Well…she did. Armed with a flashlight and a camcorder, she wants proof on whether that dusty old house really is haunted. Turns out, it was. Now she must escape or be stuck there forever.
Careful What you Wish For | Modern : Supernatural | Well, Genies are tricksters after all
She's been cursed with bad luck all her life...At least, that's how it seemed. No matter how hard she works things just refuse to work out for her, and she's getting sick of it. But things may have really turned out for the worst when she finds a magical genie ring--he says he'll grant any wish she makes, but there's a price to pay for every wish and there's only one thing he wants. It wouldn't be so bad...if he didn't twist every wish to suit his own whims, causing her to make just as many un-wishes. Worse yet, with every wish he grants he's getting stronger and stronger to breaking out of the ring permanently...
Artificial Love | Sci-Fi | The intimate lessons between a scientist and their android
The future is here and one lone scientist has achieved success where others could not--creating artificial intelligence! Or, at least a seed of it. In order to prove that their AI is the real deal, the shapeshifting creation has to show evidence that it's able to learn, adapt, and grow of its volition. Who better to show the way than the scientist that created them? And there's just so many things about humanity to show...It's time for some 'hands-on' learning.
Monster Under My Bed | Modern : Supernatural Nightmares | I think the title is pretty self-explanatory
The house seemed normal when she bought it. She just needed a change of pace, a new scene...So she found a place out of the city, in a quiet, quaint rural town and the price seemed too good a deal to pass up. Of course, she did her homework--walked the place, checked for termites, past tenant history and all she could find was that the place had no history. Everything was fine until the very first night. She couldn't shake the feeling of being watched, or that things were being moved around, but told herself that it was just new-house jitters. She slipped into bed and tried to get to sleep...only to find she wouldn't be sleeping alone.
At Your Side | MedFant/Feudal | A prince's slow domination of a mage, and the dubious romance that may blossom between them
Rumors were not enough to drive people away from her sanctuary--not when war threatened the borders of the land. For all her cleverness and all her spells and charms, the witch of the woods is be gifted to the prince of the neighboring kingdom. For this was his wish, his demand if they wanted his help: His soldiers, for the sorceress. But he wants more than a skilled magus in his court, he desires to make a bride of her and as long as she is kept within the walls of his keep there will be time to show her that life at his side will be a...fulfilling one.
| More Story-Based
Assume all plots have a baseline of at least 40:60 Smut/Story
| Realism | Plots without magic or non-human creatures involved, based in a more 'realistic' world settings of various eras
Pirate Princess | Medieval : Renaissance/Victorian Era | When a young woman sneaks aboard her long-lost pirate father's ship
For as long as she can remember she’s been captivated by the sea. She knew her father was a pirate, from a time long ago when he and her mother were both young and reckless, and the life of a swashbuckling adventurer just seemed like a dream. But never in her wildest dreams did she imagine she would ever meet him! What a stroke of luck! They shared in tales and he was every bit the amazing adventurer she imagined him to be—but when she asked to join him on his ship, he turned her away. So instead…she donned a disguise and snuck aboard. Now she must keep her identity as secret and soon she’ll learn that a pirate’s life isn’t all she thought it’d be.
To Kill a Father | Modern or Noir | Blackmailing the big bad mafia boss' daughter
Growing up as the only daughter to the head of a underground crime organization gave her...a unique childhood: Always warned to watch her back, her daddy's 'friends' were never far away when she went out, and dad was always busy--but he always made sure to spend time with his precious little girl. He lavished her in gifts and always praised her for doing so well in class or took her out on trips to amazing places. She was a smart girl. She knew what her 'uncles' and 'big brothers' did for a living. She knew what her father did behind closed doors--He never said it outright, but he never hid it either. This was his world and once his little girl got older, he wanted her to become familiar with the 'family business' too. Except she hated that dark, shady world her father skulked in. She hated knowing how to tell when a man was lying and what bones were the quickest to break. She hated not being able to live a normal life, so the moment she could...she ran away. Changed her name and disappeared halfway across the world, using all the tricks dear old dad made the mistake of teaching her. But even years later she's still looking over her shoulders, wary that one of these days her father would find her again. And that's exactly what a certain someone wants. Caught by a man 'in the business', he made her a proposition he was sure she couldn't refuse: Help him take down her father or be caged by him instead.
