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May 28, 2020

I am no stranger to role plays and a little bit about me. I am a dungeon master and run a campaign, and play in one. So on those nights I am going to be busy, so I will not have time for replies. Depending on my mood, you may end up waiting three days for a reply. I will get to them as soon as I get a chance. If you can handle waiting a bit for a post, then we'll get along great.

Also I've been role playing for 20+ years or so, and have a bit of experience under my belt. Now, this thread may not make it look like that, but I can keep up with longer posts easily, and I do have very out there fetishes on top of all this. I prefer 50/50 for smut and story combined, though most days I will take smut over story. Of course, I do like a lot of master/pet, and master/slave pairings too.

Here are the actual rules.

1.) Have fun
2.) Please at least warn me if you want to leave a thread or are not feeling the role play. Common courtesy is nice, I will do the same.
3.) No under-age characters as it's part of the site's policy, and again, do be respectful.
4.) Have even more fun, and please do respect my kink list when I get that up and going.
5.) I will play with any gender, but my partner will be playing the female role.

All of my role plays will probably have transformation of some kind, and the monster girl one can be subject to change upon discussion.

https://www.f-list.net/c/kinks for sin/


https://www.fictiondepot.com/interests/?user=Sinful Corruption (More to come later)

There's the kink list, and I do enjoy anthro x anthro pairings to monster girl x human, anthro x human, and let's just say that I like anthros as well as.

I have a few ideas, but I don't wish to put them down just yet until I get some sense of what I want. For now, let's start off with something simple, I enjoy paragraph role plays, and I can get up to multiple if the setting is write. Here are some of my cravings right now, and a few ideas off the top of my head.

Story ideas:

Monster Girl Island: A cruise has gone terribly wrong and a ship has crash landed onto an isolated island where rumors of monster girls have been said to roam. This one would require a DM to play the monster girls I would encounter and would involve some mind control/hypnotism, transformation and some more within. I would love to go over this idea more with those who are asking about it. There isn't a limit to what monster girl I would like to take advantage of, and eventually due to one event, they find out that my character is somehow supposed to be their 'chosen' one or something. (Breast expansion too...that's a lovely one.)

Pokemon Journey (Anthros available too): Two trainers decide they want to go on a journey together, but there will be more details when you DM me, don't worry, I promise to elaborate more. It will be long term, just as the first one will be. I will add more ideas as I think of more. All characters will be over 18 and up.

Another idea is that I play an avatar of Anubis who has been asleep for decades only to find he's not where he was when he had first been put away, and someone has somehow found his lost tomb. Not being used to the world, he has to learn about what year it is and we will go through how he plans on staying in the world. Your character would be the archaeologist who finds him, but may end up getting more than they bargained for. As the avatar starts to change their world using magic, and transformation to slowly alter them into a sexy anubian jackaless or servant of some form. (Gender transformation, breast growth, human-anthro, lactation, and more within.)

I do prefer private DMs to discuss things, and also don't mind role play over discord either, don't be afraid to DM me to discuss things or help me to update this with better ideas too.

All of these will be NSFW.

Master x Slave
Master x Pet
Monster girl x Human
Genie x Human
Anthro x Anthro
Human x Anthro
Anthro x Human
Human x Monster girl
Samurai x Witch
Tomb Raider x Divinity/Demon
Succubus x Human
Succubus x Incubus
Incubus x Human
Wishing well idea: Drop a coin into a well, wish comes true, very simple


One Piece
Fairy Tail
No game No Life

I am very friendly otherwise, and like I said my schedule is up for grabs, I normally work mornings and just want to relax. Do note that these aren't all my pairings as the list would be rather long if I came up with one right now.
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May 28, 2020
Bump - I do have loads of role play experience despite my context here. I'm very open to discussing other ideas too, I have many pairings available. Don't be shy, any gender may approach like I said as long as you don't mind playing female, or even herm sometimes.
May 28, 2020
I should add, private conversations and public threads are fine too. Do PM me if you have questions about plots too, I enjoy anime as well, Boku No Hero Academia being a favorite of mine. Of course everyone would have to be aged up.
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