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Jan 26, 2019
Hello all and welcome to the best shop ever~! :3

Where you can't really buy anything... BUT you can find my ideas for rp's! XD

I do both NSFW and SFW rp's, if you have just an story you wanna do le tme know, if it's cool we can do it even if don't involve any smut.
Here a few things: I can do both fandom and original rp's, I can play both seme, uke, Dominant or not if the role is interesting enough (I do like to be mean hehe c:< ). I do have some dyslexia, so often I type things wrong and even if I go through again the text some stuff may escape me so I hope it won't be an issue :c .
Don't worry if you take time to reply, I won't hunt you down or anything of the sort, I want us to take our time and enjoy the rp but if you not happy with it anymore it's okay, just tell me 'kay? :D
I reply almost everyday or whenever I can when I'm busy, also I like long rp's but I can do short ones too so you don't have to worry of me 'dropping out' on you without you knowing.

If anyone wanna contact me, just pm me :3

English is my second language so I try my best to write everything right so if you don't understand something or want me to rewrite please let me know.

That being said I'm not good at making very big posts, I can do it tough if I'm inspired and the person gives me good stuff to work with :p and I HATE HATE HATE one liners >:S (Unless we agreed on it or if there is not much 'room' to reply then I guess short posts are fine :eek: )

As for kinks:
What I don't do at all is:
Snuff (cutting of stuff is...ewgh )
Mpreg (It's just...weird for me, I tried before no. )
Fisting (no, it no )
Gore (Unless is something that add to the story)

What I do like a lot is:
Big Sub and Small Dom (An dlittle guy dominating a stronger bigger one is cool to me)
Humiliation (Can be even public but the type who is just when they are 'playing' and after it's done they cuddle and love each other xD)
Power play (Yes bossing the other around...I like that)
Bdsm (yes I like being tied and tying people up in rp's >:p)
Cumflation (In fantasy can happen...I find it hot...hah xD)

Sooooooooooo that being said if you didn't run away yet (cause I'll CHASE YOU! @[email protected] xD )
Here the plots, if it has a heart by the side I really wanna do it :)


I'm don't know many animes, more of a gamer guy, but if the plot is interest we can try, we can do either with actual characters from the anime or game as well do some OC's in that universe, that works c:

That being said here is a few pairings and ideas I have for fandom stuff but even if you don't see something you like, still talk to me, maybe we can come with something.

(Either with the characters or just in the universe, I did start one that I never got to finish, it was about an young man found and raised in the village and then training with his partners and the two fall in love with him, trying to one man up each other to see who he would like more :p )

A more funny rp, I love that anime and we can just be silly on it too ya know :p

My Hero Academia
I never really watched it but the whole concept of heroes and villains there is really cool to me :)

Full Metal Alchemist
Alchemists and can even go to the creepy side...enough said! xD

Rising of the Shield Hero
Great series and stories, would love to roleplay either as the heroes or even make some new stuff in that world as well, I'm always up to brainstorming and coming up with a cool rp! :D

Fairy Tail
Let's make a guild and then fuck everyone! Joke...well...we'll see... xD

Dragon Ball
Vegeta x Goku, Trunks x Goten, 17 x Trunks

There ar evarious pairing too, we can come up with something or maybe go ahead and do OC's xD

Final Fantasy
There is a few pairings that interest me like
Cloud x Zack (can't find apairing with Sephiroth 'fun' rly) , Reno x Rude, Seifer x Squall (Or Zell or maybe both xP) , Zidane x Kuja,
Jetch/ Auron x Braska, Balthier/Basch x Vaan. Noct x Prompto. (Or some 'weird' other pairing if wanna pull a Dissidia like setting xD)

Resident Evil
Chris x Piers, Leon x Krauser, Wesker x Chris

Samurai Warriors/Dynasty Warriors/Warriors Orochi
There is like...a LOT of people so we can certainly think of an interesting pairing to do xD

Devil May Cry
Dante x Vergil, Nero x Dante.

