Returning Friend

Oct 13, 2021
Hey, Hi, Hello. Nice to meet you, pleasure's all mine i'm sure.

A little about myself i suppose. I was around for a while during the H.E. days (under a different username that i can't remember). I kinda distanced myself for a while for several reasons but i decided to google it again the other day and found this place. And I gotta say, I love what you've all done with the place. i can't wait to meet people, maybe a few people i rp'd with before.

I Am mainly here for ERP. I'll likely pop up somewhere in that area soon with a like/dislike or a kink thread or whatever we're doing these days. i'm a bit scatterbrained so please don't be discouraged if it takes me a bit to respond. Other than that, i'm open to queries and other such. it's just good to be back.
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