Straight the human condition [ mcu / original ] craving a smuttier focus

Feb 17, 2019
I'm potentially seeking something with a noticeably higher smut content than is my usual. For canon x canon or canon x OC, anyway. I'm in a mood, help a lady out​

f-list. Please look at it. Sometimes people send me really long thought out ideas but they're based on a kink that I hate and I think we both come away feeling bad after that exchange is over.
WHERE I ROLEPLAY: I'll roleplay over thread, PM, Discord, or email. Just PM for my discord, I always feel kinda uncomfortable posting it. Probably leftover from the AIM days when posting your account name meant inviting spambots.
WHAT I SEEK: I'm looking for a literate partner who can spell properly, understands grammar, and can give me enough to work with. Preferably someone who can write at least two paragraphs or more, because I think it's important to be able to put enough detail into the posts. If English is your second language just let me know ahead of time!
OTHER: Please know that I may not be able to post every day. I don't care about my writing partner's gender~
In anything that I write, all characters are at least 18 years old. I do require faceclaims for OCs, you can find some suggestions at the bottom of the originals section, though you do not have to use those ones.

means craving
means like it, happy to do it
means I'm not really actively looking, but if my partner brings a good plot/character I'll be interested.

You can check the latest post for specific updates/new pairings.
I'll also do zombie AUs! I've got a handful of ideas~

movies: Iron Man 1-3, Captain America 1-3, Thor 1+3, Avengers 1-4, Ant-Man, The Amazing Spider-Man movies 1-2, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Spider-Man: Far From Home, Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse, Doctor Strange, Black Panther
cartoons: Earth's Mightiest Heroes
comics: The Unstoppable Wasp 2017 & 2018, random ones I pick up - I probably don't know the comic plotline you want to talk about

Brunnhilde/Valkyrie x Thor Odinson
Brunnhilde/Valkyrie x Bruce Banner
Brunnhilde/Valkyrie x Loki Laufeyson
Brunnhilde/Valkyrie x OC
xx • only for a highly literate partner (who can give me 4-6 paragraphs a post) with a non-human character who's well thought out and probably isn't too tragic/massive backstory'd - or at least isn't angsty and brooding about it. Don't need two messes in one pairing. I'm open to the idea, but going to be picky about the partners for this.
Michelle Jones x Peter Parker
Pepper Potts x Tony Stark
xx • Endgame: exploring their five years, I would like Rescue please because slice of life is boring.. They can still have Morgan, but I'm not up for pregnancy as a focused fetish.
Pepper Potts x Bruce Banner
Nadia Van Dyne x Bucky Barnes
xx • If we're MCU angling I use this faceclaim and she's older because it's been longer.
Wanda Maximoff x Clint Barton
Wanda Maximoff x Bucky Barnes
Wanda Maximoff x Vision
Wanda Maximoff x Steve Rogers
Wanda Maximoff x Loki Laufeyson
xx • crazy curious about this dynamic, because Wanda's not going to take kindly to manipulation after Ultron but I think she'd be sympathetic to someone's wishes to be better as a person. Something with enough AU to involve this?
Wanda Maximoff x Stephen Strange
xx • I should like this pairing a lot more than I do.
Nebula x Tony Stark
Peggy Carter x Steve Rogers
xx • I have a pretty specific AU in mind for them. It isn't necessarily unhappy, but I don't think either of them would end up really getting the life they wanted if Steve didn't freeze.
xx • AU where Peggy ends up Winter Soldier'd instead of Bucky. Or with Bucky.
xx • Post Endgame: They got their nice ending, I'm sure the creation of SHIELD was still involved!

