Rules (IC and OOC)

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Jan 25, 2019
OOC Rules (Not many of these)

1) Play nice. Combat is freeform and I will try to base NPC combat on some measure of logic based on the characters. If you, as a player, want to fight/spar with another player then you two ought to discuss how you want the fight to go. Or at least be willing to agree on an ending. I hate seeing groups devolve into a power level arguement of "but my character can do X therefore they beat your character". It's why I'm making this as player vs NPC as possible.

2) Extension of 1, be civil. We're adults here. I'm only asking that we act like adults. Got an issue, talk to them about it. People should have a thick enough skin to handle some constructive criticism (just don't be an ass about it).

3) Respect player's interests. Is your character gay/straight/bi/<insert something here> and their character isn't? Did they tell you that your character repeatedly hitting on them was a bit much? Should probably stop then. Basically, just don't try to force something on someone else's character. This is also the "don't godmod" clause. You don't control anyone else's character. Ever. Well, I mean, if you both agree that one of you is going to be tied up or something for lewdness then you might. But hey, talk about that beforehand you lewd people :p

4) I couldn't think of anything else...but if I do it will go here!


IC Rules (These are the rules the students have to follow in universe)

1) The Mansion and all grounds are safe. Sparring and combat training is expected and even encouraged for those who wish to pursue it but the school will not abide reckless acts or hostile attacks.

2) Dormatories are not naturally sound proof so do make an attempt not to bother fellow students with your activities whatever they might be.

3) Use of powers outside the classroom is permitted so long as they are not violations of other rights. No telepath should be actively reading minds and trying to learn secrets from other people. No shapeshifter should be publicly masquerading as someone else with intent to harm their reputation. Etc.

((The rest of the rules are pretty standard "don't steal, don't be a terrible person" and so on. Not going to list them all out just the ones that feel most pertinent at the moment.))
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