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Jan 12, 2019
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The Republican climate plan seems downright sane

It seems unfair to say "THAT'S FUCKING DUMB" and not offer alternate solutions.


What if instead of punishing regular people's wallets with carbon taxes, prematurely abolished ICE infrastructure, wasteful policies that keep car prices high, more taxes, building projects, and other things that depend on taking money from people or forcing them to pay for things...

...we planted a fuck ton of trees to offset CO2 and moved toward alternative energy?


The trees were there for a reason. Trees consume CO2 and there were more trees when there was less human-contributed CO2, so it can be assumed the current amount of trees is insufficient. Trees network with each other and function within whole ecosystems, so the forest is important as well so animals, other plants, and fungi can complete the cycle.

Forests are extremely effective at absorbing the impact of human activity, and I'm totally in favor of re-wilding any land that can be. Localities should repeal laws requiring people to cut their lawns. There should be a tax cut for planting trees on your property, or donating trees to parks and public places. I would love it if the spaces next to highways were filled with trees.


Imagine this, but with 500% more trees. They could be little trees like cypress, pine, palm, or aspen that won't 100% kill people if they run into it the same way an oak, sycamore, or silver maple would. Animals might be an issue, but just fence them in and make bridges/tunnels for them like they do in Scandinavia.

The Republican climate plan wants to focus on hydroelectric and nuclear as the primary sources of renewable energy. Hydroelectric is basically more dams, but if you visit the page for the bill, it does specifically address the impact on threatened species whose habitat or migration would be harmed by the dam.

Nuclear got a bad name due to a number of accidents, all of which were very clearly caused from gross gross gross gross negligence and deviating from standard procedures. If the technicians at Chernobyl didn't cut corner after corner, there might still be people living there, happy and healthy.

The world seems to have learned from those events and has more respect for nuclear energy than they may have through the 1970s.


Granted, the full texts of most of the bills aren't currently available, but this is not what I expected from Republicans at all. I think it's way better.

This isn't a NIMBY issue. Other countries need to balance their deforestation. A lot of the Amazon was - and continues to be - destroyed and that probably fucked us up more than anything, but the US can't do anything about that. Brazil needs to give a damn but Jair Bolsonaro does absolutely fucking not. Amazon deforestation has accelerated under his term, and he expressly doesn't care. He's an absolute pig IMO.
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Jan 12, 2019
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Gig Workers: "I consent!"
Gig Customers: "I consent!"
The Government: "I don't"
Isn't there someone you forgot to ask?

I'm getting a real kick out of how this article is worded

"The new rule, part of the $1.9 billion relief bill President Joe Biden signed on Thursday, requires companies to report workers income to the IRS if they make more than $600 a year. Previously, these companies only had to report workers’ incomes to the IRS if they made more than $20,000 a year or were paid more than 200 times. The new rule, which will take effect in 2022, is expected to generate up to $1 billion in additional taxes. "

"'You are paying what you owe,' said Steve Wamhoff, director of federal tax policy at think tank The Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy. 'But what you owe has not been increased.'"

My fuckin sides bruh.

"Eyeing that underreported online income, lawmakers in the last three Congresses have sought to lower the reporting threshold. Companies lobbying on related legislation in the 116th Congress included Uber, Lyft and TaskRabbit, as well as trade groups TechNet and the Retail Industry Leaders Association."

Lawmakers in the last three Congresses can eat my whole ass.

"Dylan Opalich, a spokeswoman for House Ways and Means Chairman Richard E. Neal, D-Mass., said the new reporting threshold was added to keep the coronavirus relief bill in line with the budget resolution’s deficit ceiling. But she said it was also an overdue policy change."

Democrats are like that toxic family member who's always demanding to "hold" your money for you.

"Etsy, the online marketplace that caters to one-person shops making handmade items like clothing and jewelry, is also lobbying against the proposal. The company was among the signatories on a letter last week to congressional leaders opposing the change, arguing it 'will create unexpected challenges for small business owners and entrepreneurs across the Main Street ecosystem.'"

Etsy, surprisingly based.

"Olson added that an IRS collection action 'can destroy a person’s life,' as employers can be hesitant to hire someone with a federal tax lien and lenders won’t make loans without charging the highest interest rates."