The Masks We Play | Modern or Sci-Fi | Secret agents and mass world conspiracies
The world's a big place, full of all kinds of people and societies...some of which need to be 'dealt' with in particular ways. Sometimes they need a helping hand to see that new bill come to light, or a certain CEO is getting too big for their britches and need to be taken down a notch...or sometimes, some people just need to disappear. You were one such person but the decision wasn't yours to make. You don't know how you got here, but it wasn't the nicest trip and all you know is that you're hurting and chained in an all-white room with no visible way out...Except through the opportunity offered by the woman that just walked in. Your skill set could prove useful and she's not about to let a 'mystery' like you just slip away; the person you were before has to die, but that doesn't mean you can't take on a new name and a new long as you work under her. It's a whole new world of espionage and brutality, and damn if you're just going to get swept up in the madness...Who the hell is your new boss or the organization she works for? And is there anything you can do to swerve the tides of fate in your favor? Perhaps.
| Modern Fantasy | Plots that take place in Noir, Modern, or Futuristic settings. Aliens, superheroes, & bots galore!
Home | Modern or Sci-Fi : A supernatural metropolis | A confrontation of prejudices and something that even demons are scared of
As darkness is the opposite of light, so it must be evil…this was the belief everyone held. And when the Angels came to banish all demonkind to a far-off realm, everyone celebrated. The centuries passed until kingdoms became cities and technology advanced, and demons were all forgotten. Until one day a portal ripped open and a platoon returned from the strange dimension they had been banished to long ago. But instead of a war…the demons pleaded to return, for a peaceful sanctuary, and a truce was…gingerly put in place. But not everyone wants demons to come back, and now it’s a game of politics between the militaristic Angels, the secretive Demons, and the Humans caught in the middle of it all. Yet somehow, someone forgot to ask just why the Demons want so badly to return…
Halves | Modern : Superhero/villain Drama | Behind those masks lies an accidental romance
One was a Hero, paradigm among citizens, who strove to defend the city against all evils. The other was a Villain, bringing fear to those that would cross them or their goals. These two rivals clashed in the heat of battle year after year after year, never managing to lay the blow that would end it all. On the battlefield, they were bitter enemies but in an apartment, they were neighbors. And neither of them knew it. Not only that--they actually enjoyed one another's company! However, all that would change when, out-of-costume, the Hero/Villain happened to get severely injured during an attack on the city. Seeing no other option, the Villain/Hero brought their neighbor back to their lair to rest, unknowingly revealing their identity to their enemy. Now the other has to decide whether to turn them in to the League, reveal their own identity...or try to change the other's mind about the path they've taken.
Devil Dames | Noir : Supernatural Mystery | A twist on the detective & a dame named 'trouble'
Intrepid and tenacious journalist by day, and sultry, mysterious thief by night...and inhuman 100% of the time. As humankind moved out of the dark ages the 'monsters' of the night became stuck in their old ways and slipped into the shadows. Now it's the 1940's and they are tired of hiding away in the dark, tired of being only fairytales to scare children at night, and angry that while the world moves ahead--they were left behind. This world was once theirs. Now they want it back and they will have it by any means necessary. But not everyone wants to incite war with humankind, which is where she steps in. She's been a thorn in the human detective's side for some time now. She's fought with him, tailed his leads, gotten in his way...worked alongside him, shared a drink or two--all while pretending she was nothing more but a too-curious journalist looking for her next headliner. While night falls, it becomes a game of cat and mouse--with him never knowing that whether as a thief or a journalist, she's working to keep the human and supernatural worlds safely separate. But the 'other side' is getting more aggressive and she can't keep leading him around in circles...what happens when he leaps right into the thick of magic, mayhem, and murder?
