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Mar 31, 2019
Greetings, everyone. I am looking to RP with any males out there who are in want of a partner. In the interest of saving you some valuable time, allow me to get straight into what you can expect from me!

About Me: I am an experienced female roleplayer who thoroughly enjoys the experience of dedicating my time and creativity in order to capture my RP partner's interest and imagination. I aim to please, and although I have a few limits and expectations regarding kinks (and some grammar, more on that below), I am always thrilled when I know the other person is as hooked on the story as I am. I want you to be engaged in a fun interaction, whether it be smut based or story driven. After all, it's not great for me either when I can sense that my RP partner isn't really getting what he wants.

Communication: I always enjoy some merry OOC banter with my partner(s), talking about our plot(s) and characters, sharing inspiration through music, or even just chatting in general if you are so inclined. I also encourage a warm, equal exchange between us to communicate any preferences, discomforts, kinks, and cravings that may develop during the course of an RP. You never know, I may be persuaded to try something new. However, if you want to keep things 'professional' and would rather stick to OOC communication only when necessary, that's fine too. Also, I really value honesty and openness, and if you lose interest in a plot and no longer wish to continue, won't you please say so. I promise I will understand!

Genres: I am pretty open, willing to engage in almost anything from modern day to all-out fantasy. I do have some favorites, though! In order, they are:
  • Historical Fantasy (history mixed with elements of the supernatural, and generously seasoned with some ambitious world building)
  • Alternate History
  • Historical Fiction (usually set during the Edwardian and Victorian eras)
  • Pure Fantasy (e.g., Dragon Age)
  • Fairy Tale & Folklore
  • Supernatural
  • Sci-fi
I will also engage in normal modern day settings, that is with nothing supernatural or fantastical involved, if the plot intrigues me enough. This is a bit of a topic in itself however, as I'm not one for 'slice of life' roleplays. I can always discuss this with you in more detail if you want.

World & Character Building: I think this merits a separate section, because I absolutely love getting so immersed in a story -- however small it may have started out -- that it begins to take on a life and a mind of its own. Have you ever experienced when your creativity is flowing so much that you absolutely can't wait to sit down and write your next post? Or when you're so engaged in a plot that you find yourself thinking about it all day long? If we can RP within a world which we collaboratively build (or that you don't mind me taking the reins on), and one where I can absolutely fall in love with our own original cast of characters, I will be your friend for life. This is not to say that you must roleplay something like this with me, but if you just so happen to enjoy world and character building as much as I do, then I'm your gal.

Writing: Heads Up: I am a bit of a perfectionist. And by that, I mean I expect quality posts from myself. I will never ask for perfection from my partner! As long as you can provide a minimum of two or three medium-length paragraphs that are fairly literate, and which offer an engaging story with memorable characters, that's plenty enough to make me happy. So why do I say 'heads up' about my perfectionism? Well, that is because, since I always strive to deliver my best, it does mean that I can spend multiple hours for several days in a row working on my response, depending on how inspired I am. For some partners, this might be great. I know some people appreciate the level of attention, detail, and immersion I put into it. Yet, I can totally understand if you want to get things moving too, and get to the good stuff! So I am more than willing to aim for shorter replies so that you can expect more frequent posts. And I promise to do my best not to sacrifice quality over length. You just let me know.

Characters: Regarding what sort of characters I play, I do my best to create relatable, fun and interesting roles for you to write against. These can also include side and background casts. Above all, I always try to write females who are complex and who can fascinate my RP partner, and I tend to stay away from extreme stereotypes (e.g., the airheaded college mean girl, the female soldier with a battle-axe attitude, etc.). All of my girls are virgins, and at least 19 years of age.

Roleplay through PM only, please.

Pairings: I am always eager to create and develop a new romance, though I definitely have some favorite pairing types. My greatest guilty pleasure is being able to play a relationship that involves a male who is a bit (or a lot, as the case may be) of a criminal or a lunatic, especially if he is romantically and/or physically obsessed with the girl he desires. Please note, I will not play a domineering or aggressive female. I prefer the man to be on top and in charge.