Alucard x Richter, (or we can do any vampire and a Belmont too xD)

Street Fighter
Ken x Ryu, Ken x Dan, Guile x Ryu, Akuma x Ryu/Ken, Yun x Yang, Hugo x Poison, Ed x Bison, Cody x Guy

King of Fighters
Kyo x Iori, Benimaru x Kyo, Kyo x Shingo, Ralf x Clark, Ash x Shen/Duo, Yashiro x Chris, Alba x Soiree, Terry x Rock, Jhun x Kim

Yu x Yusuke/Kanji, Minato x Shinji, Akihiko x Shinji, Minato x Junpei, Joker x Ryuji

Fire Emblem
Byleth x Dimitri, Byleth Claude, Sylvain x Felix, Ashe x Felix, Caspar x Lin, Seteth x Byleth
Chrom x Robin, Keaton x Kaden, Owain (Odin) x Inigo (Laslow), Grima x Chrom
Saizo x Niles, Takumi x Leo, Dwyer x Corrin, Forrest x Corrin


Incubus Harem (Incubus x Other characters) ❤
An Incubus got so bored after defeating the king of Hell and fucking him senseless before grabbing all his powers and a relic that gave him power to travel to another dimensions, which sparkeld an idea on his mind, now he travel through worlds making to most 'brave' and 'strongest' warriors his pets, to fuck whenever he wants. (think one could be a fandom too, he could go ahead fucking random characters from animes :p )

You summoned me, now you deal with it! (Human x Incubus) ❤
A guy wanted to summon a succubus to be his devil girlfriend but ends up summoning an Incubus instead, since he went through all the toruble he ends up having sex with the demon, but he didn't knew that after doing that he stole the demon powers and sealed a contract with him. Unknown to him this dmeon was a fugitive and had other demons after him wanting to kill him, now the guy not only has to take care of the demon but fight these guys that were after him as well....wich by fight he had to have sex with them because they were all incubus as well.

You will be mine...even if I have to buy the world for you! ( Rich Person x Dancer)❤
A very rich man came to the club one night because something horrible happened to him that night to get drunk, some dancers approached him clearly wanting something from him since everyone knew what a rich guy he was, but a kind young man came to check on him since he looked so sad and spent time with him before taking him home to make sure he would be safe. The rich man was so drunk he didnt even remember the guy face , so when he went back to the club he was surprised to see the guy who helped him was one of the dancers but always kept a mask on, so no one would see his face. Even tough the man tried over and over again but the dancer didn't seemed 'interested' at all no matter how many gift or money he was offered, wich only fueled the rich man desires to have him all to himself.

I'm here now young master... (Butler x Sick Master) (devil butler works too)
A young man was unfortunate to been born with a sickness that made his body weak so he can't really go outside by himself, he grew sad and lonely only having the servants company as his father barely stayed at home being an important person and working a lot. So his father hired a butler to take care of his son every need, finding hard to have aloyal one because a few left after a while since they had to be there veryday and look after the young man whenever he needed, the servants clearly didnt make it easier as well as they were always checking to see if they were doing his job right, simply because they cared for the young master.
He hoped this 'special' butler he hired would be able to take care of his son needs.

Let's see if young manster will continue to be a brat... (Butler x Spoiled Master)
None of the servants could deal anymore with the son of a rich man, which was very spoiled and a brat to every butler that came to work in the house, until the father decided to get a 'special' one and gave him all the power to 'discipline' his son while he was away on a trip. The butler clearlynot like nay other would show the young master what he does with conceited people like him but also learn why he started becoming this way as well.

Time to defeat the Dark Lord...and make him my bitch! (Adventurer x Demon/Party) ❤
A powerful adventurer was tired because the king always sent someone annoying after him a she apparently wnated something, he decided to go check it out so the king would stop bothering him but then learns from the man that there is an"Evil Dark Lord" doing things on his kingdom, he decides not to do anything...until he is shown an image of the dark lord.
Licking his lips he nodded saying he was going to 'take care' of the demon, already imagining all the thing he would do to him after he found him, so he takes a few members for his harem...I mean 'party' to go hunt the demon.

Wait...YOU are my cat!? (Human x Neko (could be any other kind of animal too))
A young man lived alone in his house and felt really lonely, that's why he didn't mind when he was offered a cat by a stranger, he thought it was weird but felt to leave the poor thing alone as well so he took it home...clearly to his surprise he wasn't expecting to find this cute cat turneing into a sexy man with cat ears and tail, now he has to hide this sexy man and take care so no one discovers this 'wonderful' creature.