Sensationalist Supers | Modern : More Superhero stuff | When a one-night stand between a hero and villain becomes trouble
Superheroes and super villains. That is the world we know. Be they Meta or simply gifted, they embody the extremes of human nature and you simply can't turn your head anywhere without seeing them. The radio, news, magazine, talk shows, on the shelves of the local department store! Cons, fansites, and merchandise--The world is crazy for Supers! So much so that the culture that surrounds them has turned what was once life-threatening battles of moral ambiguity into marketing 'productions'. Supers are celebrities with their every move recorded and judged by starry-eyed fans. Every fight between the two forces are raking in dough for both hero and villain coalitions, and they'd like to keep it that way. Hidden from the public eye, there are rules in place, telling supers how they have to 'perform'...Even the killing of a popular Super is strictly prohibited. And if your popularity sinks or you break one of their rules, then you might as well kiss your career good-bye. If not your life as well. In the midst of all this, dissent is quietly stirring. Not everyone is happy with the way things have changed and sometimes, you just need to someone who understands you...and helps you to relieve some stress. Such was the case of a certain hero and villain, not particularly popular and neither particularly caring to be, who have been finding 'drunken comfort' in the other's arms when no one is looking. But what was meant to be a secret pleasure between the two of them becomes the front page story on every newspaper in the city one unlucky evening--Overnight, their ratings have skyrocketed and everyone is waiting with bated breath to see what comes next! Trapped in the web of sensationalist media, how will this hero and the villain fare now that the spotlights are on them?
Trapped with You | Sci-Fi | OMG they were roommates...except not really
Two rival space mercs, or prison escapees, find themselves unwittingly on the same small flyer while trying to escape their captors. With no choice, they must learn to share the too-small ship until the heat dies down—without the other killing them first. If they can’t learn to get along and deal with their frustrations creatively, then they may not survive…
Mecto Amore | Sci-Fi: Solarpunk After the Apocalypse | The archaeologist & the android
In the towered metropolis of Arcturus, where the power of the sun breathes life into new inventions every day...there are those who have devoted themselves to the fringe archaeological sciences instead. Within the earth lies centuries of forgotten history that nearly all but these few would consider 'unnecessary'--why look to the past when the sun is always shining forward? Society's tremendous advances have accomplished so much that who could need anything else! There is nothing that men has not been able to grasp...except for one thing...During a dig, a young archaeologist discovered an ancient sleeping mechanical being not powered by sun or steam or could possibly be made by the hands of man. When she awakens him, he has no memory and seemingly little understanding of the nature of biological life--but he's learning rapidly, adapting, and even changing himself to better suit this strange world. All of Arcturus is watching with bated breath, on edge! They fear what they do not understand and see the machine as a monster...and if he had been asleep all these years, then who's to say what other horrors lie beneath the earth? The rules of robotics do not exist and none can predict what will become of man...and machine.
| Ancient Fantasy | Plots of blades & mages & eras long forgotten. Basically everything that falls into the 'Medfant' tag
The Hunter, the Priest, the Demon | MedFant | A very weird Ménage à Trois
One of them hunts demon, another walks the path of holiness…and one of these two is possessed by a demon. Unable to leave the other alone until their duty is fulfilled, they must learn to travel together until demon and human can be separated. They travel the land, helping those in need against demon attacks, until they begin to question the bonds all three of them share.
Forest of Bones | MedFant | When the Beast is really a Beauty
When the king’s men came to tear down the forest to make way for his kingdom, the soldiers were met with cold death. A demon, they cried, made of horrid white bone had heartlessly struck down their comrades. Time and time again this bone demon slashed down every soldier that dared laid foot in its territory, never giving up an inch of the forest to them. Enraged, the King called for all who were brave enough to take up arms and send the demon back to the depth of hell. One alone managed to land a blow powerful enough to crack the demon’s bone hide…but when the bones fell away, instead of a demon, a strange woman was found at its core. Even as they dragged her away in shackles, she swore that if they traipsed into her forest, that they would regret it forever. She was kept in the dungeons, and the King set to work and tearing the forest down. But as months passed, strange happenings began to occur, leaving only the dead in its wake. Perhaps its time to see what that Woman of the Forest truly knew…
Desert Flowers | MedFant: An 'Arabian Desert' Western | More setting than plot
In the desert, beneath the harsh rays of the sun and the blistering sands, eldritch secrets run rampant. Wild beasts and monsters, demons that pray on your fears, magic. Fearing those with 'unholy' powers, the sheikhs of the great desert cities have decreed all mages as heretics and those touched by demons as weeds--all those who are guilty of witchcraft must be condemned to death. Those who have managed to escape capture have fled into the desert towns on the very fringes of 'civilized' society. Unprotected by city guards, these small towns are made to face raiders, beasts, desert storms, violent mages and the even crueler bounty hunters that chase them down. But it is a better life than being under the militant thumb of the walled cities...supposedly.
