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Mar 14, 2020
First off, I want to thank you so much for taking the time to take a look at my roleplay search and second off, hello good evening/morning/afternoon to everyone. I'm Valentine, but you can call me Vali if you'd like too. I've been roleplaying since I was at least thirteen or fourteen years old, and I've had many amazing partners over the years, and I'm very optimistic about finding a whole lot more.

Some information about me.
  1. I can post around a paragraph to around three paragraphs per post with proper grammar and some minor spelling errors (I'm not perfect, but I'm also not a grammar nazi)
  2. I prefer to roleplay over discord (discord is valentinesevenightmare#4300 but I can even roleplay over private messages if you'd like to stay on Fiction Depot
  3. I don't know how to do dominant and submissive characters (mostly because I haven't tried to do some before, but I'm willing to give it a shot)
  4. I can play multiple roles (the max at this point is four characters at once, but I am eager to do more, but I might need some help from a partner.
    As of this moment, I am willing to do more slut orientated rps, so more like a 50/50 plot and smut strategy
Stuff I would like to see from partners
  1. Communication (If you're going to be offline for more then a few days or something is wrong with our roleplay please let me know, I won't bite I promise)
  2. Please post around at least a paragraph or more, I'm not looking for three paragraphs with immense details, but enough where I have some context of the story.
  3. I'd appreciate if my roleplays were 70/30 when it comes to the plot and smut ratio and would enjoy it if we didn't jump to the sex straight in the beginning.
  1. Business Man x Secretary (Have a plot for this)
  2. Jeweler x Cursed Princess
  3. Pregnant Demoness x Captor
  4. Songstress x Demon CEO
  5. Succubus x Pornography
  6. Breeding / Harem / Brothel (I have a few ideas for this)
  7. Futanari Maid x Succubus or Incubus (pregnancy is an option)
Madoka Magica
Boku No Hero Academia
Attack On Titan
Devil May Cry
Dragon Age
Mass Effect
Fallout 4
Little Witch Academia
Kingdom Hearts
Soul Eater & Soul Eater NOT!
Ouran High School Host Club
Fullmetal Alchemist
Vampire Knight
Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon
Hunger Games
Harry Potter
The Mortal Instruments
Watership Down (humans)
Gay Puree (Humans)
50 Shades of Gray.
Vampire Academy
Yuri on Ice
Free! Iwatobi Swim Club
Black Butler / Kuroshitsuji
Spirited Away
Treasure Planet
American Dragon Jake Long
Teen Titans
Grey's Anatomy
Steven Universe
Saving Hope
Uta no Prince Sama

Pregnancy Pairings
a family expecting multiple siblings (so one family with different people expecting willing to do fantasy races)
last creature of its king
CEO x Ex-Wife
Young King x Older Queen

Harems / Brothels Ideas
Adoptive Family (no incest)
Bath House
Pregnancy Clinic (maternity based ideas)
Porn Company

Pairings with Plots
Escort x Engaged Woman

___________ is a noble young woman who has just become engaged to very a famous business person from another country. The problem is she is way too nervous to talk her fiance about planning her dream wedding since she is afraid that their styles would clash. so one night she desires to hire a personal escort to help make her wedding dream come true, but what happens when they start to fall for each other

Vampire x Human
__________ is a vampire who has been living well past his limits. He keeps to himself, and not even the other vampires can get him to open up. One night a human girl who is looking to end her life asks him to kill her. But the thing is he refuses saying that he doesn't drink blood anymore. What will the girl do? will she find someone else or try to figure out what had happened to hum

Werewolf x Human
________ is a werewolf who has become the new alpha of his pack. He is perfectly content until a human comes walking into his den. She's weak and covered in blood. What will the wolf do? will he help her or feed her to the rest of his pack

Vampire x Hunter
She couldn't kill him, no matter how hard she tried. She found herself with her dagger pressed against the pale skin of his throat so many times. was there something about his eyes or the way he looked defenseless around her. Finally, one night. When he is injured enough by his kind. She takes him home and treats his injuries. she wonders why she did this for the man she was supposed to kill

New Host x Student

______ was the girl with the coldest heart; most of the guys tried to get what her, but she turned them down, causing them to call her the ice princess. When a new kid joins the fabulous Ouran Academy. The girl is immediately infatuated with him, seeing as he is not like the other kids. But what happens when both of them are tricked into joining the famous host club. will their romance spark or will their clients get in the way

((based on the anime series: Ouran High School Host Club))
Nurse x Patient (Nothing terminal. Broken limb, or something short-lived that won't likely of the person. I have ideas for either role.)

Werewolves (Warring over territory? Maybe a 'political' hostage situation?)