Saving the spell at time! (Knight x Mage) ❤
Mages for along time been treated as slaves and were kept separated in another city by the king, even tough they are pirsoners they live normal lives in their city, but with their powers sealed they have no choice but to do what the king orders them to, otherwise they meet a dark end.
One top knight is designed togo to the city and choose one of the mages to help him defeat an evil dragon, being the mos tloyal knight he agrees even tough he didn't want the mage's help. After traveling for a while he sees the king isn't a nice person as he wa smade out to be and how life was hard for the mage...he slowly fall in love with the mage and who knows what would be born from that? Maybe he would just keep him as servant...or maybe help free the mages? Up to the knight.

From Kidnaper to best friend. (Bandit x Rich Person)
A certain bandit was known for kidnapping rich people and making a lot of money from asking money to return them, altough no one never knew the young man name or what he did with all the money, this time though he was like as he found a random person...actually the son of a very rich lord who ran away from home for reasons he didn't knew, but he saw the perfect opportunity to make more money...unknown to him his parents didn't exactly 'want' him back.

I always take what's mine...that includes you! (Psycho x Cop)
A dangerous psycho that was known for his fair share of crimes was on the loose and actually grew 'bored' of the cops since they never managed to even find his motto and what linked the cases of the crimes he did...that is until a new investigator joined the police from another state (or country) and didn't take long to track the guy down. But being new did nothing for him as the force was too 'proud' to go what the newbie said and ignored what his leads as the man decided to go after the psycho by himself, the psycho impressed by being found decided to have 'fun' with his cop and ultimately 'own' his entire being.

Could fate be any more cruel? (Vampire x Hunter) ❤
Two young vampire lovers lived in peace in a village along with the humans, they never had any problems until a hunter appeared, bothered how these people did not see the 'danger' of the vampires, he used his tools to make one of them go 'crazy' and lose control wich gave the excuse to kill the other vampire. The 'crazy' vampire lost all control when he saw his lost lover dead and proceeded to kill everyone including the hunter before going into hiding. Now after so many years have passed another hunter appeared...but some cruel play of the destiny it had the same face as his old lover....was him his reincarnation or just someone who looked alike?

Romeo and Juliet 2.0 (Son of a gang leader x son of chief cop)
The son of a gang leader unlike his father is not an evil or uncaring guy but was kinda of 'forced' to be in the gang since his father was the leader, wich he didn't care much until he meet the son of the police chief, even tough he was not aware of the fact they fell for each could just wonder what is gonna happen when they discover who they are sons of.

Sweet Revenge (Master x Butlers)
A young man used to work in a mansion where he grew up with his mother and after she passed away started working there, the other butlers tough did not make his life easy and soon he grew to hate the place and left after he thought it was too much for him to bear. Years later he got the shocking news that the master of the house was actually his father and the reason he was treated so 'well' compared to the other butlers even tough he was not the best butler. Now he comes as the master of the whole house since he was the only child the man ever he not only owned everything the man had but the butlers as well, now he could have his 'revenge' making the butlers suffer like he did.

Playing with Angels and Devils. (Angel x Devil)
One would think the devils usually are the 'evil' ones but that is different to certain angels, they could be worse than any devil when dealing with prisoners from Hell...this one angel in particular was found of making devil suffer but this one demon was so interesting, had such a strong will that he was going to enjoy to make him his willing pet to show off to all the other demons and angels.

Mind Healing...or maybe domination? (Doctor x Patient)
A young man been having some problems for so long that he was sent to an asylum, no medic managed to help him, until a certain doctor came along, he really cared for his patients but for some reason bounded more with this one, deciding to do hisbest for him to heal but unaware he was also falling for the young man....what would he do once he sees that he is healing and they might never see each other again? The doctor lost so many people in his life...that he became obsessed...and wasnt going to ''lose'' this one as well.

Teacher Secret Job (Student x Techar) ❤
The student already had the 'hots' for his teacher and often annoyed him to get his attention, then one day he decided to follow him because he was acting strange being in such a hurry, he followed him to an adult club, wich he found really weird and when following him inside he saw a beautiful man with a mask on, dancing for everyone...wich looked real familiar.
He followed him to the back and noticed it was his teacher...wich to him was just great, now he could make him do whatever he want or he would tell everyone his secret.

Artificial Life (Experiment x Experiment)
An young man was 'created' in a lab and never knew anything besides it's white walls and only interacted with the scientists that barely paid him attention, he was a very lonely being until a new subject appeared, he wondered who this person was, apparently he was 'caught', he wondered who it was and what he would do now that he was there.