That's not an accident.

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Jan 12, 2019
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> I’m upset that it took this long for the verdict to come out despite common fucking sense and countless videos[...]This whole thing has been a shit show and at this point I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if riots got worse without a guilty verdict. It would prove the system is busted as hell.

It's not uncommon for court cases to take a year or more to be heard. After all, that's what bail is for.

It's problematic that the ENTIRE NATION made up its mind without all the facts (such as the toxicology report and autopsy). If the cause of death weren't determined to be asphyxiation, and Floyd died of a heart attack or from fentanyl toxicity, that might change how significant the knee hold was.

I'm not saying any given individual can't have their own opinion, but people were giving money about this, corporations were creating branding, politicians were using it as a springboard for policy. Everything was set up to the point a not-guilty verdict would have been irreconcilable with the reality that got constructed by parties that have the power to construct reality.

> There is never a situation that necessitates using your knee on someone’s neck, let alone for NINE FUCKING MINUTES. Put that knee on their fucking back. Reform is sorely needed or this will continue. I’m glad their talking about it and I only hope it’s done fairly and that we get some decent fucking change. This issue has likely existed this whole time, but in this day and age everyone has a video camera on them by default. It can’t be swept under the carpet anymore.

I'm inclined to agree one of police's priorities should be to keep the suspect alive and make sure their immediate survival needs - hydration, breathing - are attended to.

Generally, the police could do with more training and better screening. They don't even require an Associate's degree in something like psychology or criminal justice. There's also the issue of sociopaths being disproportionately attracted to law enforcement because it satisfies a number of urges their disorder gives them -- power over others, feelings of omniscience, etc. If there were some method for making sure all police were mentally well-adjusted, that may reduce cases of excessive force, because it's more common for someone to have multiple instances.

> Also, I agree that no-knocks should be banned everywhere. If we’re allowed to have guns and defend ourselves then no-knock raids are dangerous. If they get the wrong house things can go south really fast, especially at night.

I didn’t view the link since I’m on mobile but is this implying no-knock will be allowed for gun seizures? Because that doesn’t sound good at all. Warrentless still implies knocking, I hope? Though you’d think a warrant would be preferable if you have probable cause to believe those in possession of the gun are dangerous and unhinged. :/

There were a number of no-knock raids for guns after the institution of red flag laws that ended up in at least one fatality. The general pattern is that the cops entered the house, the homeowner didn't know what was going on and responded with the belief the situation was a home invasion. They shoot, but it's a cop or an ATF agent, and their teammates respond and kill the homeowner.

Breona Taylor was killed in a similar situation, but she was asleep in a totally different part of the house.

Red flags are bullshit too. They're essentially anonymous tips that don't have to be investigated before taking action. Theoretically, you could fabricate and report you saw your neighbor making pipe bombs and saw a Nazi flag in the window, and that could be enough for the police to seize their weapons. Red flag confiscations weasel around the Constitution by claiming they're not depriving the person of their properly because the confiscation is "temporary".
Jan 12, 2019
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"If you don't like the Twitter ToS, just make your own Twitter"

And so he did

It's kind of surreal to see a site that's "Twitter, except the only user is Donald Trump"

"Happy Easter to ALL, including the Radical Left CRAZIES who rigged our Presidential Election, and want to destroy our Country!"

More racial paternalism from Democrats

I was gonna type my usual wall of text but I realized this could be condensed to what lies before ye.

White Man's burden, 1899: teaching "savages" how to be civilized

White Man's burden, 2021: teaching Blacks to stop smoking menthols and grape blunts

Also, that's a bold stance from the side of the political spectrum that engages in landwhale idpol that says being obese - "circus-fat", even - is not only healthy, but that suggesting it's not is violent cis-hetero patriarchal huwyte supremacy.

If we're going to be paternalistic of adults, at least be fucking consistent, especially when there are more obese people in the US than smokers.

Why is the DOJ?

What is the line to cross before justifiable law enforcement becomes "unreasonable use of force" or "police brutality", exactly?

Apparently it's somewhere between "brandishing an object of your choice at police" and "wandering in a federal building after visiting hours".

You can find the video on your own because I don't personally want to rehash depiction of someone's death unnecessarily, but the woman clearly got shot while unaware and unarmed by a cop blind-firing through a door.

