The Hidden World

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Aug 26, 2019
It seemed like everyone agreed to Casey's words and he smiled to himself as he began to scan Sindri. The blue light began to run along the Alien's body, up and down which captured Sindri's attention. He giggled softly as the alien tried to poke the light before he looked over as the doctor approached him. He nodded to Senka before looking back at his band. With a swipe of his index finger, a small projected image appeared on his wrist. With another flick, the image was enlarged so that Senka would be able to see the details.

The alien's anatomy was discovered in detail and his bone structure. The density of his body seemed lighter than that of the humans. They found no glands that induce or produce any known toxins thus it was safe to assume that he was harmless. However, the scan also showed a high concentration of aether which made Casey's brow furrow. That's can not be right, that amount is fatal to a human... He thought to himself before he looked over at Senka that seemed as surprised and concerned as he was.

Sindri showed no symptoms of being aether poisoned yet the test results said he has aether inside his body. "That's insane... How could he handle so much aether inside of him? He shows none of the effects we humans have... " he mumbled to Senka but it was loud enough for all to hear. His eyes followed Alexander as he settled beside the alien and as he rolled his sleeve up, he remembered.

Now, it does make sense... The two of them had similar markings, they both can speak this weird language and also able to cloak themselves, but how did Alexander get these traits if there was no information about those creatures before. How come no human set foot on this planet before them. Casey seemed to be deep in thought that he realized that Fred had ran off to distance himself away from alien not he noticed that Senka had already begun to get samples from the Sindri.
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