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Feb 9, 2019
Hello, you can call me Doe! I'm in my 20s, a student, and a proud cat mom. I write multiple paragraphs/novella style (200-500+ words). I love to write detailed descriptions and delve into a character’s head/emotions as well as surroundings. I compare it to writing a novel together.

I understand if the scene doesn’t have alot going on and therefore requires less. I adore having long, thoughtful replies where we truly immerse ourselves in the world. I'm hoping to find a partner whose as enthusiastic and passionate about the plot and writing as I am. When I get invested in a story, it’s 100% dedication. Getting a reply is the highlight of my day.

I'm a big fan of romance and using face claims. I’m the type to make pinterest boards, spam you with gifs, headcanons, and send you songs that remind me of our characters and/or ship. I'll get excited if we come up with a great plot idea or if our characters are being cute or going to get into trouble. I live for this kind of stuff honestly.

Last but not least I only do MxF and don’t double, but I’m more than happy to write side characters of either gender to help move the story along. I'd prefer female authors writing male characters but male writers are fine too.

Desperately Searching For

- 21+ partners

- For you to have an excellent grasp of grammar, punctuation, spelling, and capitalization. Both in character and out of character. (Literate to advanced writers only, please. I'm not looking for newbies).

- Plot before smut. While mature themes will be in my plots, and are even encouraged, there needs to be a good chemistry between our characters. I like to have a good mix of plot and smut, along with doses of angst and fluff.

- For you to write as an older male. I'm a sucker for the gruff and tough men who secretly have a soft heart. I also love those grumpy, hypermasculine men being intimidated by darling, soft yet commanding, and pretty women.

- The more description, the better! I'm looking for someone can write as much as me (2 to 4 paragraphs or more) and really bring the story to life. I lose interest if I'm the only one that's invested/enthusiastic or coming up with plot ideas. Quality writing makes my heart happy.

- The use of real life face claims and joining me in the wonderful world of ship/character development isn't a requirement but I'd sure be delighted if we were on the same page in this regard. (I won't use anime faces, only art if you're uncomfortable with real life)

- Someone who won't leave without warning or explanation after sending the first post. I'm looking for the long term here, and I have been greatly saddened by how many partners have left me high and dry recently.

If you've made it this far, thank you! You won't be disappointed in writing with me. I tend to be online daily and I'd like it if you were too. Please let me know if you're going to be inactive, long days/weeks of silence make me nervous.

Below are genres and pairings I love. Feel free to combine two or more and I’m sure we can come up with something great!

  • anything mafia related
  • crimes in remote locations
  • small towns and supernatural happenings
  • post apocalyptic/dystopia
  • supernatural/modern fantasy (werewolves, shapeshifters, a/b/o dynamic and everything that comes with it, monster x hunter)
  • southern/mid western/gothic
  • murder mystery (small town or big city)
  • western inspired/weird west (supernatural and fantasy elements)
  • modern/dark fairy tale retellings
  • sci-fi/cyberpunk
  • little coastal towns or little towns in the mountains
  • emotionally charged/dark and gritty
  • superpowers/gifted
  • unresolved sexual tension/slow burn
  • mythology (modern / hades x persephone)
  • redemption
  • action
  • fake dating
  • pacific northwest
  • suburban gothic

  • age gaps (older man x younger woman)
  • enemies to lovers
  • cop x criminal
  • doctor x patient
  • friends turned lovers/pining
  • grumpy x sunshine
  • the broken man x the woman that becomes his light
  • fbi agents/cop partners
  • dark hearted man melting for the innocent woman
  • reunited old lovers and/or friends
  • boss x employee
  • neighbors
  • firefighter/cop x victim
  • mentor x mentee
  • spies
  • hurt/comfort
  • height differences
  • pet names
  • lady and the tramp esque
  • creature x human (I'm always up for NSFW things while in their beast form.)
  • ex-con x anyone
  • detective x witness
  • detective x suspect
  • person in witness protection x anyone
  • bodyguard x assignment
  • widow/er falling in love again
  • outlaw x schoolteacher
  • biker x doctor
  • biker x civilian
  • rancher/trapper/mountain man x city girl
  • interracial relationships
Tropes: the papa wolf (craving), badass baritone, cultured badass, jerk with a heart of gold. ladykiller in love, mountain man, mysterious protector, southern gentleman, tall, dark, and handsome, gentleman criminal