Peggy Carter x Bucky Barnes
xx • an AU where he's found by the Allies instead of the Axis Powers and ends up being brought back, half dead, to the camp. Stark may give him an arm that would be sort of an alternate (probably lesser) version of the one he'd have gotten with HYDRA, or it may be that there's nothing for him. It would focus on them post-war, trying to deal with the loss of Steve and Bucky's PTSD. I'm not looking for much that's gonna be... happy and successful with them? They're gonna be a mess, sticking together and trying to make things work. no Winter Soldier!Bucky.
Jane Foster x Thor Odinson
xx • I'm happy to use Natalie Portman's Jane as a face claim as long as I can use the EMH job (EMT) + personality, because I thought she was miserably boring in Thor.
Natasha Romanoff x Clint Barton
xx • I don't feel super comfortable with my Nat, so you gotta be a good plotter for anything involving Nat.
Natasha Romanoff x Scott Lang
xx • their personalities seem like they'd combine well. This is probably the Nat pairing I'd be most likely to accept, though I'm still just... not sure how I'm gonna handle this gal.
Natasha Romanoff x Bruce Banner
Hope Van Dyne x Scott Lang
Nakia x T'Challa
Okoye x T'Challa
Shuri x Peter Parker
Shuri x Bucky Barnes
xx • look someone had to put his hair in a bun at the end of Black Panther and I adoooore Shuri.
Shuri x Tony Stark
Gwen Stacy x Miles Morales
xx • so here's the thing - I still haven't picked up any comics with her so you'll have to deal with whatever interpretation of her movie personality I fall into.
xxfem!Tony Stark (Antonia Stark) x Steve Rogers (one of my very, very few obviously physically olderF x youngerM I will do), Fem!Tony Stark x Bruce Banner, fem!Tony Stark x Stephen Strange, fem!Bruce Banner (Brianna Banner) x Tony Stark, fem!Thor Odinson (Thor Odindóttir) x idk man who do you think would work, fem!Loki Laufeyson (Loki Laufeydóttir) x Stephen Strange, suggest! I won't genderbend Steve or Bucky, as their story stops making sense given social restrictions and beliefs around women in the 1940s
OC x Erik Killmonger
OC x Miles Morales
xx • with another Spider-person who's from his dimension - two spiderteens just workin their shit out? Or a spiderteen trapped in his dimension and they have to invent something that will keep her from destabilizing to the point of death.
xx • I've got a Hit-Girl-esque OC who ends up at his school after she moves in with an adoptive family following the death of her father. She's tough, strong, aggressive, and feels very empty and alone. I'd like clashes over their differences in crime fighting and for Miles to slowly soften her up and help her find her place with him as a good person and helpful hero. Meanwhile she is willing to do all the bad things that need to be done in order to keep Peter from having to make those choices (shamelessly ripped from Peter Parker because people have expressed interest in this being for Miles)

OC x Quentin Beck
OC x Peter B Parker [Spiderverse Version]
xx • Every world needs a Spider-person. When Peter is pulled out of his reality, a new person is gifted Spider powers to fill in the gap. When he returns, they have to deal with the fact that now there are two of them. Age gap necessary (late thirties and mid twenties probably)
xx • give him a new girlfriend? I dunno, I'm just so absolutely into dudes with super strength handling their girlfriend like she's nothing. I'm thinking a new neighbor in his terrible apartment, or the appearance of a new hero with some small enhancements - if there's combat we might have an easier time keeping the story going

OC x Peter Parker [MCU version]
xx • I've got a Hit-Girl-esque OC who ends up at his school after she moves in with an adoptive family following the death of her father. She's tough, strong, aggressive, and feels very empty and alone. I'd like clashes over their differences in crime fighting and for Peter to slowly soften her up and help her find her place with him as a good person and helpful hero. Meanwhile she is willing to do all the bad things that need to be done in order to keep Peter from having to make those choices.
xx • High school is hard. High school as a super hero is harder. Trying to balance both of those while also keeping an eye on the escaped superweapon of a criminal organization who happens to be an attractive teen his age? Pretty much impossible. But Peter Parker isn't about to back down from a challenge.
xx • So I was watching one of the fight scenes in Far From Home and just had this image in my head of Peter trying to calm down somebody who's caught in an illusion and losing control over their powers because of it. I'm just kinda picturing Peter trying to get closer, yelling things to her to try and get her to snap out of it as she struggles desperately. She could slide in well against Mysterio as well since they're both just teens trying their best, or maybe it's afterwards and some of Mysterio's team are trying to go after Peter?
xx • Peter is trying out EDITH (on the bus or later at school, or even just in the street), trying to get a better handle of the things she can do when the AI picks somebody out of the crowd and informs Peter that she's the hero who has recently started making appearances around the city. Peter can't exactly approach her to talk about it though, not without blowing his cover (yeah this ignores the end credit scene, maybe give us some time to establish before using this if you want that in!)
xx • With his identity revealed and his name muddied by what Mysterio has done, Peter has to go to Avengers mansion, while May and Happy take a quickly planned vacation to get her out of potential danger while the next step is planned. Avengers mansion feels empty now, without as many of the heroes, but Peter finds there's another new resident - a teen who was recruited recently and is still in training. There sure is a whole lot that two most unsupervised, super powered teens can get up to....