A Familiar Problem | MedFant | The tension between a mage and their all-too-human familiar
The road to becoming a great magus is a long and tiresome route but for those who can make it, all doors will be opened to them. One step of hundreds on that road is to go out into the world and bind an animal as your familiar, bringing the creature to enlightenment and augment your power with a living foci. Not only that but a familiar would become a powerful ally...One with whom you could share all secrets and trust above all else. The only rule is that the familiar must be a creature and not sapient, for what would happen otherwise is not only morally questionable...but the effects of binding such a spirit to a mage could create unforeseen consequences. Consequences that one mage-in-training must now overcome when they accidentally break that rule. What they thought was a normal animal turns out to be a shapeshifter, able to take a humanoid form--worse yet, that shapeshifter is wanted by the kingdom and can't risk being found out! Between reading each other's minds and feelings, unable to leave one another's side, and other unexpected changes, both mage and familiar must work together to undo what has been wrought before anyone finds out. Or both their necks will put on the chopping block.
Burning Ashes | MedFant | When a fairytale didn't reach its happy ending
It was an age-old story...a fairy tale as fantastical as any other. It had everything: A kingdom in trouble, a mystical curse, a girl with no memories that would become its new princess, and the dashing rogue that saved her life...Accidentally. He was looking for the next great con and she was looking for answers, when fate forced the two to embark on a journey that would end up saving the kingdom! And like all fairy tales, the two became close...fell in love...he proposed and a wedding would mark 'the end' of the story. Just like all fairy tales. Only problem is...On the day of the wedding, he never showed up. Five years have passed and the land has fallen under a strange and terrible affliction; a treasure is meant to reverse this new curse has been stolen en route to the kingdom, by one who calls himself a 'master thief'. Soon enough, he is hunted down and dragged to the dungeons where he would be confronted by the princess. But when she goes down to see who this 'King of Thieves' is, she is taken back to see it is the man from all those years ago. Worse yet, the treasure had been stolen out from under him and a deal is struck between them: the two would go on one more quest, together. Do either of them still hold a flame for the other? Or had those fires been put out long ago?
Keeping Promises | MedFant | Something a little more light-hearted
Two young lovers. A lone flowering willow upon a hill. A war on the horizon. They made a promise to meet again under that tree when the young warrior returned from the campaign and had earned their keep. They promised to in a home by the sea with all the comforts their love could bring them. They bid a tearful farewell, not because that war might take the knight away, but that they had to part for even a moment. The war lasted four long years but at last the battle had been won! The knight would return home a hero and a shred of land upon which to build their new home--Except, when the knight came back to the castle of their lord they were gagged and bound in chains, and thrown into the dungeon! The war had been a farce, a lie that had cost dozens--if not hundreds--of lives to the benefits of the men that had sent those warriors to die. Things hadn't gone the way they expected and now they needed a patsy to take the fall...and who else but a new knight with no family to miss them? In the midst of battle, the warrior made their escape and became branded a criminal across the land. With a hardened heart, they decided to take up that mantle and abandoned everything about their past life. In the next five years they would become one of the most fierce and loathsome bandits the kingdom would ever see! One night, their crew catches an intruder and drags them before their leader. With a sneer, that knight-turned-bandit lord demands to know why this intruder has come. The intruder lifts their head and with a smile that held no shame, announced in a loud voice: "to marry you."
A Fair Fae Fare | MedFant | A tale of an uneasy partnership between a human seeking vengeance & a terribly capricious fae
A king lies dead, betrayed by his most trusted of generals. The keep has fallen to new rule and only one thing stands in the general's way: The dead king's heir, who managed to escape amidst the chaos. Injured, the young heir escapes into the small but overlooked woods nearby only to faint of blood loss. When they awaken they find themselves healed by a mysterious being who claims to be a fae, and whom demands payment for saving their life. With nothing else to give, the heir makes a deal: help them reclaim their title and their father's good name and they will give them the territory they once lost to humankind. Should the heir fail and/or break this fairy's promise then they risk their life being 'taken back'. Will these two learn to get along on their journey?
