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Sep 24, 2019
Heya everybody :)

I am with creative writing and building virtual worlds of fantasy for a couple of years, new to this style of roleplaying on the internet ( but I love it ). I was told about this place being open for adult content. English is not my first language ( and maybe old style as I learned it from school and books ) so another aspect of reading and writing here will be to improve my skills. If you ask for it I will use a dictionary and spell chekker.

I stay connected most time of the day, so I can do quick replies, but when doing elaborated posts it may take me for the next day.
I live in Central Europe Timezone, so perhaps we will have a time gap.
I do _not_ like to do roleplaying by messengers or discord. Sorry.
I am in S/M ( but not in all these stereotypes - naugty, fresh, but never to end up in a drawer. You may call me a Switch )
I am bisexual - also switching between worlds here. Sometimes I love crossdressing.

What I love.... ( a mixture, I was told to set up a Request Thread and will do so soon )

Edgar Allan Poe
Pain, Strict Bondage, Dark Dungeons, Concrete made Walls, Lost Places ( a little Gothic? Yes, Sir! )
Non consensual plots - Bad Endings. Leather and Latex, high Heels, gloves
Madonna - Express yourself!
Military Interrogation. Uniforms. Especially... Black Uniforms and the bad bad guys and gals.
A lot of world building around. Description of surroundings, Feelings, Thoughts of our Characters.
Crazy Sex Machines. SciFi ( Alien, HR Giger ). Tentakles, Slime, ... Tease and Deny
Classical Damsel in Distress settings. Comix of Guido Crepax, Serpieri, DBLinda.... all the good stuff.
Breath Control, Electrodes. Last not least... open for the Golden Shower. ( No Scat, no Vomit please )

What I do NOT want to have - at least for the moment - or - you will have to persuade me:
Incest, Marvel or other Superheroes, Harem building, Anime/Hentai settings, unrealistic Monster-Tits or -Cocks. Sorry.
Harry Potter. Starwars. Being the VIP or pornstar of your choice. Game of Thrones.

Simply NO:
God Modding (except the Heroine is bound and/or gagged smile ), Ghosting away.
Underage characters

Ok. What I really really want? Will tell it step by step with my request thread.

Thx for reading and... perhaps we meet in conversation. Whatever you have in mind - feel free to ask about.

Ann, the Paingirl
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