Kidnapper x Hostage (I'd prefer to play the hostage.)

Ranch Hand x New Owner/Received in the will (New Owner preferably for me. I have a character and idea in mind for this that never really got up and running with a previous rper sadly.)

Office Worker x Office Worker (Something where they don't like each other but have to work together because they are being sent to work for an important client.)

Police Officer x Thief

Federal Agent x Target ((sort of like protection or an actual relation between one the target is searching for her))
A kingdom is ruled by Five families. Each family has ONE of which is pronounced the ruler over the country. Little did they know there was a malicious rebellion rising from the underground. One evening just as they were all sitting down to dinner, they were suddenly attacked, The palace being burned down as rebels rushed in and began to slaughter guards and servants who weren't involved in the said rebellion. Lady Fayth ran with three of the others, jumping out of the window. She ran as fast as she could, slipping on mud and falling over bodies. Witnessing the other three slaughtered in front of her eyes, she jumped into a river, keeping herself hidden in the muck and weeds as she traveled many miles downstream. Now she is having to survive on her own after having a sheltered life, along with avoiding the rebellion that is currently searching nonstop for her.

In ancient times a prophecy told of wars and ultimate death for the entire world. The Prophecy foretold that a war would come about the world, tearing it to pieces slowly but surely. It tells of the tragedy of what would happen to those who lived in these times, the demons that would erupt from the depths of hell to cover the skies in blood. It was a terrible ordeal. But the Prophecy also foretold of a solution. A young maiden would be infused with an ancient nature spirit who, upon awakening, would save the world. This young maiden was born the very day, hour, minute, and second that the war started. She was the one who could solve the problems, 18 years after she was born, by being sacrificed to the Gods at the very moment of her 18th birthday. The Prophecy was called the Butterfly effect, and that's precisely what it was. The girl held the Earth herself. Anything that happened to her happened to the world. And upon her death at the ceremonial place, the world would be reborn into perfection, and the war would be over. If she died prior, the world would be doomed to hell.

A girl was found and raised by a house of vampires. She still doesn't know their secrets; she just thinks they have ashen skin. The vampires don't want her to find out what they are, but then there is a new addition to the family, a boy who is very careless around the house about being a vampire. The girl starts to fall in love with the boy, and she doesn't know what to do, thinking that she shouldn't fall in love with a boy that was adopted in the family, but the family has a different reason. Will she end up loving the boy anyways? Will she get mad if she discovers the vampire's secrets?

There is a different world there are people that are called blood people because they have a diverse mix of blood ((ex. Vampire+werewolf+dragon+neko)) Some of the blood shows physically some doesn't ((ex. Vampire fangs+ dog tail+ dragon wings show physically while the Neko part is just blood)) They had never been to the human world, knowing they wouldn't belong. Generations back, a princess went to the human world. Generations later, the blood world needs a new heir on the throne, so they a guard to get the direct decedent of the princess back. The child acts as a healthy child; she goes to school and everything. She is oblivious of this other world as the rest of the human world, and now the guard has to convince her to come back before others come to take her life.

Undercover popstar

Their this rumor going on by a particular pop star, sure she gots the looks of an artist and the voice of a multi-million dollar superstar. But people think its just part of her cover. Her partner, who has been working with her since she first started her 'stage career' is curious about who she is, and finally, one night, he asks her ultimately knocking her off guard. so now what will she say to him

Two characters have been pen pals for years, never meeting and always stuck to the paper. But one day out of the blue one of the characters recognize the name of their pen pal being mentioned in a conversation and finds out their pen pal is in town for a couple of weeks. Now it's up to find out whether or not their friendship is genuine (especially if one of the characters has been keeping a big secret).

The boy is recovering from an ugly breakup, the girl smashing his heart completely. His friends are everything he has left, and they encourage him to get over her and move on to the next girl. However, the boy creates a wall around his heart, feeling somewhat safe now that nobody can reach him. But soon, he meets the new girl in town and starts liking her, from a distance, though. He finally gets to talk to her properly, and they start being friends, but the boy needs to sort out his feelings before moving to the next level. Is he ready to destroy the walls around him and give his heart to the girl, or will he stay in his heartache forever?

This is a story about two lovers that meet in college and eventually decide to move in together. Regardless of their love for each other, money is soon getting tight as they go through college and then get jobs. But life in New York tends to be chaotic, and with the pressure coming from their families, who are eager to become united and have grandchildren, the couple is forced to face the day when they question the strength of their relationship.