If we're going to be critical of police who shoot or otherwise kill people unnecessarily - which we absolutely should - it's not a partisan issue. I gave my thoughts already on Floyd, but ambiguously contributing to the death of and/or failing to ensure the survival of someone in the cop's custody, and creating a direct connection between a bullet fired from the cop's gun and it hitting someone who died within minutes from blood loss, should both elicit concern and criticism.

It's like one of the basic rules of gun safety to not point the gun at anything you don't intend to shoot, let alone fingow the twiggow. Is blind firing part of Capitol Hill police training? If he didn't intend to hit her, then who did he intend to hit?

I'll even give the police benefit of the doubt that they have the right to defend themselves if their life is in danger, but it's not obvious in this, as well as other cases, that the cop's life was endangered by Babbitt, who was probably 3-4' away from the door. If there were a civilian-civilian on the other side of the door, who blind-fired and killed at someone who was no immediate threat to their survival, their ass would be in prison 100%.


Kill Em All 2020
I am malcontent
410,757,864,530 DEAD CIVILIANS​
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Jan 12, 2019
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*wraps some white pills in a Kraft single with peanut butter and chases u around with them to shove them in ur mouth*

The origins of Critical Theory have been exposed

I wanna straight fuckin swear to gob slap anyone who thinks "prepubescent kids dancing in a drag club while people throw dollar bills at them" is simply the natural, logical conclusion of America being founded (by, essentially, heretics) on ideas like individual sovereignty, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and protection from certain aspects of the legal and economic system historically weaponized by tyrannical rulers.

Forgetting about, or taking for granted, the Frankfurt School and its derivatives, or that they invented the ideologies such as Critical Theory that people use to justify children dancing for dollars, means those institutions have been successful, at least strictly in that respect.

However, considering how long the Frankfurt School has existed and how centralized and fairly consistent they have been since about the 1930s, as well as how much systemic infiltration, organization, and (ironically) incomprehensible amounts of capital has been invested in this, you would think they would have been more successful by now.

More people are seeing the Frankfurt School's work for what it is, and are opposing it. Most Americans oppose these things, since if you look at the loudest Leftist voices and where they are concentrated, it's really just a bunch of over-domesticated bugmen in a few coastal, urban enclaves. The people who oppose it aren't neo-Nazis and cringe-fringe theocrats. They're Americans who want to keep the money they earn, defend themselves, speak their minds and take responsibility for what they expose themselves to, etc. and I think they're realizing all the tolerance they had, all this time, for these specific opposing views, is not being extended back to them.

The Left's mask (kek) has slipped a few times, thankfully, and Americans are realizing these people want to destroy them.

Also, thankfully, the types in the first paragraph who want to be cucked by some kind of king or dictatorship are limited to little pockets of retards and indoor kids on the internet.


The second white pill is that while the left and Democrats continue to cannibalize each other, the younger Republicans are rebelling against their idiot boomer neocon fudd parents.

Meanwhile, the left is somewhat losing their monopoly on minorities. They're going around calling Black people who disagree with them oreos and Uncle Toms (e.g. house slaves...yikes) with zero sense of self-awareness. They're flipping out because Cubans, who fled not-real-Communism (which has nothing to do with this at all, of course), as well as other successful Hispanics, are voting increasingly Republican. At this point, anyone who's successful enough to not want the government dole, or be self-employed and/or be affected by tax policies targeting "the wealthy" (e.g. upper middle class) - but not successful enough to be in the woke ivory tower - is on the Democrats' shit list.

It's almost like if you go batshit with idpol, start acting like authoritarians and churning out obvious bullshit, it actually turns people off. Imagine that.

Ammo prices are going back down

When a Republican is in office, ammo prices typically go down because nobody is panic buying. When a Democrat is in office, it typically goes up because of the uncertainty surrounding gun laws for no reason whatsoever.

