SNC Lavalin Scandal

Mar 2, 2019
For those unaware

Honestly, I am disgusted by this scandal. Trudeau's luster is fading faster than ever before. I hope the RCMP nails his ass on all charges. I hope Trudeau steps down or loses our election later this year.


Jan 3, 2019
I voted for him in 2015, as the best alternative to Stephen Harper, but as time wore on it became more and more clear that he wasn't interested in governing for the people, and was just another corrupt politician. This scandal is a nail in the coffin, although I abandoned him last year after his trip to India showed the world how vacuous he really was. All he knows how to do is apologize and virtue signal, and now we can add meddling in the judicial process to his list of endearing features.

I've made up my mind to vote for Mad Max in this year's election, although most likely Andrew Scheer will be the winner. Scheer would be an improvement over Trudeau, at least as far as his commitment to free speech, but I don't trust the Conservative party as an organization to be any less corrupt than the Liberals. So Mad Max is my guy.
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