You have to stay together! (Band Members x Manager)

They were the pop sensation and made a lot of money but lately the band was having a bad time, arguing alot and they were clearly wanting to end the band, the manager though panicked as he needed the money, after all he was in deep debt and couldn't let his 'golden egg chicken' die, so he offered them to do ANYTHING for them...even if meant they using his body for 'stress relieving' if they wanted.

Our Top Star is a slut....and we are totally fine with it! (Band Member x Pretty Much Everyone)
This one is more for smut ;P
Many bands have idols who have 'personas' and they sell a lot, like the Tsundere, The Innocen tone...this band whoever had the "Perv'' One, the manager decided to make him the "Perv Prince" even going as far as making a contestof who would win could sleep with the idol. It was easily a sucess and anyone would be angry at it...except this guy...after all he was a slut at heart and couldn't say he hated all this 'attention' he was getting.

A VERY obedient Knight. (Prince x Knight) (could be an oriental setting too) ❤
knigh was assigned to take care of the prince by the king, being th emost loyal subject he doesn't think twice and accept the position, even though everyone seemed to 'hate' the 'bratty' prince, even if he makes him do things a knight 'shouldn't do with his master, either be in bed or other humiliating things just for his amusement, he discovers that the prince is not bad a speople say and that he was actually a lonely person that wants someone to pay attention to him.

A little bit TOO popular it seems. (Two guys fighting over the attention of another.)
A bully and the school council president...both fell in love with an adorable guy that helped them out both form tight spots, not they all seem way too friendly with him and the poor guy is not even sure why...he thought he might be in trouble but finds himself enjoying these two new 'friends' he made since he didn't had too many.

Blackmailing to make you fall in love! (Reporter x Idol)
An very famous Idol from a band was secretly gay but he had to hide because he had to keep the image of 'hot stud' that the girls loved, after all it was what brought them more money having the fangirls spend truckloads of money with them. However an reporter who was sneaking around saw him fooling around an dhaving sex with one of his band members and decided to blackmail him, always having a crush on him to make him do whatever he wanted.

A cursed Priest (Demon x Priest)
A demon was sentenced to rot away in th ehuman world after he was defeated in a war between the demon but what he didnt expect was to be found by an adorable young priest, who not only helped him but took care of him until he got he found himself falling in love with the young man but was much as he was evil and could simply force this man, he found himself wanting to protect him from anything bad from the world as he soon realizes he fell in love with him but still didn't want to 'corrupt' this beautiful innocent soul.

An Innocent jewel (Prince or son of rich person x Tyrant/Pirate or someone that works for them) ❤
The young man didnt knew what kind of business his father had going behind the scenes and was innocent of all the things that went around him, wich is why he was totally took by surprise when his father was killed and the this tyrant took over his home, claiming the poor young man as his 'prize'. (I thought this could either be the tyrant falling in love wiht the young man, even feeling bad because nothing thta happened was his fault or either someone who works for the tyrant feels bad for him and start to grow close to the young man and ends up saving him from the tyrant.)

The boss Favorite ( Brothel Owner x Thief)
A thief was unlucky enough to try to steal from this powerful brothel owner and he didnt like it one bit...but since he was an sexy guy he decided to instead of doing anything bad, forcing the thief to work for him as one of his 'boys' but one thing he didn't expect was he started falling in love with him, even feeling bad since they young man clearly di dnot like at all being forced to do all that.

Are they really twins? (Werewolf x Vampire)
When they were young their family was attacked by vampires and they lost both their parents on the attack, one of the twins could only watch as the vampires took away his brother. The older twin his brother was killed but as he grew older, now being a werewolf having joined them of how much he had hate towards the vampires, he finds his long lost twin only to find he was an vampire.

Blind Love (Blind Person x Friend) ❤
Two friends that were like brother did everything together, one was abit more 'reckless' than the other though. One day they decide to go on a car ride and they end up in an accident, one of them escpaes with nothing but afew scratches while the other gets really hurt and end up losing his sitght, he blames his friend for being reckless and starts treating him very bad and saying bad thing to him as well. The friend who didn't get hurt feels so guilty and vows to take care of his friend from now on even though all the hate and bad words...he already loved him from the beggining anyway so he felt like he HAD to help him no matter what.