In 2020-2021, things got a little bit weird. There were more first-time gun owners - many registered Democrats among them - due to the riots and random attacks. On that note, it's funny that some of these Democrats got a bit frustrated they couldn't order a gun online and have it shipped to their house. I can't blame them, however, because it would be a surprise if your leaders couldn't shut up about how guns have more rights than women, how it's easier to buy a gun than to vote, other hyperboles about gun shows, and "America is soooo ammosexual that, like, you can just, like, waaaaaalk into the grocery store and buy a gun" but the "grocery store" is actually Wal-Mart and you can also buy truck tires, dildos, TVs, cactuses, and Himalayan salt lamps there too.

The coof also caused people to buy guns. The whole toilet paper thing was like a window into the mind of the average planarian in a semi-emergency situation. They don't think, but the alarms are going off in their head like, "BAD STIMULI DETECTED! WEE WOO WEE WOO! BAD STIMULI!" They get mean and dumb. To paraphrase Jordan Peterson: it's not that most people are "good people"; they've just never been put into a situation that allows them to be bad. It's reasonable to make the assumption that the planarians could be even worse if the shortage was food instead of just toilet paper, and in that situation, you would want to have a gun. The zombie apocalypse isn't gonna be literal zombies, it's going to be planarians reacting to bad stimuli.

Ammo factories laid people off because gun owners were just chillin' when Trump was in office. Suddenly, there was a surge in new gun owners, two different emergencies, and an anti-gun administration that really started off incessantly poking the boogaloo bear. There were rumors that the ammo shortage was due to diverting supplies for police and military in preparation for an impending civil war. No, the ammo factories were just caught off-guard and scrambling to catch up -- they gotta buy materials and deal with the fact the supply chain is fucked up by the coof, hire and train workers, etc. so it's not an overnight process.

.380 is still about 3 times what it was in mid 2020, but it was 5 times that price around Biden's inauguration. The trend looks like it might be on its way down. .223 is approximately double what it used to be but hit a peak of almost 4-5 times that around the inauguration, and it's been on its way down since.

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Jan 12, 2019
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Ass, grass or gas -- nobody rides for free

The genocidal misanthropic nihilist (*cough*3edgy5me*cough*) in me says:

"I hope Biden continues destroying diplomatic relations with North Korea and Russia and they nuke both coasts at the same time because it would arguably - while not at that precise moment - improve the country. It'd be way cheaper than the number of helicopter rides needed to accomplish the same thing."

Ammo prices are still on the way down, but still rather high. Now, gas has returned to late-Bush-/early-Obama-era prices. When I left work, one gas station said $2.99 and on my way back, it said $3.19. That's an increase of almost 2 cents per hour.

What a time to drive a go-kart...


If I squint, I think..."Do you want to make Mad Max happen? Cause this is how you make Mad Max happen..."


I'm quite aware that Mad Max was part Biblical allegory, and also part lefty critique of the dangers of alleged capitalism and so-called masculinity, with an allusion to Fascism here and here. However, real life is more complex than a simple fight of good against evil, with villains who sit in lairs thinking of ways to terrorize others solely for the sake of it. Maybe there are some and those people are sociopaths, but the nuance is in the fact one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter.

Of fucking course, self defense kills people and cars pollute the environment, but I (all of us) have to live in a world where people aren't walking around with swords and crossbows, and riding horses. Things would be a lot more simple, and green, but do you like fully bathing once a week? Farming your food or else you starve? Not having medical care? Being illiterate unless you're rich? Making all your own clothing? 40-ish percent of men dying due to violence, close to the same percent of women dying giving birth, and a similar percent of children dying before age 2?

How about: what if you replaced every car on the road with a horse buggy? That would be pretty shitty. In fact, manure and horse corpses were the exact environmental problem cars were touted to solve.

There is no way whatsoever to achieve utopia. We're playing wack-a-mole with environmental and humanitarian crises. When we solve a problem, it creates a new problem. There's a figure out there for how many solar panels it would take, to install in New Mexico or another place without precipitation, to power the entire country. Hypothetically, if everyone bought an electric car tomorrow, that area might double or triple.

This may be a bomb shell, but electric plants burn coal and natural gas to produce electricity. They don't just get the power from nowhere. The amount of coal to power an electric plant for a rural area is train car after train car of coal being dumped into a 20-story high giant furnace that constantly has a giant fireball in it all day. What's in this video, goes on all fucking day so you can fucking microwave a burrito, eat it while using your computer, and turn on the bathroom fan after.

