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Sir Wells

Jun 18, 2019
Once again, a title speaking exactly to the nature of the thread!

#1: Respect all players involved within the group. If a conflict arises, take it to PM or to me, please do not have problems settled in my threads, thank you!

#2: The sites rules are, obviously, mandatory. If you're found breaking those, you'll be dealt with accordingly.

#3: Noone underage. Again, obvious, but needs to be stated. All ages are to be 18+, no exceptions, I will automatically decline anyone trying to use someone underage, or trying to influence an RP towards an underage style of some sort. Just don't do it, comeon.

#4: God-modding. This is a bit of a tricky one, given the RP style, however, if someone asks you not to control their character, don't do it. In the case of Wells, I think it goes without saying, depending the situation, he'll "connect" with mostly anything he does, as it pertains to the Slaves. I consider God-modding not so much the act of moving someone's characters, but influencing them, I guess is a good description. In any case, if someone has an issue with something you post, be considerate and alter it to help them feel more comfortable.

#5: I don't want this to come off as me being a Dick, but it is my Group, my word is final. I consider myself, the player, to be a kind and fair person, in terms of how I see things, but if I ask something to be changed, or removed, or altered, or something is brought to my attention, please understand that I take everything into account, and if I'm personally asking you to do something, I would like it done. That being said, I doubt that would happen, but I have had some people become issues in the past in various RP's and the "Group Leader" did nothing to fix it. We're here for pleasure, enjoyment, and to have fun, it's that simple. :)

#6: Not so much a rule, as a more courtesy. If you're going to RP with someone in particular, or are addressing them in a thread that's meant for multiple people, such as The Common Room, make sure to tag them, so that they both know they're being addressed, and it's easier for them to find.

#7: This Group RP is a Fluid posting style. This means that even if your character is preoccupied in one room with someone else, they can be posting in another room, with an entirely different person. You are not FORCED to play Fluid if you'd like to keep your character Static, it is simply an option in case you desire to post with a character that is already locked in RP with someone else, and maybe they've gone offline. This style of RP eliminates the need to wait for that person to come online and finish the RP with you.

((WIP, if anything else comes up, I will update this as necessary))
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