Seeking dom partners for dub-con/non-con RP


Jul 10, 2019
Hey there! I'm Luna, thrilled to be here, happy to meet you! I'm presently looking for partners to roleplay over PMs. This is my first stab at a request thread so I suspect I'll be coming back and revising it obsessively, trying to get it just right. For now, here's the big picture:

My favorite kinks include (in no particular order) degradation, public humiliation, misogyny, forced costumes/slutwear/lingerie, forced lesbianism, forced prostitution, slut-shaming, blackmail, objectification, bimbofication, gangbangs, hair-pulling and face-slapping, dirty talking, piercings/tattoos/body writing, watersports, bestiality and monster sex, incest, collars and leashes, dub-con and non-con, mind-breaking and endings that leave my character hopelessly destroyed with no chance of ever living a normal life again.

Some of these, especially bathroom play and bestiality, might not be your cup of tea. That's fine. It's a list of things I enjoy, not a checklist. I don't expect every single one of these and more to show up in a single RP anyway. (Though if we can pull it off together, color me impressed.)

I have very few hard limits. They are: death, gore, vore, extreme age play (diapers, pretending to be a baby, etc), futa, and calling doms "Daddy." I apologize to the futa folks, you're lovely people in my experience but it just isn't my kink. The "Daddy" thing I bring up because it's very popular and because of stuff in my RL that i won't get into, it's just not a thing I can do (instant ice-cold turnoff).

I only roleplay in third person. I've tried first-person but it just doesn't work for me, apologies if that's a deal-breaker for you. Third gives me more leeway for description (and lets me play multiple characters if necessary, which I'm happy to do.)

Story ideas? I have some! Here are my currently open plots as of time of posting. If you see something you like, send me a PM and we'll talk!

The Office Bitch
Let’s not mince words. She’s a bitch. Hated and feared in equal measure by her inferiors, tolerated by her superiors only because she has a track record for getting results. One of the men in her office (it could be a rival, an underling, even an intern or the company janitor) has a special loathing for her. And then, he discovers her secret.

Maybe he loses his temper, snaps at her, and her reaction is…unexpected, and telling, though she tries to cover for it. Maybe he finds out about her office-computer visits to a website filled with vile misogynist porn. The feared executive is a closet submissive, secretly aching to be brought to heel by a strong man. And so begins a noble quest: to turn the office bitch into the kind of bitch everyone loves – the kind that crawls on all fours, wears a dog collar, and has been thoroughly trained for obedience.

There are a few ways this could play out; either directly, with the hero confronting her, or more subtly, as he undermines her authority and tempts her into greater and greater acts of submission, until she’s begging to be put in her proper place. He could taunt her from a distance at first, either blackmailing her or simply terrorizing her, via anonymous emails, with the knowledge that one of her co-workers knows her secret. And he expects her to perform for him. One way or another, eventually she may find herself in the CEO’s office, begging to be demoted to a more appropriate job role for someone like her. Secretary, perhaps, or receptionist, so she can properly serve her male superiors.

Make me a Bimbo?
She’s a librarian, an intellectual, a feminist, and she’s spent her life in pursuits of culture and the mind. Still. When she sees a woman objectifying herself, dripping with sex appeal, pleasing eager men, part of her…part of her wants to know what that feels like.

Then she meets him. Every time she sees him, it seems like he has a different girl on his arm (or two at once) – giggling, bleach-blonde bimbos, dressed like they belong on a street corner. They dote on him, desperate to please. They obey him. Her curiosity, and her unsated hungers, grow until she builds up the nerve to talk to him. And then, it slips out. She wants to be a bimbo.

And so begins her education. Teaching her how to be an object, a slut, a plaything who lives for the pleasure of men. And what she tells herself is just an experiment becomes her one-way slide into depravity, humiliation and lust.

I’m seeing this as a little twist on typical bimbofication; there’s no mind-control involved, her intelligence isn’t actually being reduced, she’s a smart woman being trained (with punishment, if necessary) to behave like a slutty airhead and forced to conceal her brains. She’ll get used to it; when properly breaking down a whore-in-the-making, her self-respect has to be the first thing to go.

(Also, a variation if you’re interested: what if she was a school librarian, or even a teacher, begging to submit to one of her own students? A respected educator by day, and by night, spreading her legs on command and degrading herself for the amusement of her young master and his friends. She might even look cute in a school uniform or a cheerleader's outfit.)

Trophy of Conquest
There was once an adventurer – strong, bold, glorious and beautiful, swift and deadly on the battlefield. She was so successful at slaughtering her chosen enemy (perhaps teeming, sadistic goblins, perhaps brutal and feral gnolls) that the humanoids’ fell god turned his gaze upon her. He filled her dreams with images of defeat, of submission, stroking his unholy fingertip across her clit as he forced her to witness her subjugation and punishment at the hands of those she once waged war against.

Then came a plea for help. Some farm-girls had been taken by a raiding band of humanoids. Of course, she couldn’t refuse, no heroine could. And then – seeing the hostages held at knife-point – the weight of her dreams spurs her into the worst decision of her life. She offers herself up in their place.

And now her erotic nightmares are all about to come true, and then some. The tribe has their most hated, most dangerous enemy, as a prisoner. As a slave. They can rape her, torture her, make her scream and beg. They can make her dance for their amusement at the crack of a whip. Cook and serve them food, clean their camp. They can use her for a cocksleeve. They can use her for a toilet. She is their trophy of conquest, a sign of their dark god’s blessing.

She will be taught to worship him. And she will be taught to worship her masters. And when they parade her in chains before the townsfolk who once revered her, she will know the meaning of shame.

Taming a Sorceress
For a powerful sorceress, very little is impossible. The haughty and cruel magician has the fear of the populace, vast wealth…but her bed is empty. Hard to take a lover when all the eligible bachelors are either terrified of you or want you dead, or both. So she turns to the dark arts, and a spell intended to conjure an infernal, perfect lover, under her absolute command.

Too bad she translated it wrong.

The spell actually calls out to one particular demon, and he doesn’t pleasure women. He destroys them. He is Hell's slave-master, Hell's cunt-breaker, and he tames and trains damned souls to be sold to wealthy demon-princes, underworld brothels, or as performers in an infernal circus. And now she’s opened herself to him. He is going to break her pride, crush her spirit, teach her to take pleasure from pain and degradation, until she has been remade as a properly humbled piece of fuck-meat.

There are a few ways this story could go; I had the notion that she believes the spell failed when in fact, he’s there – invisible to her, and capable of whispering sordid suggestions into her mind and the minds of those around her, influencing her dreams and waking thoughts, as well as toying with her libido. Sending her into heat at the worst moments, steering her into humiliating and dangerous situations, exposing her to ridicule and lust. Gradually corrupting her until he barely needs to push, until she’s accepted that she’s a worthless whore who deserves punishment and hard use. Only then will he openly reveal himself – and his whip. Her training has just begun.
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