OC x Steve Rogers
xx • I'd like to do something with one of the other brainwashed assassins from the end of Civil War. One who's not dead. Could be because she was hidden, because she was activated and is currently being used, or because Zemo missed his shot a little so she's now awake, completely fucked up, has no idea what's going on, and is bleeding to death. • I've got a Peggy-like American character who I'd like to start out with Steve when he's still scrawny. They go on a double date with Bucky and one of her friends, hit it off, become a weird and awkward couple, and then away she goes to war only for him to end up in the program she's working. It'd be fun to play with the way the relationship dynamic would change when he transforms from scrawny and someone she tends to into a big ol' buff guy she doesn't have to take care of at all anymore. We can figure out what we want to do with the whole... frozen thing. AU from there, make her part of one of the Winter Soldier-esque programs (I would love this?? Maybe she's rescued in the scene where the others get shot in their cryo by Zemo?), end the story, let her live through the serum the same way some have in the comics, other option I can't think of right now...
xx • After everything that's happened, Steve isn't sure he trusts new neighbors. Which was the correct choice - the woman next door isn't normal at all. She's not here for him, but that's not going to keep him from getting caught up in all the crazy around her.
xx • got like 3 pwp ideas lmao oops

OC x Scott Lang
xx • Scott is an Avenger now, he's left his days of breaking and entering behind. 'Hero' and 'thief' don't really go well together, after all. So when he's asked to do some infiltration and stealing by the Avengers, which is an interesting situation. And they've put him with another, more recent criminal who seems a little bit less noble. Not that he has a lot of room to talk, he knows, but it's a little concerning.
xx • After the events of Endgame, there's a gap in the Avengers roster and several less capable members to train the new ones. Still, how did he get stuck with it? Scott is quite sure he's not trainer material, but here they are...

OC x Bucky Barnes
xx • post-CW/BP: a Wakandan doctor helps Bucky work through the brainwashing and get the trigger words out of his head.
xx • I'd like to do something with one of the other brainwashed assassins from the end of Civil War. One who's not dead. Could be because she was hidden, because she was activated and is currently being used, or because Zemo missed his shot a little so she's now awake, completely fucked up, has no idea what's going on, and is bleeding to death.
xx • I've got a post-Winter Soldier slight AU that would pair him with a Hydra handler who aids in his escape.
xx • I've got a cute neighbor for a post-Winter Soldier/Civil War/Endgame AU where he lives with Steve.
xx • I've got a post-Winter Soldier AU where he ends up dealing with his returning memories and increasing capacity to feel emotions while employed as the personal bodyguard of a heiress. Eventual crossover with Avengers that can lead to Civil War in somewhat the same way if we want
xx • post Infinity War AU where Steve is dusted and Bucky tries to take over the Captain America name - pair him with a newer hero Steve had been starting to train
xx • got like five short term pwp ideas, whoops

OC x Pietro Maximoff
xx • Mild AU of the end of AoU in which Pietro is just barely alive; a civilian from the small city reveals a mutation (or status as someone experimented on) she's been hiding to try and save him. In the end it works, and he's left with a life debt he doesn't know how to pay
xx • alternately, pair him with another person who Hydra experimented on. She attaches to him because he's like her, and there's comfort in that. Maybe it's an AU where Wanda died instead of him?

