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Mar 17, 2022
Good evening,

You may call me Cyanide or CK. I have a few ideas that I would love to bounce around with someone willing to put in a little effort with me. This isn't the first time that I have role-played. I have been on a long running email list from way back in the day that is still going strong till this day. This is however, my first time here. Care to pop my forum cherry?

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Bi

Role: Submissive, Dominate, or Switch. I like them all and as a natural, I am well versed.

Perspective: 3rd, an occasional 2nd person. Honestly English was not my first language so at times I forget the perspective and which is which. Please do not hold it against this poly-goat.

Looking for:
I have desires that are on the darker side of the tracks. Murders, mystery, bondage, sado/masc, maybe even an unaliving of a character or two. Master/Sub with things that makes a grown man fearful. Intense scenes with violence ratings above movie standards.

Oh the flip side, I also have desires for the soft fluffy romances. Flowers, cards, remembering special dates, being an outstanding gentleman. Knight in armor if you will. The things that Hallmark looks for during their Christmas specials.

If those aren't a forte that you want just by themselves, we can mix a bit of both worlds. I am very flexible.

Gender: MxM Please, as I am elbows deep in ladies. Sometimes figuratively, sometimes it's just good business. However, if asked nicely I might make exceptions.

Plot pairings I would like:

Demonic entity/ Unsuspecting practitioner
Sadistic vampire/ Over zealous follower
Murder/ Detective
High school sweetheart/ Celebrity neighbor- this one might need a little explaining, they have been friends since high school and started sneaking around and trying things, when one becomes famous, the other must be put in hiding so no one else knows the celebrity's secrets.
ex-local/ local

If any of these pairings catches your fancy and you have a bit of a plot you'd like to work out for writing, then please message me. I like to write minimum of 3 paragraphs with high levels of detail. I try my best at spelling and using my wits to make for an easy flow while reading. I will try to respond daily, but with my work schedule sometimes it might be a day or two. Rotations are not the best. If I have caught your fancy then feel free to message me.
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