Some of my favorites:

  • Older Man x Younger Lady (with a minimum of a 14 year age gap between them; both are legal adults)
  • Corrupt Priest x Victim
  • Corrupt Law Enforcement or Military Officer x Civilian Captive
  • Criminal or Kidnapper x Victim
  • Mental Therapist x Patient (Resident)
  • Mental Patient x Victim
  • Possessed Man x Victim
  • Cult Leader or Cult Member x Victim
  • Supernatural Being x Human
  • Forced/Arranged Marriage Partners
  • Monster x Human
  • Non-human x Human
  • Royalty or Nobility x Commoner
  • First Cousin x First Cousin
  • Stepbrother x Stepsister
  • Half-brother x Half-sister
Kinks & Cravings: Ah, yes! The fun part! Without further ado:

  • Age Gaps (see in pairings above)
  • Aphrodisiacs
  • Blackmail/Coercion
  • Corruption
  • Dirty Talking
  • Dub-con or Pseudo-Rape
  • Foreplay
  • Kidnapping
  • Light/Medium Bondage
  • Lima Syndrome
  • Manipulation
  • Pinning Down
  • Pleasure Control
  • Romance
  • Rough Play (some brief and minor slapping, restraining, and hair pulling, but nothing drawn out or excessive)
  • Rugged Backwoods Males (e.g., cowboy, farmer, hunter, pioneer, mountain folk, etc.)
  • Sex Driven
  • Stockholm Syndrome
  • Stomach/Navel Play
  • Story Driven
  • Teasing
I do have some more, as well. You may refer to My List Here, which I hope to update soon!

Dislikes: I try to keep this part simple. I don't ask for much, just a few kinks I would rather stay away from, as well as a small request below (which I referenced in my 'About Me' section) which I hope won't discourage you.

  • Anal Activity
  • Bestiality
  • Body Suits
  • Costumes/Sexy/Slutty Clothing
  • Force Feeding
  • Nonconsensual
  • Scat (and other bodily functions)
  • Sensory Deprivation (blindfolds, gagging, etc.)
  • Violence (mutilation, scarring, etc.)
  • Vore
Sex Slang: Another one that kind of needs its own category here. There is one last thing I would kindly ask if you could try your best on, and that is to avoid using these specific words when referring to sexual anatomy and/or to illustrate sexual scenes:
  • Cock
  • Cunt
  • Dick
  • Fuck
  • Pussy
  • Tits
Okay, I know this is unusual. And let me clarify that these words don't offend me or make me feel squeamish or anything! Rather, I am simply trying to aim for a sort of 'poetic erotica' in all of our RPs, and I find these words to be too coarse for me. They're not very steamy. Now, I know most people are accustomed to using them out of habit, and it's hard to avoid them. That's okay! A little bit here and there won't break our roleplay. All I ask is that you try for about 70% to 90% of using alternative terms. (A couple of people have asked before, 'What do I use then?', and I am happy to PM you a list if you like.) However, these words are fine to use in character dialogue if an appropriate scene or situation calls for it, such as a band of criminals talking down to and/or degrading a female victim.

- - - - -



The Voice in the Cellar

As a child she (MC) was haunted, tormented and horrified by the dreadful thing (YC) that lived in their house and beckoned her constantly to wander into the cellar and play with him. (NOTE: Completely non-sexual context during her childhood, just a supernatural being trying to scare a poor kid.) No one would believe her stories, her claims that someone or something was living in the cellar and trying day and night to terrify her. At last, she and her family moved, and with it the eerie voice became only a horrible memory. Now however, at 19, she has agreed to house sit her boyfriend's newly rented home for the week whilst he is out of town -- only to discover that it is the same house in which she lived as a child. The house with the voice in the cellar that, once again, taunts her to 'come and play.'

All for a Coin

For as long as the village residents could remember, the old farmer has always had good health, a comfortable home, fair crops, hardy livestock, a lovely wife, and beautiful children. He has never taken ill, never had a day where he was in poor spirits, and never suffered a catastrophe. Some say he is simply blessed, while others say that he has a secret to his good fortune which he keeps hidden. As it turns out, he stole a leprechaun's (try not to think of tiny, bearded men in green puritan garb, but instead envision a lithe, elf-like people with a rich culture and history) gold coin years ago, and its luck has been with him ever since. But a leprechaun (YC) can hold a fierce grudge, and the rightful owner of this remarkable coin wants it back. When he is caught trespassing by the farmer's young daughter (MC), however, his interests -- and his target -- quickly change.