OC x Bruce Banner
xx • she can heal from any injury and isn't sure if she's even human. He's not sure if he still counts. She's volatile, outspoken, and aggressive, and more than willing to speak up on his behalf. They both feel like they're there more as weapons than as the people they really are, and together they try to cope with it.
xx • at first they thought it was just the oppressive summer heat. But as people started to get more out of control, more violent, and it started to affect even those who would never otherwise behave that way, SHIELD and the Avengers grew concerned. When it started to hit the Avengers, well... then it was a big problem. There's only one hero with the brains to figure out what's going on and the strength to make it stop and he's.... not exactly the best with negative emotions. That means they need someone who can calm him down. Enter her. She's been on SHIELD's radar for a while, using her ability to help criminal negotiations, robberies, and in the move that made them realize that she was so much more of a threat than they thought, suppressing the negative emotions of a whole restaurant full of people while a murder happened. She can't create emotions, just dampen them except for hunger, exhaustion, and pain), and that's exactly what they need to make sure the doctor keeps himself in control.
xx • Pre-Avengers or really anywhere we want to say he tried to bail on the Avengers: Bruce has found himself a place in a poor area of some other country and is working as a doctor as he often does in order to survive. Things are going well - there haven't been any incidents in some time and nothing seems out of the ordinary or suspicious. Of course, it turns out things are very out of the ordinary - a SHIELD agent has been assigned to keep there from being any problems and has been living her life in his shadow since arriving and intends to make sure that everything goes smoothly for him. She's doing a great job of it too, until shit hits the fan and she can't hide herself any longer

xx • what if VERONICA was a person instead of a program meant to release the Hulkbuster? The armor would obviously still be a thing, and still up in a satellite, and I imagine the fight would go a lot of the same way - it's just that it's ended by Veronica instead. I have some ideas for her, but since the Avengers already seemed to know that HYDRA was making metahumans maybe she was one that they had found earlier. I was thinking some emotional manipulation as a power, which would obviously make Bruce pretty uncomfortable at the idea of her. But I'm open to suggestions, I have a few different possible powers!
xx • Endgame: They skipped all the development I would want for him in Endgame! So let's have a roleplay where he's learning to communicate and connect with Hulk. I'm not really interested in smut when he's Hulk sized so I think a breakup would be involved, followed by them getting back together later. I feel like I kept expecting him to lose control and split apart and have to deal with that (at which point they get back together) and I'd like for that to please happen. Then the aftermath of it can be dealt with as we roll into more story.
xx • two short term pwp ideas

OC x Clint Barton
xx • Endgame: I want some fucked up not-romance that's more sex and teamwork in murder (though they're fond of each other) between two people who lost everything in The Snap. Story obviously has an eventual endpoint since they'll join the team to undo the Snap and then his family will come back.
xx • AU where Clint doesn't have a family/is divorced: shit, he just wanted to retire. The whole hero thing wasn't what he signed up for, things haven't exactly been goin' great, but instead of getting to take a break and a nap Clint ends up sucked into someone else's fight (again) and finds himself tangled up in one of the many fights that the Avengers miss out on.
xx • zombie apocalypse AU? lmao but seriously he'd be great for that

OC x Tony Stark
xx • Post IM1, AoU, or Civil War: Tony runs into a woman who served in the military, who was released after a serious injury caused by his weaponry being sold under the table OR who was injured trying to save people in Sokovia depending on the angle we want. She becomes sort of his pet project -- like if he can 'fix' her, he can rid himself of all of the guilt and helplessness left over from what happened. But she was in an okay place before Tony started butting in, is he helping or making things worse?
xx • after an assassination attempt nearly succeeds, Tony reluctantly allows himself to get shuffled off, thinking he's going to get a relaxing vacation. Instead he ends up on a farm with a surprisingly brilliant woman who seems more interested in her life as it is than exploring what she could do with her genius. I want to see Tony fix a tractor, get up at like four in the morning, and I have some mystery for her and her farm. For some extra mystery, intrigue, and trying to solve villain problems, she's sitting on a pretty big SHIELD secret that Tony's insatiable curiosity and inability to take 'no' for an answer ends up releasing.
xx • I wanna do something with a gal who appears declaring herself to be Yinson's daughter, the unknown survivor when the rest of the family was killed. It would probably have to be earlier in the timeline, and would work up until just after Civil War. I just really like twisting the emotional knife with Tony.
xx • I'm still working on it but I like the idea of Tony smashing in to rescue someone only to find out she's taken a page out of his book and is halfway to rescuing herself. A younger genius who was supposed to create something that could take down Iron Man, perhaps? Or who was developing an enhancement drug to create some sort of super soldier. I have a lot of ways the violence in the escape would hit her differently than it did him, and am eager for the hurt/comfort, the ass kicking, and the inevitable workshop sex.[
xx • Tony and a Vision-esque android he created
xx • Endgame: in a story where he has a romantic partner already and we begin from him arriving on Earth and then explore the five years
xx • Endgame: AU where he and Pepper already had a baby and when he gets back to Earth he finds his baby being held by a stranger and no Pepper in sight. I'm thinking Pepper is dead not just Snapped since otherwise we can never unSnap.

