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Aug 24, 2019

(It would be best to read this over PC due to the format)

Hello! You can call me Nia. I've been roleplaying for four years (And English is not my first language) so there's a lot of room for improvement, but if you're not picky with your partners you should give me a chance :). I'm always willing to brainstorm ideas that I find interesting so feel free to PM me! Heads up, I might be a bit awkward while discussing the first draft of the idea we might be doing. Sometimes I like establishing the basic idea of the story first before going full detail.

Update: I'm busy IRL so my replies might be sporadic depending on my availability and inspiration.
Lately I've been craving more plot-centered roleplays and detailed stories so I can improve my writing.
Just in case anyone was wondering, I am a lesbian IRL so the only time I'll be writing smut against a male character is when I'm also roleplaying a male (It's weird, I know, but oh well.)
I only roleplay in threads, but I do have discord I only use for discussions. (PM me to get my user.)
If you want pictures in our roleplay, I am fine with the use of semi-realistic paintings and real people (Please no celebrities or anime/hentai.)
Same goes for gifs
Reply length can be discussed for certain scenes (Do you want a more dynamic interaction and require shorter responses? Worry no more! We'll just shorten it!) But my default preference is detailed responses.

I'm always open to change things in a roleplay and will tell you if I am not okay with something, so tell me every idea that's on your mind and I'll do the same so we can create a fun story for both of us!
Doesn't matter whether you're telling me an idea in general or smut-focused one, there will be no judgement here.


Communication. Someone willing to talk about the plots and outcomes before and during the roleplay.
I'm only looking to play against female characters (I don't care about your gender IRL.)
It doesn't matter how many paragraphs you write, but I do expect at least one.
If you get bored of the RP, want to change the way it's going or don't like something, don't hesitate to tell me.


Characters I play

My characters' personalities vary on the plot. They can be ever-shining rays of sunshine, unhinged stalkers and everything in-between
I can play female, male and futa characters.
I'm okay with playing almost any race: humans, angels, devils, werewolves, vampires, anthros, elves, tieflings etc.
If you want to change something like the way they look or their personality feel free to suggest it to me
I don't RP characters like tentacles, goblins or anything that's similar to them.
I can play female, male and futa characters.

Character Preference

I'm open to roleplaying against vast personalities, but these are hard NOs from me:

I'm not fond of characters that are disgusted by the thought of sex or feel guilty/humiliated after it
The "pillow princess" types where my character does all the work. Few scenes is fine, but not the entire RP.




Game of Thrones (I don't like playing already existing characters but I love this series' world)

Modern (I will get bored of Modern unless some supernatural aspects are added. Could be anything.)









Slow burn and instant hook-ups

[I love both, whether our characters are painfully teasing each other, only hinting at sexual attraction or straight up throwing themselves at each other. It varies from plot to plot.


[I prefer having at least one character fall in love with the other, it doesn't matter if their love isn't returned right away as long as they both fall in love at some point.]


[The character didn't break up properly with their ex? Is caught between two characters and now has to chose? Even the simplest of problems like having a character's sibling crush on their partner can add some spice to the story and plot. As for cheating, it will have to be discussed.]

Plot within a plot

[I thoroughly enjoy writing a story with a complicated plot or that has more than one plot. Main reason why I love brainstorming ideas.]


[Are our characters not allowed to be with each other? Maybe the thought of their relationship being forbidden is what makes them fall in love in the first place. Whatever it is, as soon as they're in the same room everyone will feel the sexual tension between them...and them not able to keep their eyes off each other isn't helping.]

Rivals to Lovers

[Good ol' "Hatred turns to love" trope.]

Polyamorous relationships

[Not a must. It's just something that's fun to me.]

More will be added.


✧ Click Here for all of my kinks ✧

Overall Naughtiness[Receive & Give][Talking dirty, sucking on fingers, light bites, kisses and touches on erogenous zones.]
Humping/Grinding[Receive & Give][Grinding against a crotch, thigh, edge of a bed, armrest, anything YC can find.]
Teasing [Receive & Give][A little bit of teasing never hurt anyone.]
Uppity[Receive & Give][I loooove when characters give remarks and snarky comments or are overall confident and not afraid to put up a fight in order to tease MC or rile them up.]
Strap-ons [Give]
Spanking[Receive & Give][Just like with bite marks, I love handprints.]
Light/Heavy bondage[Receive & Give]
Orgasm control[Receive & Give]
Biting[Receive & Give][Bite marks are a lovely sight.]
Begging[Receive & Give][But not excessive.]
BDSM [Receive & Give][I expect some romance in these types of relationship.]
Orgasm Denial[Receive & Give]
Pleasuring Over Clothes[Receive & Give][Placing kisses or sucking over panties/bulges.]
Messy Blowjobs[Receive][Saliva or cum, doesn't matter to me.]
Threesomes (FFM, FFF, MMF)[Receive & Give][I prefer playing the males if there are any.]
Jealousy[Receive & Give]
Masks[Receive & Give][Doesn't matter if it's used during sex or not.]
Werewolves[Give][I find knotting interesting, especially if there's a change in human anatomy so it's possible in their human form.]
Oral[Receive & Give]
Roughhousing/Wrestling[Receive & Give]
Clothed Sex[Either when doing it in a rush or somewhere where they can't be seen.]
Piercings and Tattoos[There are some piercings I find disturbing (Just message me if you want to know) but I find most hot, especially nipple ones.]
Public Scenes
Sex Toys
Size/Height Differences
Photography / Videography
Sexual Frustration





Oct 11, 2019
somewhere serene
Hi there and a warm welcome from another non-english girl! You have to admire the effort you put into your introduction. I even feel a little bad for basically just writing "hi" in mine. Anyway, have fun around here.


Aug 24, 2019
Hi there and a warm welcome from another non-english girl! You have to admire the effort you put into your introduction. I even feel a little bad for basically just writing "hi" in mine. Anyway, have fun around here.
Hello! Thank you for your kind words :) ! The introduction was from another site I'm on so I had to change the format to fit this site, but I'm overjoyed you had fun reading it.
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