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Jan 6, 2019
USA (Unfortunately)
General Announcements:
  • I’ve got new obligations now on top of work and school, so replies will be a bit slower now.
  • Most likely I’ll be able to reply once a week but I may not get to every thread every week
  • Please don’t take offense if I don’t have the time/energy to get to our thread whenever I have the chance to get some replies in it’s nothing personal, I’ve just been more tired recently.
Active RPs: Each one is linked via title
Key: Waiting - Waiting on RP partner to reply
Pending - I still need to reply

Hiatus - RP on hold
The Heart Tells No Lies : Pending

Secrets : Pending

Don't Tell Dad : Waiting

Mob Ties
: Waiting

Fate Against Curses : Waiting

Blooming of the Rose : Pending

Going Down Together : Waiting

Saved By the Bell : Pending

Secretive Sirens : Waiting

Royally Screwed : Hiatus

Teacher's Pet : Waiting

Dance with the Devil : Hiatus

Punishment? : Hiatus

Suspect #1 : Hiatus

Back Alley Vigilante : Hiatus

Halloween : Hiatus
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Jan 6, 2019
USA (Unfortunately)
I know I said I’d be getting in replies today but I totally forgot about some work I had to do tomorrow so replies will be delayed till Friday at the I’m sorry about the delays!
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