The Dragon's Son | MedFant | A sort of 'Beauty and the Beast' tale
Deep within the snowy mountains live a dragon. He is not divine nor is he worshiped by the villagers living on the mountain, but they have a deal struck long ago: He claims the young boys lost on his mountain and names them as his 'sons'. These sons will forget their past lives, be given great strength and longevity, and become changed into something like his own image. It is these sons whom watch the mountains and defend the villagers from any outsiders, as was agreed long ago. The silent sons lurk within the woods, bearing demonic looking faces and scaled bodies that no one is quite sure is armor or flesh...They are boogeymen to scare children with, with tales claiming that the howling winds are actually the roars of one of the sons when the transformation overtakes them and they become nothing more than mindless beasts...Even the adults dare not linger in the woods too late at night lest they become struck by their unfeeling hands. So long as the villagers stick to their paths and leave the dragon be, they are protected...Once in a blue moon, however a villager will find a dragon's arrow pierced above their front door and markers leading out to the woods. It is a sign that one of the sons is trying to claim the daughter of the house, leaving odd gifts at the door and arrows wedged to mark their intent. It is a sign that all villagers fear for while the dragon will 'claim sons', they care not for 'daughters' and no sign of one will ever be heard from again should they answer the call. When it happens, the daughters will hide away in their homes until comes the day they don't find an arrow above their door. But when raiders attack one family's home, the daughter finds no choice but to rush out and seek help from the monster that wants to claim her. What secrets will be unveiled when these two finally meet?
| Deepest Lore
Plots with heavy World-Building...that I'll eventually get around to writing up
Seek Olympus | Sci-Fi : Mythology & Future Apocalypses | If the game 'Apsulov' was Anime...and Gods had Mechas. Can change up which Pantheon we focus around--Norse, Egyptian, Japanese, Aztec, etc.
You awaken upon a stone slab in which are etched glowing runes in the tongue of your homeland--you think. You know. You think you know--You can read them but your mind is fuzzy. You know your legend and you see yourself in them but somehow...somehow these memories feel so far away. You feel weak. Above you is a many-armed spider made of metal, with limbs tipped with the smallest daggers and strange 'vines' connecting it to the ceiling above. It has you pinned, etching designs into your skin made of...It calls them 'nanites'. It speaks to you in a voice that is almost human and it tells you that it is 'Oneiroi'--a 'Spirit' made by man--and that it has awakened you from an eternal slumber in order to save this world.
Gone are the trees. The fields. The stones. The open sky. There is only what the Spirit calls 'machines'. You must protect the labyrinthine tower-city, 'Elysium', and its bio-mechanical inhabitants from the monsters that dwell in the deep dark 'Tartarus' below. It gives you weapons powered with the tech of this age and armor and a giant steed called a 'mech', to fight the demonic 'Titans' that threaten the last remaining remnants of life. Through the glass walls you see a glowing mountain that seems to stretch on forever...'That is your goal,' the Spirit claims, 'the answer to everything. To questions. To salvation. With your companion, you must seek out 'Olympus'.'
A door hisses open and a figure of true flesh and blood like your own steps out. With a look you know that they're the same as you...Not machine and not mortal--But a God. Together, can you traverse this strange new era reduced to relics, and find what lies as the top of Olympus?
No Sanctuary for Angels | Sci-Fi : Post-Apocalyptic Eden | When Angels and Fallen Angels are the last dying race
All the worlds have ended. After eons of wars, prejudice, and moral hubris...There is nothing left of the worlds of mortal kind. Hell is empty of souls and without God, there is no Heaven. Without God...There is no Creation. The universe is empty and all who are left are a handful mourning angels and the Fallen Ones. The Seraphs gave their lives to create a Sanctuary among the cosmos, to try and make some facsimile of a 'home' for the angels and even the Fallen that had once spurned their Creator in Lucifer's name. There is nothing left to fight for, after all. In this Sanctuary where time has no meaning, the listless sheep and wolves merely try to busy themselves while knowing in their hearts they are committing insanity...Living their eternal lives with no hope of change.
Until one day a new angel is born from the Garden of Lys. If new life can still persist then maybe this didn't have to be the end! But do the Angels dare play God themselves? Is the birth of a new angel merely a fluke, or worse yet, a karmic trick for their past follies? Can Angels and Fallen truly co-exist? Or will they do nothing and wait for the darkness of the cosmos to finally breach their Sanctuary to consume them all.
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