Literally, the only way to completely eliminate human impact on earth's ecology is to return to monke, which is not without drastic changes in lifestyle, life expectancy, infant mortality, etc.


Electric cars might remove the problem of auto gasoline and diesel fuels, specifically, but not of oil extraction, refinery, or use of fossil fuels for other purposes, including fulfilling the expanded demand of the electrical grid. One huge irony I find is that lefty vegan types advocate replacing silk, leather, wool, and fur with synthetic alternatives...which are all not only made from petrochemicals - for emphasis, their production relies on oil extraction and refinery - but are practically non-biodegradeable. Animal-derived materials from 100 years ago are not only still around, but may even be wearable. Meanwhile, try getting a pair of "vegan leather"(just be honest, it's fuckin' polyvinyl chloride) boots to last for more than 2-3, maybe 5 years, but take generations to decompose in the landfill they will inevitably meet their end.

That's not even including the conundrum of what the fuck to do with the batteries once they're expired, and the fact that one still costs the same as a 10-15 year old Toyota Corolla. The African child slaves mining the cobalt to fulfill the requirement of these ever-more-complex car computers and battery components are a totally different subject.

Abolishing fossil fuels and switching to EVs might improve some things, but it won't be a magical fix. It's also funny that this is always recommended by people who live in places with no trees or farms, and entirely dependent on modernity to secure their way of life.


The gas price hike is supposedly due to a cyberattack on the pipeline that supplies the South East US with the majority of its fuel. Ransomware is nasty. I supported a SMB whose revenue loss was about $10k per hour when the network was totally down and no work could be done. Reasonably, I could see how it could be, perhaps to six figures to millions per hour if we were dealing in auto gas. Nasty.


Can I blame this on Biden, or is that an unreasonable bias?

I wouldn't blame this price spike directly on Biden, no, but prices were creeping up since Trump left due to restrictions on domestic energy.

The hacking group that allegedly initiated the ransomware attack was Darkside, an Eastern European (e.g. Russian?) group that supposedly "takes from the rich and gives to the poor" and programmed their ransomware to not attack computers running software using a language from the former USSR. Supposedly, they do not not target hospitals, hospices, schools, universities, non-profit organizations, or the government sector.

Diagnosis: Commie scum.


This is too little too late, though. I blame some but not all entirely blame this on Biden, and think the government should have done more, and earlier. Cybersecurity is extremely important, but politicians don't realize because the majority of them are so fucking old they would click on "YOU ARE THE 1,000,000TH VISITOR!!! CLICK HERE TO CLAIM YOUR FREE IPAD!!!" and not think twice, let alone consider it's an important national defense item.

Here's my wack conspiracy theory:

Biden's core voting bloc is already working remotely or unemployed because they can't go to work or seek new work due to a dEaDLy ViRus. What a way to punished assumed Republicans than to deem "essential" the types of jobs they do, say those jobs have to stay in business, then...


A cyber attack conveniently appears that makes gas prices rise 2 cents per hour.

I went in the direction I initially did because I feel like raising the gas prices by restricting domestic oil (while investing in Middle Eastern pipelines like a fucking NIMBYist) is an attempt to pressure people into buying electric cars with an artificial crisis.

Why weren't there terror attacks and cyber attacks of this magnitude while Trump was in office? Were they politely waiting until he was out of office. Fuck is this shit?

I think higher gas prices are the new normal but this spike won’t last forever. I’m not buying a full tank while shit’s like this.


- Gas seems to have stabilized around $3.19, but I found a station off the main roads that had it for $3.09. Not that I will accept that as "normal" by any means, but I do not expect Biden to do anything that will result in prices returning to what they were, let alone further reduce them. It's simply the nature of the beast that neocons and Democrats = inflated gas prices. There is simply nothing in either of their interest that would lead to thinking about the working class trying to commute to work.

- Anyone thinking that hiking gas prices will cause people to purchase EVs is likewise coming from a position of privilege. Before Tesla, the only people who bought EVs were affluent people who wanted to virtue signal despite the EVs of that time being inferior in all ways to ICE. Tesla turned EVs into a status symbol by not making them look like clown cars, making the range the same as ICE, and making them powerful enough to give something nice to sturrrrr~. If the product is nice, it will naturally proliferate and take over the market. But...if someone's in a sub-$10k car and has anxiety about affording exactly are they supposed to afford an EV?