OC x Stephen Strange
xx • Nobody remembers who she is. It's her power; look away, and the memory of her is gone. Doctor Strange finds a CD on table of a conversation with a woman he doesn't remember, speaking her life problem with this. Is it a curse? A mutant power? He would develop an amulet or spell that allows her to be seen by him, maybe at first just a spell on the sanctum until he develops something portable?
xx • Post Infinity War: beginnings of a Dr. Strange x OC au where he doesn't go during The Snap and instead manages to magically save her or she manages to magically save him. It'd something that's shaky and unstable and probably puts a lot of mental and physical stress on the magic wielder. This would probably require some story ahead of time to connect them, but I've got ideas for them having never really met.

OC x Sam Wilson
OC x Thor Odinson
xx • Ragnarok focus: I'd like to play with the fact time is different on Sakaar. So a day on Asgard could be a month on Sakaar perhaps? The events on Asgard had to take several days, no way everything that happened before he got there was a single day. After his fight with Hulk, Thor is given time with a high profile escort. He's got much more serious things on his mind and isn't in the mood for sex with someone who's in a position like hers, but the time has been repeatedly set and if she leaves too early she may get in trouble. So he starts using the time at first to take advantage of a sympathetic ear and then to teach her the sword.
xx • I enjoy the idea of pairing him with a human, probably someone who could/has joined the Avengers, because I think something fully civilian would get boring.
xx • What if there were other 'Gods' from other pantheons? Thor thought Asgardians were the only ones, but he's proven wrong.

OC x Loki Laufeyson
xx • After the events of Thor 1 or Avengers: in punishment for his behavior, Loki is thrown down to Earth. He literally crashes into the life of a psychiatrist who's taking a sabbatical in order to get her shit together emotionally after the death of a client.
xx • Ragnarok Focus: Loki arrives on Sakaar and is welcomed as an exciting and novel guest. There in the large palace-like building he finds a young woman with magical talent who has been locked into a role of performance and servitude but has potential for so much more.

OC x Everett Ross
I've got a sweet Wakandan woman who's Shuri's assistant. Whether we lengthen the time it takes for him to heal/the time it takes for T'Challa to take back the throne or send her out into the world with him as an escort is up to us!
OC x T'Challa
xxno Sharon Carter/Agent 13, Felicia Hardy/Black Cat, any of the Ghost Riders, Eddie Brock/Venom (I haven't read his comics or seen the movie yet ( x __ x ) ), probably more I can't think of

