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Jun 23, 2020
Greetings to all erotic fantasy enthusiasts, roleplayers, and adventurers! (Including the scantily-clad adventurers, sexual deviants, perverts, and smutlovers!)

**Important to read through the whole post please!**
**NSFW Imagery in this thread**


I actively engage in erotic fantasy roleplaying on Discord only. I have been actively roleplaying around the year 2006 from the time of DALnet's #snuffsex, the Yahoo! groups, YIM, and other discussion boards. I place great emphasis on respecting one another without judging, and doing one's best to give the desired pleasure and arousal in order for a roleplay, chat, or discussion to be stimulating, fun, and at times intense. Therefore, I expect others that I communicate with to be similar to the above as well. Being respectful, polite, non-judgmental, and not being self-centered really goes a long way. I am a very laid-back and easy to communicate with person, and it's very hard for most people to "scare" me off. If you have thought of it, I have probably thought of it and played it out in a roleplay before. Therefore, I would rather scare you off earlier than later now as you read through this post.

My rule is that if a roleplay or compatible relationship is interesting and arousing enough, we would be wanting to cum back for more! I have placed greater importance now in finding other enthusiasts and roleplayers who are in this for the long-term and are into world-building and have a focus on character/story development within scenes than those who say they have "years of experience." I would also like to meet others who are online frequently (*Very Important*) on Discord. If you are hardly online or are too "busy", I won't be interested much.

Below are some key points and characteristics that I am looking for in other erotic fantasy enthusiasts and roleplayers:

· Likes writing stories, world-building, creating lore and ideas.
· Not shy or embarrassed to share.
· Is expressive.
· Online frequently on Discord.
· Not shy or embarrassed when it comes to discussing fetishes and kinks, lewd sharing of thoughts, erotic artwork, porn, exploring arousals together, etc.
· Into the more "extreme" side of erotic fantasy which involves erotic peril, erotic doom/death, snuff without overly detailed gore and mutilations (I am not into blood and visceral gore actually), erotic action and adventure involving combat and challenge, interrogation and torture, and so on.

I have been roleplaying in erotic themes for a long time now and have lived in my erotic fantasy world and universe since I was 12 years old when I first laid eyes on Boris Vallejo's amazing artwork of naked women riding atop fire-breathing dragons (pic).

This picture literally changed my perception of sex and erotica into an art form. It has opened my mind to fantasy and out-of-this-world themed ideas.

Ever since then, I have been hooked on all things erotic fantasy and have imagined and pictured naked women and men in fantasy riding dragons, riding horses, engaging in combat and deadly encounters with one another, or against creatures and monsters. Scenes that I enjoy involve erotic action, adventure, danger, peril, and even doom/death, or some might call snuff. This is an erotic fantasy idea where being naked is as normal as being clothed, and sweaty action takes place in all manner of erotic ways too lengthy to describe with words here. I even don't see porn in the conventional manner and look at it as an extension, idea, and even inspiration for erotic fantasy.

I grew up with Western and European influences of erotica rather than the more common hentai and anime that I know most of the ERP community are into. The famous erotic works such as those of Boris Vallejo, Julie Bell, the late legend Frank Frazetta, Luis Royo, Heavy Metal Magazine, Paolo Serpieri's Druuna, FAKK2, Den, Vampirella, Lady Death, Taarna, and so on play a very huge role in the developing and maturing of my sexual fantasies. And ever since, I have been captivated by the naked human body and enjoy every aspect that is sexual and erotic in fantasy and roleplaying.

I have been more intrigued and interested in erotic fantasy worlds (perhaps, called high fantasy or dark fantasy) and also cyberotica (erotic sci-fi.) I also at times explore modern settings such as secret agent type scenes and these can be very erotic as well. Being bi-curious, I roleplay with both male and female characters and am open to exploring anything with either gender. As stated above, I find the naked body a subject to focus on in roleplay scenes. I love buttocks, breasts, cock, cunt, anus, balls, thighs, and I have to tell you that I have a deep liking of semen. I love the look, texture, smell, feel, taste and erotic value of sperm, especially when they are abundantly (unrealistically) ejaculated and stuck onto the body. I enjoy watching the naked body go through action and adventure, facing sexual danger and erotic peril, and even erotic doom. To me, final ejaculation and orgasm has always symbolized a sign of defeat, as if the life force (what some of you roleplayers call 'Hit Points (HP)') is forced out of the body, leaving the victim incapacitated and defeated. Dodging, evading, striking, and facing obstacles in erotic fantasies are just some examples of how action-oriented scenes can be, and will require quick thinking and replies with little downtime in order to keep roleplaying interesting!

As a male aroused at erotic peril, danger, and adventure, and becoming a victim to said dangerous peril, I hope to build ideas and stories with others that span across a vast and detailed land that we will flesh out together. Of important note is that I am not a 'submissive' as most people would naturally relate my arousals to. I don't always see myself as a submissive character, and I feel the Dom/sub terms and classifications of BDSM do not really work for erotic roleplaying which is often multi-faceted and contain more depth, at least if there is an involved process of story-writing.

To further give an idea to all potential (and perverted) erotic fantasy enthusiasts and roleplayers, the following are some reference materials of past story plots/arcs/scenes etc. I refrain from creating pre-made plot scenes as I enjoy and am looking forward to discuss and build the story and plot essentials itself with you, which will go in-line with our arousals and desires. Though as always I am open to hear your ideas and existing story plots as well. In each section, a story arc description profile is accompanied with its relating character profiles for your viewing pleasure.
(Fiction Depot's site policies do not allow NSFW visuals and the majority of created content and reference material has lewd and NSFW elements and cannot be shared here.)

If I haven't scare you off, and you enjoy a visceral and such approaches to detailed erotic ideas and roleplaying, please feel free to PM or contact me via Discord. I would like partners and enthusiasts to roleplay on IM only. Please refrain from posting in this thread, but instead PM me. As we get to know one another, we can share more with each other.

Thank you very much for reading!
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