The girl's father is a wealthy man in the US, who tries to hide his family from the public eye. So, one summer, he decides to send her daughter to Croatia, for the whole summer holiday. She goes there happily and spends her time at a house on a Croatian island. But what happens when she falls in love with the hosts' son? The two are in love, but he is clueless when it comes to who she is. When the summer ends, the secret is finally broken as paparazzi flood the island, almost hunting her. The boy is mad at her, and so their romance ends as she leaves. But the next year, her father sends her there again. Will that be a chance for the two, or will they act as nothing happened?

It's about a troubled couple, two people who have been in love, but the affection dissolved. They're also quite different, he is the reserved type, and she is the hurricane, the one who fears nothing. Therefore, fights are frequent, but they usually get drunk afterward. Everything they had is destroyed, and they are resumed to the friends with benefits thing. But soon, their worried families open their eyes regarding the countless nights they got so drunk they forgot their names and the fights and the walking disasters that they have turned into. The couple realizes that they are at a dead-end and that their lives have changed completely, but while their parents forbid them to see each other anymore, they slowly realize that they do care about one another. They just have to find a way to turn their lives around and find the right direction again.

Pairings (General ideas we can brainstorm with)

Vampire x Human ((feeder policy or just a normal lust RP. can also be master x slave))
Vampire x Angel ((sort of like an arranged marriage))
Vampire x Werewolf ((sort of like an arranged marriage))
Adopted Brother x Vampire Sister
Angel/Demon Caught
Phoenix/Spring Sprite
Phoenix/Captor's Daughter
God/Goddess X Human
Lord of Hell (Overlord/Devil) X Human
Angel X Demon
Summoner X Summon Creature
Cheshire Cat X Human
Changling x other mythical beings
Vampire x other mythical beings
werewolf x other mythical beings
angel x other mythical beings
elf x other mythical beings
witch x other mythical beings
Centaur x other mythical beings
Neko/Kitsune x other mythical beings
Dragon x Dragon Slayer's Son
Dragon Queen x Dragon Slayer
Dragon Princess x Dragon Prince

Medevil Times/Feudal Era
Geisha/Leader of the household *
King/Widowed Queen
Loyal Follower/Prince *
Lord/Female Samurai
Female Lord/Samurai *
Princess x Prince
Princess x Maid
Princess x Butler
Prince x Knight
Prince x Unwed Queen
King x Unwed Queen
Sickly Prince(ess) x Healer
Prince(ss) x Maid/Servant
Geisha x Samurai
Geisha x Apprentice Geisha
Samurai x General's Daughter
Samurai x Female Samurai
Samurai x Female General
Solider x Captain
Solider x Wounded Enemy Captain
Solider x Wounded Solider
Recruiting Soldier x War Hero

Modern Day
Prince of the School/lonely girl
Teacher x Student
Business Woman x CEO
Pregnant Girlfriend/Girlfriend
President Son's/Rival's Daughter *
Celebrity x Publicist
Celebrity x Manager
Celebrity x Rival Celebrity
Actress x Actor
Actress x Actress
Actress x Retired Actor
Therapist x Client
Therapist x Therapist
Soldier x His/Her Husband/Wife
Idol x Rockstar
Rockstar x Female Rockstar
Female Rockstar x Choreographer
Female Rockstar x Longtime Friend
Rockstar x Band Member
Arranged Marriage
Nurse x Doctor
Nurse x Nurse
Nurse x Patient
Boss x Intern
Employee x Employee
Blind Girl x Blind Date
Model x Photographer
Ice Skater x Ice Skater
Ice Skater x Model
Ice Skater x Manager
Blind Dancer x Singer
Blind Ice Skater x Dancer
Blind Singer x Singer
Fashion Designer x Model.
Gang Member x Pregnant Girlfriend
Malifa Member x Pregnant Girlfriend
Bride to be x Pregnant Maid of Honor (yuri)
Pregnant Bride x Soon to be Husband. (arranged marriage, the pregnant one can also be male, if you want it to be)
Voice Actor x Non-Voice Actor
Cosplayer x Non-Cosplayer
Cosplayer x Magical Anime Girl come to life
Student/ Teacher
Loan shark/Victim
Rival Mafia's kids
Stepbrother step sister
Bad boy/Good girl
Wedding Escort x Bride to be
Wedding Manager x Bride
Photographer x Bride
Photographer x Pregnant Model

Sample 1
She shut her eyes as the pain increased, every note caused her voice to ache, and every note made the chains move faster and faster.

"Keep going my wonderful muse, soon as all those people below will fall into my grasp, and then no one will be able to take you away from me ever again."The man's voice was demanding here to keep and singing and try as she might to run away and break free from this unrelenting spiral; it never seemed to come true.

