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May 9, 2019
Common sense Site Rules apply over all.

I. LGBT Friendly.
II. No OOC Drama.
III. Two-Three paragraph minimum posting.
IV. Third Person Narrative.
V. Characters will be the equivalent of 18+ in age. This applies to them physically looking the part as well.
VI. Respect Other Player's Ons and Offs/F-List or any other given info of content that they like/dislike.
VII. Non-Con and Extremities must be agreed upon by whatever party they are targeting.
VIII. No Godmoding, Powerplaying, or Metagaming; without the consensus of who it affects.
IX. No killing off other players' characters, unless you have permission from the player of such.
X. Inform me and others for extended inactivity period. After a month of no announcing of going away, you will be ejected from the game.
XI. Problems are to be brought to me or fellow GMs through PM.
XII. Additional Rules and Edits may be added, depending on concerns. An update to such will always be included prior of doing so.
XIII. My Word is Law.

Failure to comply to any of these rules will result in warnings and a removal from the game. Bold roman numerals are immediate bans from my game if not respected. Three warnings and you are kicked out otherwise to everything else. You may or may not be allowed to rejoin depending on severity of offenses that resulted in kicking; if you are allowed to rejoin, if there is a second kicking, don't bother reapplying for a third time.
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