Dark Fantasy Lesbian The lustful teacher.!

Jun 28, 2020
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The marriage cease to non-existent her husband don't love her no more but at the point she doesn't care.
one day a new student arrive with the lust of a passion she craves for attention she knows it's wrong but she tries to insist anyways by resisting...!

Before things get worse in her marriage her and her husband argue more than ever. normally where he doesn't come home at the point.
She refused to wait she flirts with the new student just to have her way but what she doesn't know her student lusts for her in the most devious way.

Name: Ms. Koharu Yamasaki
Age: 26
Gender: female
Sexuality: bisexual
Position: bottom and top
Relationship Status: married ( on the rocks )
Occupation: teacher
( high school )
Status: wealthy

Name: kazuya Kira suka
Age: 18
Gender: female
Sexuality: lesbian
Position: top
Relationship Status: single
Occupation: student
( high school )
Status: middle class
Jun 28, 2020
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roleplay seen:

I been a really bad girl sell weed in school restroom... ms.yamasaki I know I failed you class and test and also cursing out professor.
I can make up for extra credit will you give me A++ to eat out your delicious pussy while you in slave me.

A. Will you deduct her for demerits in her class for making such a foul provocative language comment at you

B. Continue on with this side of the story

C. Another option of my choice

Oops see I dropped my pen Ms.yamasaki.!

*as ms.yamasaki when to retrieve student pen from the floor she bended over sexual to retrieve it with her ass in the near her face but what she didn't notice her Student unbuttoned her blouse to reveal her lavender Lacey push up bra with her soft pillowy breast ( 36 c )*

*as ms.Yamasaki pick up her upper body doing a whine dance for her as her student sees she bites her soft supple lips as for student reply
( your nice and thicc )

*as she moaned softly letting ms.yamasaki hear her reaction Ms.yamasaki reply ( a healthy thicc woman needs to eat ) ( yes that's so true )*

A. Would you proceed with a lap dance before turning around

B. Continue on turning around

*has she turned around to her surprise to see two lovely 36c in front of her face ( oh my are those for me she replied ) (yes as the student said)*

A. Do you want her to continue by being devious to you

B. Have a lustful with relationship while you fix it up for your husband

C. Let the lust continue and break it off with your husband

D. Leave your husband and let her become your mistress
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