"Please release me, please." the young muse begged, allowing her eyes to open once more and glance at the man, he turned towards her, and she gasped, blood was cascading down the man's face and pooling on the tie that clipped around his neck. The man reached his hands out to her as if he was going to strangle her and she opened her mouth once more to speak, one of the chains grabbed her by her legs and pulled her out one of the stained glass windows, down and down she fell, tears running down her pale face as she shut her eyes tight

Then the young woman woke up, wrapped up in the soft silk sheets and her long silver hair wrapped around her, she shuddered as she reached her hand touching her face with her fingertips, the wounds that she had seen in her dream were gone and that nagging feeling was gone again. She turned her head hearing the sound of rushing footsteps as two young servants came rushing in, one was a slightly plump and elderly maid with thinning gray hair, and the other was a younger gentleman with dark black hair and kind gray eyes.

"Are you alright my lady, you were tossing and turning quite a lot in your sleep, was it a bad dream again?" he said kindly and moved to touch her, gently resting his hand against her shoulder. She welcomed his touch and leaned against him, shutting her eyes as she nodded her head quietly.

I shouldn't be having these dreams before my wedding day, perhaps they are trying to tell me the future again?" she asked as she looked at him and took a shaky breath.

Sample 2
You really love the feeling of my tongue licking the top of your big strong muscular cock don't you?"

a voice hissed in the mouth piece of a black cordless telephone the woman was barely clothed in a loose fitting night shirt with black lace and music notes that dotted down in between her chest, she looked around the size of a double dd with small freckles that could be seen through the sheer material of her shirt, she had her legs crossed left leg over the right leg with her jet black toenails pointed upwards towards the ceiling. Trailing downward a pair of booty shorts in babydoll blue hung at her hips, barely touching her belly button exposing the tattoo that marked on the right side of her navel. She was around the age of twenty with short tousled black hair that seemed to be coated with a shiny substance and her eyes were half closed hidden behind a pair of black rimmed glasses with butterflies dancing along the sides.

"Hmmm, am I turning you on or are you just happy to hear me."

She said leaning forward and pressing her right hand against the table, catching her tongue between her lips and sucking in hard. She could hear gentle moaning and hissing coming from the other side of the line and glanced up, her dark eyes meeting the man who sat across from her.

"You know we aren't even done yet and your already turned on, we are never ever going to get through this.." she said and her voice stopped and she sat up running her hand through her hair as she glared at the man and crossed her arms over her chest, shaking her head back and forth. "Honestly, I've been wanting to get through these voice acting sessions in one take and you automatically get so horny that I miss my chance for the slow and steady build up, the gamers aren't going to want to rush into it, we know our fanbase, we know they want." she said shaking her head again and plucked her glasses off with one finger and twirled them around Back and forth.

Sample 3
“You understand everything you agreed upon correct? No physical contact or affection and your not allowed to mention my name or how ask me when we’re done how I’m feeling? If things get too uncomfortable we stop ok .” Victor asked stepping behind the woman as she turned her gaze towards him and slowly nodded her head “I’m going to put the blind fold on you and tie your wrists up.” He told her picking the blindfold up off his desk and walking behind her, slipping it over her eyes and tying it snuggly. Her wrists were next and he frowned for a moment drawing his fingertip across her pulse point for a few moments “Relax, I’m going to harm you, I’ll take it slow and easy at first and then speed up.” He said his voice trembling as he finished tying her wrist and turned her around, so her entrance was facing him.

He took a deep breath as he placed his cock against his entrance and slowly entered her, feeling her walls contract against him and let out the breath he was holding before slowly moving his hips back and forth inside her, letting out low groans of pleasure. Same as always, doesn’t matter if the woman’s a blonde or brunette they always seem to want to crave sex in some way or another. That’s all this is, sex is just something we need To survive, right? Victor thought to himself hearing small moans coming from the girl, his breath hitched for a moment, sweat already beginning to slowly trickle down his face and onto his shirt

Fuck, I've forgotten how sick I've been lately, guess I can’t keep up as much as I used too he thought lightly chastising his own stupidity before grunting as he finally managed to climax inside her and slumped against her, his head resting against her shoulder. They were both standing near the window at this point, his cock still inside her with her chest pressed against the curtains
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Apr 18, 2020
Hello, I’m Yuki! I’d be interested in rping with you. I’m 20+, female and bi. Prefer to play bottom or switch and to roleplay anime. We have many of the same fandoms, which is great. (Bnha, VK, DRRR. , Yoi and of course HP.
Hoping to hear from you! ^^


Mar 14, 2020
Mostly looking for discord roleplays, so I apologize if that isn't something you enjoy
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