A beautiful Soul in a dying body (Reaper x Sick Person)❤
Reapers ar eknown as souless and cold creatures...and to some extent that was right but this one reaper could not help but feel intrigued by a certain was so innocent and beautiful...yet so sad as the person it belongs to is a sick person who will probably not live long and yet he couldn't help but feel attracted to this soul. Now what will he do when he fell in love with him and his time comes? Will he take his soul away or fight anyone who tries to do so refusing to let go?

The runaway Prince (Mercenary x Prince)
The prince ran away from the king as the man was not exactly the 'nicest' person and even more since he was an unwanted child, snekaing around he cross paths with an mercenary that actually discovers who he is, at first thinking on making money with the prince by 'selling' him back to the king. However he then he finds himself taking a liking to the prince and taking him along since the young man was not wanted by the king.

Making Deals with a Devil ( Demon x Human)
This human wanted something so much that he was desperate...desperate enough to even making a deal with a devil, this Devil being the evil guy he was he took a liking to him and decided to help if he agreeded to be his slave for eternity, being deperate like he was he had no choice but to accept and then find himself living with a demanding demon who actually be more 'annoying' and 'perveted' than evil.

Tossed Out ( Neko x Neko)
The neko was pmapered by a man who just loved him along with his daughter, he wa sin heaven but the wife clearly didn't like it...often telling him to get rid of it and one time her husband and duaghter left for a trip she decided to get rid of it. The woman paid a guy to get rid of it but him not wanting to kill it he just left th eneko alone in a forest very far away from where they lived.
Once he woke up the neko found himself in a strange place but soon was found by ana dorable goofy wild neko, who helps him survive and try to get back to hi sold owner, wondering if they missed him at all.

The Shrine Guardian (Spirit x Priest)
A guardian of the shrine was really pissed off as the shrine was now abandoned because the old caretaker died, he was also really sad because he came to like the old man alot, he took care of him when he was weak and took care of the shrine, so he hated people wandering the halls to 'explore' and not to pay respect like they should.
Than the adopted grandson of the priest inherited the place an dnow went to live there and to take care of it, feeling he would feel closer to his grandfather and also make him proud taking care of that place he loved so much...but little did he knew he would meet an not very welcoming guardian of the temple.

I will get my matter what! ( Knight with a tragic past x Prince son of the king who hurt the knight)
A young prince saw his home get decimated by an greedy king who killed everyone excet for him, because one of the soldier felt bad and hid the poor child. Now all grown up he got a position as the king most trust knight and he set his sights on his son, his most 'precious' thing, so he was going to make him suffer by taking him away and 'destroying' him.

He is trying his best! (Demon x Human)
One would think demons are evil and souless...well a lot of them were but not this one! Being the ruler of a demon realm was an annoying very solitary job so this demon decided to come to the human world to find a mate for him! The thing is he is actually pretty innocent and naive and the first young man that helped him he decided he fell in love with him and he was going to do anything he could to convince him to come be his partner...or in other words his 'queen' in the demon realm.

Im a manly warrior! It's not like I love you or anything... (Warrior x Villager) ❤
There is this one warrior, some people even call him a 'hero' of the kingdom, he is known for being so strong and manly but people didnt know he was treated like a whore by the people of the castle, he had to take it after all the king was the one who gave him money for all the monster killing he did and he helped the villagers...espécially a certain villager. The son of the late baker who now owned the shop, since the warrior was little the young man brought him food and even went far enough to get all his life savings to buy the abandoned house the warrior lived in by himself so he had a place to call his home. He always loved him but couldn't bring himself to break his 'manly' persona or else he would lose respect and he htought his friend would look at him in disgust and he clearly did not want that.

A Demon shouldn't love a hunter....but it happened anyway! (Demon x Hunter)
Defeating this hunter was nothing but one of the easiest things this demon ever did, however he was supposed to be the 'top hunter' and to make him an example for the humans, then he decided to 'break' this hunter and keep him as his pet. The last thing he expected was him to fall for this human after hearing from him why he became a hunter and to see he wasn't exactly an 'evil' person, now he is torn because he wants to help him because his body starting to decay from being so long in hell since he was already sick to begin with...but all the demons would probably not see in good eyes him helping a human, a dangerous hunter no less, to leave hell.

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