Plot Ideas: (these are just suggestions and if you have other ideas I'd like to hear them)

1. age gap + height difference + modern supernatural + werewolf x human + dark hearted man melting for the innocent woman

A mentor x mentee pairing where the mentee has been a victim of some sorts and that's why they’re taken under the wing of the mentor. I'm picturing a guy capable of towering over most men and also knocking most men out, but with a soft spot (that takes a bit to uncover) for his mentee.

He's a retired hitman, but such profession is nothing you can retire from. He's living out in a small town, keeping to himself and being the local town grump. Something happens to her, something horrible that makes her want to do something even though she is normally the sunshine in everyone's life, and through contacts she is given the address to a man who can teach her. (more to the plot available upon request)

2. age gap + spy x spy + modern supernatural + werewolf x coyote shapeshifter

He has already been secretly hired by the US government to investigate this mysterious, new criminal organization. It would be at her first mission and already aware she will be working alongside a more experienced, freelancer agent. We could start with them meeting at the airport and we can go from there.

3. Muse A is a infamous criminal and Muse B is a FBI agent. Muse B has been helping Muse A take out their competition. They could kill each other but would die for each other. (Based on The Blacklist)

Fandoms: (Will only do oc x oc/characters inspired by canon pairings)

Star Wars, X Files, Haven, The Blacklist, Fringe, Zoo, Stranger Things, Heroes, The Wolf Among Us, The Walking Dead, Mercy Thompson Series, True Blood, Stephen King's Universes, Red Dead Redemption, Marvel

(Last but not least, I have a list of kinks if anyone's interested)


Age Differences

Bestiality (for humanoid monsters/supernatural creatures only)


Body Hair



Facial Hair / Beards


Muscular Characters

Older Characters

Possessiveness / Jealousy


Taller Characters

Vanilla Sex

Very Muscular Characters

Rough Sex

Bath - Shower - Rain Scenes

Tattoos & Scars

Hair Pulling

Women Wearing Men's Clothing (Borrowing a shirt, jacket, etc.)

Outdoor Sex




Sexual Frustration

Natural Musk

First/Second Perspective


Sex focused plots





Younger Characters


Drug Abuse



Teacher x Student/Master x Slave
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Feb 8, 2019
Hi Doe,

I've just read your post and I believe that we might become excellent writing partners.

I, just as you do, love to immerse myself in a scenario. When I have found a suitable writing partner, I become immersed in thinking about MC and his reaction to YC's thoughts, feelings, and actions. I enjoy using deeply descriptive writing to reveal MC's thoughts and feelings so that you can understand his motivation and drive... For me, plot development with solid characterization is key. Similarly, I love knowing what YC is thinking and feeling - that feels almost voyeuristic! (And besides, it helps me to write a follow up post that moves the plot along.)

Because I truly love to become immersed in a scenario, I tend to prefer modern-day, realistic scenarios... I suspect that you might call them "romantic"? And yes, as an older male playing an older man against a younger woman/girl can be quite erotic. Age-play and other scenarios which have a power dynamic are quite hot to me: The taboo nature and crossing of boundaries is pure kink to me. My preference is that the protagonists' boundaries both have their walls slowly eroded away. They both initially resist the taboo relationship, yet both slowly succumb to the other. The push-pull hesitation between the two is captivating. Although I'm a natural Alpha in RL, I'm a true switch. I'm already thinking that a scenario in which MC (older, more powerful man?) is topped from below by YC?

I've never played on this platform before but I'm willing to give it a try. My preference is for us to write via email: [email protected]

I'd love for us to chat about writing together. I'm very open to your thoughts...

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