The Ice peaks

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Jan 3, 2019
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The icy mountains north of Belesara city. They expand over a massive area, even bigger then the Belesara mountains to the south. These snowy mountains are usually below 0 degrees, and while they are not as steep, rocky, and windy as the Belesara mountains having their fair share of flat areas, they are icy, slick, and covered in snow. So while they are a little flatter and less cliffy then the other mountains, they are arguably more hazardous to travel due to the risks of slipping on the ice or freezing to death. The mountains are home to the elven village of Tiraka, as well as homes to many dangerous monsters.

Much like the Altia Isles where the fairies live, there is a magic energy emanating from this location. It feels almost like walking into a fog to those who are not accustom to this energy. Casting magic feels ever so slightly easier here, but not enough to make much of a difference. The closer to the center of the mountains the stronger the emanating magic gets, however nowhere on the mountain does it get as strong as it is on the Altia Isles.

-- Monster difficulty: Challenging to You're screwed --
Native monsters
Frost Bear

Nearby places
Belesara city, south of the eastern side of the mountains.
Belesara Lake, south of the far eastern side of the mountains
Emory forest, south of the center of the mountains
The Northern Field, south of the western side of the mountains
Era City, south of the far western side of the mountains
Tiraka, north eastern part of the mountains
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