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Apr 26, 2022


I'm just a person who spent most of their teens and early 20s online roleplaying and has come back to it after many, many years of being boring. Use whatever pronouns you want for me. I play men, mostly. Yes, that includes trans men. Many of my characters are inhuman. Many of my characters are also alternative. Write what you know.

If you like soft, sad goth boys, I'm your man.
If you want one of those soft, sad goth boys to step on you, doubly so.

I play predominantly bottoms or switches. If I'm subbing, I can go from bratty to simpering. It depends on your preference. If I'm domming, I lean toward soft dom. I'm trying to learn to be rougher.

As for my writing style... it's not for everyone. I post quickly and frequently. Sometimes my posts are small. Sometimes I make my characters inwardly ramble to pad it out. Please don't use my posts as an indication of how interested or disinterested I am in our roleplay. I'm an adult, I'll tell you if I have a problem. Please do the same. We're all here to have a good time.

Crossed-out titles are plots that are currently taken and I have no other interest in right now.
Underlined roles indicate what I'll play. If it isn't underlined, I'll play either.

Bad Moon Rising

Pairing: Human/Werewolf
Themes: Contemporary fantasy, dark fantasy, horror, supernatural, violence, furry?, monster, predator/prey?, rough sex, size difference, smut

My Character is a struggling streamer who 'hunts' cryptids for his channel. Over the years, however, his focus shifts from seeing a Bigfoot to leaning into the obvious thirst trap comments from his viewers. One night after filming a camping vlog, he finally encounters something; it scares/fucks the hell out of him. Good thing Your Character finds him the next morning after he passes out...

"Hey guys! Sad update but no sightings tonight. Don't worry though, the truth IS out there... and we will find it."

Blood-Soaked Bride

Pairing: Human/Vampire
Themes: Dark fantasy, gothic horror, period piece, magical realism, supernatural, violence, romance, smut

Smitten with a young woman he meets at a party, a wealthy old nobleman arranges their marriage... only to discover on their wedding night that she is actually her equally beautiful twin brother who was sent in her stead because of the nobleman's bad reputation. He is a widower, three times over, whose wives are prone to mysteriously disappearing. Still he treats his new 'wife' kindly, giving them full run of his castle- except for his private den, which he warns them not to open under any circumstances.

"Oh god, I've dropped the key. It-it's covered in blood."

Lovely, Dark, and Deep

Pairing: Human/Fairy
Themes: Dark fantasy, fairy tale, period piece, supernatural, violence?, romance?, smut

Lost in the woods, a man encounters The Erl-King- a powerful fairy who protects and seemingly embodies the forest itself, able to bend it to his will... and in turn, use it to manipulate the new human intruder to his own purpose.

"What an odd place to nap. Ah, but this bed of moss seems sweet and warm. And I am exhausted."

Pray, Prey

Pairing: Human/Fairy
Themes: Dark fantasy, fairy tale, period piece, supernatural, romance, smut

Once upon a time in a small village isolated and alone on the outskirts of a forest, the Fair Folk came and kidnapped a babe only to replace it with one of their own. His parents died tragically in a fire soon after; with no family willing to take them on, the changeling child turned to the forest and grew up, beautiful but cold and untouchable, unimpressed by any of the villagers who had scorned him... except for a local priest.


I've been feeling, like- a need for fantasy settings, specifically ones that let me play beautiful creatures like Fairies or even Selkies tempting humans. Or vampires, always vampires, vampires in any format, historical or modern. I've never played more traditional ones!​
  • Demon/Demonologist
  • Demon/Exorcist
  • Demon/Human
  • Demon/Priest
  • Ghost/Ghost Hunter
  • Ghost/Human
  • Landlord/Tenant
  • Professional Dom/Paying Sub
  • Robot/Human
  • Vampire/Human
  • Vampire/Vampire
  • Vampire/Vampire Hunter
  • Vampire/Werewolf
  • Werewolf/Human
  • Werewolf/Werewolf Hunter


 Pet names
 Real names
 Anal, giving and receiving
 Analingus, giving and receiving
 Cunnilingus, giving and receiving
 Blowjobs, giving and receiving
 Handjobs, giving and receiving
 Mutual masturbation
 Vanilla sex

 Age difference
 Size difference
 Blasphemy kink
 Forced orgasm
 Orgasm control
 Light BDSM
 Light pet play
 Rough sex
 Sex toys

My TURN OFFs are basic but feel free to ask if you're concerned about stepping on any toes.​
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