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Jan 1, 2019

[size=10pt]Enter here into a world of Seme goodness.
Were all your Yaoi needs will come true!
Pick from one of our talented and very handsome men.
Seme's not your type?
There are few uke's here, but are some for selection.

There is only one rule for this thread!!

If there is a character listed that does not fit your rp needs, I do create outside thread characters.
If there is a character on this thread that fits your rp needs, but the history must be changed... I'm willing to do that.
All the pictures posted do not belong to me, I've only found and used them to promote my characters.
If any of your own pictures (aka: you created them) are posted, I thank you in advance.
If any of you know who created them (aka: a friend or family member), please thank them in advance.

I may edit my list of rules as I go along.
I will add this:
                          Please no God Modding!
If you message me when can hash out the details our rps first.
If God modding is needed, we can figure out how to do so!

Without further ado!!


Jan 1, 2019

[size=8pt]Name: Vincent Shepard
Nicknames: Vince, Vinny

Age: 38
DOB: January 3rd
Sign: Capricorn
Chinese Sign: Snake
POB: San Fransisco, California

Build: Athletic
Height: 6'0"
              -Color:  Blond 
              -Length: Short
Eyes: Light sea blue
Complexion: Fair
Blood type: A+
Piercings: None

Marital status: Married
Occupation: Director of Sales
Race: Human
Current Residence: New York City
              -Mother: Stephanie Shepard
              -Father: Hank Shepard
              -Brother: Nathan Shepard (22)
              -Sister: Carla Shepard (26)
              -Wife/Husband: Mary-Ann Shepard (38)
              -Children: Collin Shepard (15)

Alternate Form: None

Strengths: quick, intelligent, communication, attitude, cooking skills
Weakness: smokes, family, stress
Likes: Reading, writing, spending time with son, cooking
Dislikes: Work, bosses, family drama, fishing, fighting
Favorite food: Chicken Teriyaki
Favorite subject: English
Favorite color: Green
Least Favorite color: Brown
Music Preference: Alternative Rock, Classical Instrumental
Left/Right handed: Right Handed
Favorite Animal: Dog
Preferred Pet: Dog
Instruments: None

Hobbies: baking, cooking, jogging

Distinguishing marks: Dragon Tattoo on right peck

Special abilities: None

Weapons: 45 Cal.

Personality: Calm, Level headed, reliable, stern, caring
Position: Seme

History: Since he was able to walk and talk, Vincent was taught many different subjects and languages in order for him to eventually succeed his father's company. Working his way up the social ladder after during his last years of college, he met his wife Mary-Ann through a mutual friend. They got married and had a son at the age of 23. Even thought he married a woman, Vincent always found himself more attractive to the same sex. Hiding it away, he gradually takes over the Department of Sale position at his work. He tries to spend as much time with his son as possible, while maintaining a civil relationship with his wife.


Jan 1, 2019

[size=8pt]Name: Lord Deacon Kane
Nicknames: Kane

Age: 1500
DOB: May 18th
Sign: Taurus
Chinese Sign: Ox
POB: Athens, Greece

Build: Slender, Athletic
Height: 6'2"
              -Color: Black
              -Length: long, mid-back
Eyes: Deep blue, crimson
Complexion: Fair
Blood type: O-
Piercings: cartilage in the left ear (top) and lobe in left

Marital status: Single
Occupation: Hunter for Hire, Lord
Race: Vampire
Current Residence: Paris, France
              -mother: Deceased
              -father: Deceased
              -brother: None
              -sister: None

Alternate Form: Large black Raven with four eyes

Strengths: Intelligence, persuasion, sword skill, quick mind, strategist
Weakness: Hunger, Wolves, council, quick temper

Favorite food:Type A blood
Favorite subject: History
Favorite color: Teal
Least Favorite color: Yellow
Music Preference: Ancient Greek inspired music, Instrumental
Left/Right handed:Right Handed
Favorite Animal: Raven
Preferred Pet: Reticulated Python

Distinguishing marks:Slightly pointed tips of ear

Special abilities: Shape-shifting, persuasion

Weapons: Long hand crafted Sword, Daggers coated in silver

Personality: Stubborn, Strong willed, stern, Loyal, patient, affectionate

History: Kane was born to a beautiful Greek mother and a strong warrior father. He was raised on tales of the Gods and how he should give thanks for their protection and stability. When he was 20, he grew sickly. Even thought the doctors and other medicinal healers tried what they could, there was little hope. That is until a stranger appeared before the family, claiming to be a Lord from outside of their small village. With no one to turn to and offer of coin, Kane's parents approved for this strange visitor to take their only son, in hopes to save his life. The man did indeed save his life, but at a cost. He was transformed in a creature of fairy tale, a curse of the Gods. Kane, when he regained consciousness, grew angered at this stranger for taking away his life. In desperation, he fled back to his home in the village, only for the blood lust to grow so great, that he murdered his father and his mother. Ashamed, he returned back to his new master, hoping to learn all he needed to control himself. Many generations passed and Kane has grown in intelligence and wit. His master left on his own accord, disappearing somewhere into the world, leaving Kane to fend for himself. Taking the title and position of Lord, he found himself in Paris where he blends into the community. At night, he is a hunter for hire, designed to kill. He takes these lives not only for the extra cash, but for the blood that he can otherwise not acquire. [/size]
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