TV Daredevil season 1-2, Jessica Jones season 1-2, Iron Fist season 1, Luke Cage season 1, Defenders season 1, Punisher season 1-2.4 (I'll probably finish it if I get something involving Frank)
Karen Page x Foggy Nelson
Karen Page x Frank Castle
xx • I wish she'd had a few more struggles with him, it seems like Karen just immediately loves and accepts everyone around her and they do too. Sometimes I love her for it, sometimes I think it makes her seem watery and weak. She can be so tough, but when Matt or Frank is involved it's like her backbone just gets pulled right out.
Claire Temple x Matt Murdock
Claire Temple x Davos
Claire Temple x Luke Cage
Jessica Jones x Sam Wilson
Jessica Jones x Malcolm Ducasse
Jessica Jones x Matt Murdock
Jessica Jones x Luke Cage
Jessica Jones x Scott Lang
xx • I don't really have an idea but I'm sort of thinking maybe he ends up moving into her shitty apartment because he needs somewhere to live and then potentially tries to step in to help Jessica deal with someone in her office but she obviously super doesn't need that help
Trish Walker x Foggy Nelson
xx • Worried Friend Squad
Misty Knight x Luke Cage
xx • Fem!Matt Murdock (Matilda Murdock) x Foggy Nelson, Fem!Matt Murdock x Frank Castle, Fem!Frank Castle (Francine Castle) x Matt Murdock. Don't have faceclaims for them yet but I will soon.
OC x Foggy Nelson
OC x Matt Murdock
xx • Yes, she's committed a lot of small crimes, but she didn't commit this one. When a small time Irish thug shows up at Nelson and Murdock asking for representation, Matt doesn't turn her away. Later, she unknowingly repays the favor by doing a solid for Daredevil and gets herself tangled up in his fight.
OC x Jack Murdock
xx • Jack feels bad leaving his son alone every time he has a match. He knows Matt can take care of himself, but it's just not right to leave a blind boy to fend for himself entirely. So he asks his neighbor, a sweet, unassuming woman to check up on him, maybe make him a meal, that sort of thing. It turns out that she's got some history of her own, and a few problems that follow her...
OC x Luke Cage
xx • Luke was given the immunity and the super strength. Meanwhile she got the other half of the powers that the government was hoping that they could eventually give to soldiers - she heals fast and she barely needs food, water, or sleep. She just wants to live her life peacefully but when shit hits the fan she has a good idea of who to see.
OC x Frank Castle
xx • when Frank is severely injured, he has no one to turn to. The hospital would mean arrest, and there's only one person he knows who won't immediately turn him in. Karen can't help him, or at least she can't patch him up herself. But she knows someone who can, someone who's sympathetic to what the Punisher does. OC is strong-willed and not going to be intimidated by him, willing to call him out on his shit. At the same time she is a very kind and caring person who will do her best to fix him up no matter what the circumstance.
xx • The organization kept her around because of her ability to heal their men, and their ability to sell her skill to others. When Frank takes her with him it's not out of the kindness of his heart, it's because he knows they'll come after her - she knows too much and it makes her the perfect bait. The fact that she can fix up his wounds doesn't hurt but he has no plans to get attached, Pity plans don't always work out.
xx • she's done all sorts of bad things for all sorts of people. But one of them broke a deal, and she finds that inexcusable. Now she's going to get revenge, but it turns out Frank is already on the trail. Loosely planning this to be an ex-SHIELD agent who lost her job after Winter Soldier and went into the... private sector. Or could just be a spunky ex-mob enforcer.

xxno Killgrave, Danny Rand/Iron Fist, Electric Nachos

Marvel Poly/Threesomes
At the moment I am only looking for MFM(+however many M)
Peggy Carter x Bucky Barnes & Steve Rogers
xx • heavy AU that gets both Steve and Bucky out of the war
xx • short term little thing where they're just enjoying a night of fun

Brunnhilde/Valkyrie x Thor Odinson & Loki Laufeyson
Brunnhilde/Valkyrie x Thor Odinson & Bruce Banner
Brunnhilde/Valkyrie x Thor Odinson, Bruce Banner & Loki Laufeyson (probably poly, not a foursome)
Pepper Potts x Tony Stark & Bruce Banner
xx • It's been a while since Bruce has been around someone who has nothing but kindness for him. He didn't mean to develop a crush on Tony's girlfriend, and he certainly never intended to show any sign of it and would never even dream of acting on his feelings, but... turns out Tony isn't quite as opposed to sharing as one would expect of him.
Wanda Maximoff x Stephen Strange & Loki Laufeyson
xx • Wanda's powers are going out of control, and there's only two people the Avengers know who have any understanding of magic. casually inspired by this comic
Jessica Jones x Matt Murdock & Luke Cage
Claire Temple x Matt Murdock & Luke Cage
Karen Page x Matt Murdock & Frank Castle
OC x Stephen Strange & Loki Laufeyson
xx • idea incoming about a human who may be cursed
OC x Tony Stark & Stephen Strange
OC x Tony Stark & Bruce Banner
OC x Tony Stark & Steve Rogers
OC x Scott Lang & Clint Barton
xx • sometimes, you need to put together a team. If that team happens to be three people who are particularly good at infiltration and thievery? Well, there's only so many things that they could be doing. It's fine, they're professionals. But being stuck in tight spaces and dealing with a lot of pressure can effect even the most professional of heroes...
OC x Thor Odinson & Loki Laufeyson
xx • idea incoming about an Asgardian warrior woman
xx • idea incoming about a human Loki is real pissed off to have developed feelings for
xx • idea incoming about an alien that they rescue from Sakaar (probably ends in an AU)