- I don't give a single fuck how gas prices or cars are in the UK/EU or any of these other cuck shed countries. The US has oil. We could tell the Arabs to take every single one of their whole barrels, form a train, and shove the barrels individually up every ass in their kingdom at any moment but we don't for some reason.

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Jan 12, 2019
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Holy fuck if it's not one fucking thing, it's something the fuck else

The Babylon Bee posted a satirical article that "Psaki Reassures: ‘Inflation Completely Under Control Outside Of Food, Gas, And Housing’"

> satire

But is it really though?

"Economists expect inflation to begin building to a point where even the Federal Reserve cannot deny it exists."

dAmN tHaT's CrAzY 🙃

I'd be curious to hear from a lefty Biden voter how this is supposedly a good thing and how making things less affordable helps the working class and how all this COVID cult and lockdown fuckery do anything at all except enrich the government's power, the ruling class, and big pharma.

Jan 12, 2019
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Toilet Paper II: Return of the Planarians

I don't understand the bags and am kind of surprised nobody's poisoned themselves or lit themselves on fire (that I'm aware of). I have never seen such brazen disrespect for a hazardous material in my life.

I like how the guy with the 15 tupperware containers is filling them up like he's trying to do that thing where you fill up the crystal glasses with different levels of water and then play "Greensleeves" on them by rubbing your finger around the rim. But holy fuck, throw every single one of those out. Do not poison yourself and everyone at the next family reunion with those shits.


How much of the gas ended up on the ground?


Jan 4, 2019
I’m pretty sure at least two people have blown their vehicles up through this ridiculous saga. My mind Bagging gasoline? I really shouldn’t be surprised, people are fucking dumb.


Jan 3, 2019
Ancaps and atheists: People can figure things out on their own, if you just leave them be
People: Derp 🥴

One of the strongest arguments for needing religion in society is that some people are simply too dumb to function without one. Like how some countries need a dictator to prevent civil war and genocide from happening. And how the difference between 1st world countries and 3rd world countries can be summarized by the difference in IQ between cops and criminals. People like the above make the Davos authoritarians look downright benevolent, even though they were the cause of the shortage in the first place. At least they have a plan for keeping the apes in line (and making the trains run on time).

On the other hand, I also wonder if public education might be a cause of all this stupidity. Either it's that, or inbreeding. Or maybe it's just that intelligence is the product of scarcity, and when you eliminate scarcity, you dumb everyone down. Also the fact that all advertising-based industries make more money from NPCs than they do from thinking humans (because ads only work on NPCs), so they're incentivized to turn as many people into mindless retards as they can.

This is all just my left brain talking, thinking it knows everything. I watched that McGilchrist-Peterson conversation two days ago and it connected a lot of dots for me, regarding the symbolism of the Beast. As the old fortune cookie might say, the left hemisphere of the brain is like fire and water: good servant but bad master (and best emissary).
Jan 12, 2019
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> Ancaps and atheists: People can figure things out on their own, if you just leave them be
People: Derp 🥴

The first ones to go are the ones who are unfit in some way anyway, but as time goes on, "hard times create strong men" because anyone who can't cope will be eliminated. It's not like the same people who have no common sense around gasoline, will suddenly become sapient if left to their own devices.

> One of the strongest arguments for needing religion in society is that some people are simply too dumb to function without one.

The Middle East should be the cradle of civilization based on that logic.

I agree there's a huge amount of people that apparently feel empty and aimless without something to oppress them. They have nothing to offer besides their obedience. It could be that people who act like that are too megalomaniacal and sadistic to be satisfied with just ruling themselves, but lack all semblance of leadership traits, so they align with a tyrant so they can be oppress others vicariously.

> Also the fact that all advertising-based industries make more money from NPCs than they do from thinking humans (because ads only work on NPCs), so they're incentivized to turn as many people into mindless retards as they can.

The "ideal" American upbringing has the ultimate goal of giving someone the highest chance to "get into a good school" and make lots of money so they can buy a lot of shit, have a big house, and new cars. It's not really meant to do anything else.
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