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Jan 3, 2019
Welcome to my list of role plays! This lists all the RPs I have ran on this site and HE.

Important Notes
  • I will update this thing as time goes on with links to RPs if anyone is interested in them.
  • If you are interested in writing with me see my request threads.
  • If you don't know if I would like something or have an idea JUST REACH OUT TO ME.
  • If you write with me please keep in touch; just ignoring me will not make me go away... At least say something!
  • You can contact me via PM or Discord.
  • This list does not include RPs that only lasted one post or those that never started.
  • There will be links to HE until things are transferred.
Held Concepts: 2/2
Active RPs (9/9)
Coming Into Reality - Remi (Atsu) x Vera (Me and Punishment) - Fantasy Sci-Fi Yuri Romance VR Game
Shadow of the Empire - Remi (Haru) x Yuri (Me and Corinthi) - Fantasy Sci-Fi Slice of Life VR Game
Evean University - Mimi x Sybil (Me & Viante) - Alternate History/Magic Slice of Life Romance
How Friendship Works - Remi x Siyuri (Me/CasualVelociraptor) Fantasy
Our True Selves - Remi (Haruka) x Orion (Me/hellsangel) - Fantasy Sci-Fi Slice of Life VR Game

Kiru-Acu: Unexpected Partnership - Ari x Richter (Me and Cosmic Lady) - Fantasy Adventure
Our Love is Forever - Ari x Danny (Me and Heartless Danny) - College Slice of Life
Betrayed Trust - Yuka x Ryan (Me and Zexes) - Modern Non-Con

I Would Make Her Mine - Mimi x Brayden (Me and MacCloud) - Slave Training/NTR/Corruption Modern

Inactive RPs (0/2)


Finished/Closed RPs
Tainted Royalty - Ari x Abayomi (Me and TrojanDarkHorse) - Slave X Master Romance
The Hand We are Dealt - Ari/Sophie x Cliff (Me and Furious LoverXD) - Modern Sci-Fi Fantasy Non-Con
To Fix a Slave - Sakura x James (Me and Heartless Danny) - Girl Rescues Slave
"Welcome" Home - Yuka x Mr. Lyth (Me and Iwassent) - Landlord and Tenant Affair
Connected By Fate - Mimi x Senza (RisaXSeph/Malachi Rose) – Boy Rescues Girl
I’ll Save You from Yourself - Mimi x Cass (RisaXSeph/Princess) – Yuri Couple Romance
Bad Choices, Happy Endings - Yuka x Ranulf (RisaXSeph/MacCloud) – Girl experiments with her sexuality and ends up in a bad situation.
It's Time to Play - Sakura x Hannah (RisaXSeph/CasualVelociraptor) – Girls’ Playtime
Visions of Darkness (Sequel to the Visions of Madness RP I ran years ago) - Natsuki and Saki (Me and CasualVelociraptor) - Modern Fantasy Crime Fighting Slice of Life College Yuri Romance
Never Judge a Book by its Cover - Sakura x Erica (Me and Princess) - College Slice of Life Yuri Romance
May The Future Guide Us - Ari x Veronika (Me and Punishment) - Fantasy Adventure Yuri Romance
Kind of Wild - Ari x Toya (DemonicAngel and I) - Yuri College Slice of Life
College Life - Yuka x Jasmine (Princess and I) - Yuri College Roommate Romance
Dreams of a Better Summer - Yuka x Brian (Me and sdxyxxy) - College Forbidden Love (Student x Teacher)
More than Friends - Ari x Rian (Me and Helly) - College Slice of Life
Forbidden ~~ Whatever - Renae x Renita (Me and PaperKai) - Yuri Twincest Slice of Life
Path of Absolution - Echo x Ledah (Me and TerrorOfDeath) - Mysterious Warrior Saves Girl and they Travel Together
Our Path is One Yuka x Andrew - (Me and DocReno) - College Slice of Life Cousin Incest
My Eternal Feelings - Yuka x Emily (Me and DocReno) - Yuri Unrequited Love College Slice of Life
Shattered Stars: Waltz Through the Stars Kiyoko x Hikaru - (Me and Kaligos) Sci-Fi Mecha Combat, Space Western, Brother and Sister Romance
Just Who Decides - Ari x Brandon (Me and MacCloud) - College Slice of Life
Never Have I Ever - (My Character: Sophie) - Modern Slice of Life Camp Sex Orgy [Dead Group RP]
Kiru-Acu - (My Characters: Yukari and Sakura) - Fantasy Sci-Fi Adventure [Dead Group RP]
The Bathhouse - (My Character: Ari) - Slice of Life [Dead Group RP]

Group RPs (Group Writing)

TNU (off-site; the story Remi and Ari are in)
Luxury Perks (Emira/Mimi)
Academy For Erotic Studies (Emira)
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