Gean Cánach

Over two thousand years ago, the Gancanagh (pronounced ghan-canna from Irish gean cánach, meaning 'love talker') made a name for himself skulking around lonely glens, lakesides, campfires, and hills . . . Dressed in his upper middle-class Irish or Scottish finery, he’d catch scent of a young human female. Following her, watching her, he’d listen in on her innermost thoughts and desires. Then, as if by magic, he’d suddenly appear, leaning casually against a rock or tree, with a clay or wooden pipe (non-lit) pursed in his full, pouty lips. To describe him as handsome would be a vast understatement, for both his face and body would somehow exactly match the ideal man of this maiden’s dreams! The air would shimmer around him, enveloping them both in a sweet, intoxicating mist, drawing her ever closer. She’d hold her hand out to him…if she could but touch him, and prove this is only the sweetest dream…

And it’s then that the Gancanagh would spring the fatal trap. One touch of his skin…just one touch…renders the woman instantly, insatiably, and irreversibly addicted to him. At that moment she becomes his possession, his to do with as he wants (and he usually wants repeatedly, often, and in the most inappropriate of locales). The Gancanagh wouldn’t care if that very morning the young maiden was as pure, pious, and virtuous as the driven snow. She was now his slave, and each moment spent together was another piece of her own will (and good name) gone.

Could other people see this Gancanagh? Yes. But to those not under his spell, he would appear as an absolutely ordinary stranger. Indeed, for the men who might have previously been wooing that maiden, his power over her would be completely unexplainable, confusing, and maddening. For the girl’s family, there would be shame and horror at her actions and behavior. And for the rest of the town (and into the surrounding villages, depending on how rigorous and scandalous the exploits), the girl was now an outcast. Shunned as a harlot, a floosy…and all the other charming terms that usually accompanied those.

Another chilling, yet telling, trait of the Gancanagh . . . is this Fae’s absolute delight at sharing a raunchy, bawdy bit of gossip, bragging, and jokes with other men. Oh, how he loves to boast about his conquests, and goad other men into doing the same!

But what would become of the girl? I’m afraid her fate was sealed with that first touch. Aside from shape-shifting, this particular Faerie’s “gift” is a type of toxin secreted through his skin. If a sexually-mature female comes into contact with it, they’re done for. Instant, total, hopeless addiction, for which there is no cure. When the Gancanagh becomes bored, and he quickly does, he disappears…literally. Leaving the poor lass obsessed, thinking of nothing but him. The rest of her short life is spent in an increasingly frantic search, pining for her lost love, and driven to progressively more destructive fits of utter madness and paranoia. Finally, interested not in food, drink, nor sleep…the girl will die of a broken heart.


Generations ago, a poor Irish farmer and widower tragically lost his only daughter to the wicked clutches of one of the Gancanagh -- a male faerie who is notorious for seducing innocent and unsuspecting women, only to leave them to pine for their lost love before succumbing to a broken heart. Grief-stricken by this tragic loss, he remained in mourning for several years before finally remarrying in order to ease his loneliness and rebuild his life. When his (much younger) wife fell pregnant, he prayed for a son, but as fate would have it his second daughter was born. Paranoid that she would one day meet the same fate as her sister, he beseeched an eccentric 'faerie doctor' (one who has much experience with, and knowledge of, the ways of the faeries and other supernatural beings) for help and advice. The doctor gave a blessing of protection to the babe, as well as a strange recipe of roots and herbs which he bade him to brew as a tea, and give her to drink upon her nineteenth year.

Down through the years, this 'ritual' has been performed for each and every daughter born within the farmer's bloodline, even among his descendants. However, some of those descendants migrated to the New World, whereupon they lost their traditions, and subsequently the means of protecting their daughters from wanton harm. Centuries later, a young girl just turned nineteen has travelled back to the Emerald Isle to visit family, and the same cunning, lascivious Gancanagh (YC) from ages past has his eye on her. Only for him to discover that she is of the same lineage as the farmer from long ago, the very one who denied and 'stole' generations of lovely young girls from him. Now he means to have his way with her -- if he can get to her, that is, before she is persuaded to drink of the herbal recipe which her native relatives have kept to this day, the one that can make her utterly immune to his charms.

- - - - -

I should have more plots coming soon. And if you don't see any stories here that grab you, no worries. I am always keen to discuss any ideas or cravings you yourself might have and seeing if we both want what you have in mind.

Thank you for taking the time to read through. If you've made it this far, congrats! Please PM me if you're interested!
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Mar 31, 2019
UPDATE: Not currently looking for roleplay partners, as I'm pretty booked at the moment. Thank you for stopping by!
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