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Jan 3, 2019
New England (USA)
Basic ground rules for the RP.
  1. All the site rules still apply and still need to be followed
  2. If a fight happens to break out, no auto-hitting, (Against players or NPCs)
  3. Do not control another person's character without permission. (This includes mentioning how that character reacts to things in your post. Let the other player do that.)
  4. Sadly, this RP is not open to an infinite amount of players. It is currently closed, only those accepted into it may join. We'll make it clear if a spot opens up.
  5. Only the GMs (@ImmortalWriter and @Viante ) can make new threads. (If you want to make one, or have an idea for one, ask us)
Etiquette guidelines. -- These aren't really going to be enforced, but try to keep them in mind to be polite.

  1. Give other people a chance to respond. There is no posting order, as a baseline everyone should post once before you post again. Not a rule, you can post more than once, just try not to push the plot forward and try not to make too many things happen before everyone posts. We don't want anyone to be left behind, and then come back to find out a whole circus happened while they were asleep, and they missed it all.
  2. Don't ignore people. (Unless it's in character) Try not to leave people out. I will do my best to send a character or something to people who are alone. But if someone's in a group and doing something, try to at least acknowledge it in your post.
  3. You may notice, I do a "Moving to [topic here]" or "Entering from[topic here]" when people move from one place to another. You don't need to do this, I just do it to make it easier to track/follow a character.

Kink guidelines.

As of right now, all kinks are allowed. But any scenes involving the extreme kinks (toilet play, heavier pain play, etc) will need to be moved to The dark corner topic regardless of where it takes place in-RP. If there are any other kinks that bother people too much and need to be moved to that topic, mention them and I'll add them to the list. Although I will note, the characters are in a mental hospital, they might ignore it if they hear ya having sex, but they definitely will not ignore it if they think someone is getting hurt.
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