OC x Bucky Barnes & Steve Rogers
xx • they saved her at the end of Civil War, and now they have a new super soldier to deal with. She's suspicious and traumatized and thankfully the Bucky and Steve are up to the task of helping keep her settled and acclimate her to the idea of freedom.
xx • Bucky and Steve have a sweet, very attractive neighbor. They're both interested in her but hey, good friends are good at sharing.

OC x Bucky Barnes & Sam Wilson
OC x Bucky Barnes & T'Challa
OC x honestly just any number of the MCU Avengers, gimme a harem of buff men
xx • I've got a short term idea for a series of MF, MMF, or even MMMF situations. Whatever floats your boat! Long term, it'd be a gal who sleeps with one, two or three at a time in between fighting crime. No romantic feelings necessary, though they're all gonna be nice to each other and there should be some romantic gestures sometimes.

Kimmy Schmidt x Steve Rogers
xx • Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt + Avengers
Donna Noble x Bruce Banner
xx • Doctor Who + Avengers
Clara Oswald x Bucky Barnes
xx • Doctor Who + Avengers
Jessica Jones x Bruce Wayne
Jessica Jones x Dean Winchester
xx • Defenders + Supernatural. Killgrave was a supernatural being of some sort, she managed to kill him, and now she's a private detective who knows that the paranormal exists. She still has her super strength to at least some degree. Early season SPN universe base.
Zinda Blake x Steve Rogers
Zinda Blake x Bucky Barnes
Wynonna Earp x Stephen Strange
xx • Wynonna Earp + Avengers. More Wynonna’s world than MCU based.
Wanda Maximoff x J'onn J'onzz
Lucy x Bruce Banner
xx • from the movie Lucy. Her skills would need to be adjusted and I'd like to cut out the whole '10% of the brain' bullshit
Charlotte Gage-Radcliffe x Peter Parker
xx • DC's Birds of Prey + Avengers
Barbara Gordon x Matt Murdock
xx • Babs as Oracle, from Birds of Prey more specifically. We can AU her injuries, but I want her to be at least using a cane.
probably not accepting suggestions for crossovers

I tend to prefer smaller, more personal powers (super strength [!!! it's kink too lmao], flying, teleportation, etc) to things like fire powers or whatever. I like the stories to deal with smaller situations that don't have to involve supers to keep the ante high, and big flashy powers make that hard. There's times it's appropriate, but the flashy powers tend to make me immediately less invested in stories.
listed as my role x your role unless there's a note there about it.
magic user x the person they saved from turning to ash/dust
xx• the only pairing I'll have in a canon world, focuses on the immediate aftermath of Infinity War.
'self employed' hero x government sanctioned hero
xx• set in a world where powered people have to be government-recognized and work with them in order to be able to be heroes. Those who don't are considered vigilantes and criminals. How on the 'up and up' the government is can be discussed

'tank' hero x healer
xx• there's not enough hunky male healers. For clarity sake I may be using more D&D/game terms but I do fully intend for this to be played in a way that would be similar in setting and style to everything else here - modern, low level super heroics, his power is probably because he’s whatever our universe ends up being’s version of a mutant/experiment gone wrong or right/whatever.
someone brainwashed into being a villain x hero
xx• also gained their powers through experimentation by the group that brainwashed her? When the brainwashing has cracked (which would happen early in the roleplay) she'll either be pretty vengeful and destructive or flighty and quick to bail on situations depending on what we think is best.
xxno powers of: Telepathy (garbage characters have made this power garbage, the only exception to this is the pairing I have up), hypnotism, pheromones, powers that are directly related to sex or sexual acts

Male face claims I'm fond of (not that you have to use a suggested one)
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