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Jan 9, 2019
The BreadBox
// Michael Ram //
Name: Michael Ram
Age: 23
Occupation: Student [College Senior]
Role: Driver
Relationship Status: Single
Biography: At the age of six, Michael was adopted by a married couple and brought to live with them in the U.S.A. Her parents had spent quite a long time trying to conceive a child of their own, and her mother in particular always wanted a son to name Michael. In the end, they adopted a little six-year-old girl and did not change her given name, but decided to give her a second English name: Michael. The couple and their new addition made their home in a small beach town on the east coast.

At first, Michael did not speak much English and had some troubles communicating with her parents and the few children that lived in the area. As a result she was a somewhat reserved, but otherwise happy, child that tended to take things easy and quietly follow her friends lead. Not only with her friends, but with her parents as well she had a habit of placing their wishes before her own in an attempt to please them.

Growing up she hadn't thought much about the path that she herself wants to take, to the point that she's now equal parts indifferent and indecisive about it. As she is now becoming more independent and only has two semesters to go before she graduates and officially enters the "working world" she's began to feel some anxiety and trepidation about it all.

Relationships: WIP
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Jan 3, 2019
Aprillia, Italy.

Name: Isabella Silvi

Nationality: Italian

Age: 24

Occupation: Musician/Rockstar (on the rise)

Role: Protector/Singer/Guitarist

Relationship status: Single

Biography: Having grown up in Italy, Isabella was a bit of a foreign attraction and outcast to the normal society of people. She had to learn English quickly, had to adapt quickly and struggled with fitting in until she decided to pursue her dream of being a musician, and by the age of thirteen she began to realize that, moving in between schools before finally coming to the one where she'd meet her best friends.

Her new friends accepted her, she was an outed lesbian, she enjoyed music and pursued it actively and she dressed rather goth like. Isabella ended up taking up a few martial arts in her spare time, to better protect herself and her friends and learned jujitsu, kyokushin karate and capoeira, the last aiding her dance moves when it came to her musical path as an extra bonus. She was the rising star, and yet stayed close to her friends, becoming rather attached to them, not wanting to let them go in the least.
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Jan 7, 2019

(She is still growing her hair so hair pictured is a wig which she changes as she feels)
Collette Corinne "Coco" Guerrer
Relationship Status:
It's Complicated
Born in Lyon, France, the only child of a business man father and chef mother. At first her life was pretty ordinary, her parents were loving and successfully enough for them to live a comfortable life. Her mother got her cooking young, helping out in the kitchen from when Coco was just a toddler. This developed an interest in in cooking Coco still retained to this day. However this ideal french life was changed when her mother was diagnosed with a brain tumour when Coco was. After almost two years of fighting Coco's mother passed away. Leaving both father and child devastated.

After a few months of grief Coco's father decided to leave France and start new life in the States, making home in a small town in the east coast. The move was quite the adjustment for Coco who found it difficult to adjust to the new language and system becoming a bit of a loner until finding friends in her current group. Soon enough she adjusted and thrived, finding an interest in music as well as cooking thanks to the influence of her friends. Developing plans to either going into music with friends of following in her mothers footsteps and becoming a chef. She also become popular with male students having several boyfriends during her teens but there were always short term finding little satisfaction from them. Soon she came to realisation for the reason for this but she did not want to accept it.

She finished high school with promise but it was not meant to be as Coco soon began to show the same system her mother did before being diagnosed with the tumor. It was confirmed Coco was suffering from the same condition as her mother. She want into treatment thought she had little hope of surviving, because of this she turned away her friends and boyfriend both of which until than stuck by her. She was prepared to die but after several risky surgeries and treatment seemed to work and she began to go into remission. She still suffered from the occasional migraines and seizure yet she would live.

This was a curse as well as blessing to her as now she is rethinking her life and choices. She had given up all her plans for the futures and now she doesn't know what to do with herself and that scares her.
  1. Isabella: Bonded over a similar past and a love for music. Coco tries to play it cool but idolises and envies her. Also she secretly always had a crush on her.​
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Jan 5, 2019

Name: Abigail Jacobs
Age: 23
Role: Scavenger/The Lazy One (When tired)
Status: Single

Bio: Abigail had a rough childhood, so really doesn't know the difference between right or wrong, instead jumping at any opportunity to prove herself to others, therefore taking risks even if it gets her or others in trouble. She still needs to learn some things, but she is loyal to her friends and will stick up for them when needed. She isn't afraid to get rough if needed and is a dirty fighter, no matter who she's against.

For all her flaws, Abi is a nice person in general and will crack an occasional joke, breaking the traditional 'moody goth' cliche that everyone knows about. In terms of relationships, Abigail isn't sure who she likes currently, but things will change on the trip
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