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Sep 4, 2019
1. This thread is an updated version of my previous title. It is meant to include more of my interests, as well as incorporate more detail into what it is I am looking for out of my partners, as well as any and all potential storylines. While of course, remaining the simplicity and to the point narrative that I always try to convey.

2. Please do not reply to this thread. I want to keep it neat. If what you read below should spark any interest in you, feel free to shoot me a private message.

3. I unfortunately don’t have much time these days due to real life. If you’re looking for someone who can pump out multiple replies a week, I won’t be the partner for you. Honestly, it’s really hard to say just how much I can give you in a specific amount of time. Some weeks will be better than others, and you may hear from me more often. Though do not expect this all of the time. My schedule isn’t the best for a passionate writer like myself, but I simply enjoy it all far too much to stay completely away. For me, such a task is utterly impossible. Also, please bare in mind that I am not one to leave another hanging for a response. I will always provide a notice regarding my potential absences should my schedule come between us and our story.

4. I write in third person, past tense. I simply will not write in any other way, as I feel this way to be the most engaging while providing the best reflection of what our characters are seeing, thinking, and feeling.


Hey there, all! My name is William, and I’ve been in the writing pool now for a very long time. If someone were to ever ask me just how long, well, I don’t believe I could answer that question. Writing and storytelling has been apart of me for the better part of my life. And while being twenty-one years of age, I’d think that it’s fair to say that I am no novice when it comes to such subjects.

I’m sure you’re all probably wondering just what exactly I enjoy as far as writing. Lucky for you all, that is a question that I can answer wholeheartedly! When it comes to the nitty-gritty of storytelling, I enjoy a multitude of genres. Everything from a good, steamy, erotic adventure to the more carefully woven plots of romance. Though who exactly is to say one couldn’t do both, right?

I’ve also dabbled in a few fantasy settings, as well, but find that the modern day slice-of-life style stories are my profound comfort zones. However, that isn’t to say that I won’t/couldn’t engage in a fantasy setting. Or even science fiction! I have some ideas revolving around these two genres, but nothing exactly solid just yet. If you’re curious at all, let me know! I could use another mind to help me build something!

My Partners.

When it comes to finding the right writing partner(s) for a story, I must be honest and admit to the fact that I am quite selective. I don’t want to come off as some over confident jerk, but I will not write with just anyone. I look for certain qualities that are simply a must for a good, well written story. Qualities that I will dive more specifically into now.

1. Detail is a big one for me. I can’t get invested into any story if my partner doesn’t put forth equal effort. Tell me what your character is feeling, describe the world/setting that’s taking shape, and leave me yearning for your next reply. As for myself, I normally mirror what my partner gives me. However, I do tend to get a little carried away at times and deliver an over abundance of words, letters, and paragraphs. It really just depends on how invested I am into the story, and how well my partner and I click. Which is why that I’m so keen on finding only the best matches that fit my style. I don’t want to waste their time, anymore than they want to waste mine.

2. While detail is extremely important and an essential factor in storytelling, there has to be a balance. That is where quality over quantity comes in. Certain parts of any story may involve two or more characters chatting back and forth, with not much going on around them. In this case, less quantity might be necessary for a better flow to said story, while still retaining the same level of quality throughout the play through. This is a common ground that we as writing partners must find with one another to establish just how we want the story to flow. One thing that I’ve found during my years of writing, is that quality over quantity is a bit of a wide spectrum, having different meanings to different people. As long as this common ground is found, the story can flow at a better pace, and provide all parties involved with the story to have a much more exciting, relaxing time.

3. As I stated above, I don’t have every minute of every day to sit down and write. I have a busy schedule and it does require my attention more often than not. With that being said, you can expect my communication to be fair regarding this matter. Also, don’t be afraid to give me a little poke if you haven’t heard from me in a little while. I don’t bite, I promise! I just ask that any of my potential partners be understanding that I have a life outside of this site, as well as even my own writing. You can surely expect myself to return this courtesy.

Plots & Pairings.

If you have hopefully made it this far, I commend you. You’re already one step above most, and we haven’t even spoken yet!

What you will find here is a list of a few plots and pairings revolving around the stories that I enjoy, and am currently craving. Some are more put together than others, while others require that special partner to assist in putting together the final pieces. Some are more erotica heavy, while others will tend to be a mixture of erotica and romance. Perhaps a little science fiction? Maybe some fantasy? You’ll just have to scroll down to see for yourself...

(Plots being added almost daily!)

Also, please note that before you read on, nothing you read below is set in stone. If you should spy something that catches your eye, but have an idea that you think might add something to the story, speak up! I love to brainstorm with my potential partners to build a plot that works for both parties. I want my stories to lead somewhere. While they may come off, or start with heavy erotica, that doesn’t mean that you and I can’t sit down and pick a new direction for our characters to travel. If I were to sit down and plan out each and every little aspect for all of my plots, that just simply wouldn’t be much fun now would it? There has to be a little room left on the table for plot development, always.

Happen to have your own original story? Hit me with it! I’m all ears and open to anything you want to throw my way.

Character names are another subject that is open for debate. The ones you read below, are merely just fillers for the sake of the plot summary to give a better representation of said plot as a whole. As well as to paint a more lively, vivid picture for the sake of imagination. I welcome any and all original characters that my partners may have, or create.

1. Forbidden Romances in all of the Wrong Places- William and Scarlet have never met before. Two young adults that have both been equally estranged from either of their single Father and Mother for an entire three year cycle. Dating back to the very divorces that ignited such drama between them all. Divorces that viewed significantly unfair to William and his Mother, regarding his Father. As well as Scarlett and her Father regarding her Mother. Both estranged parents having been unfaithful to the other...When the Christmas season arrives one chilly, snowy December day in upstate Maine, both William and Scarlet receive a letter from either of their now distant Father and Mother. Both letters inviting them to their new home in Maine for the Christmas holiday to reconnect and leave what was in the past, in the past for good. Both invitations also stating that they are happily remarried, and simply longing for the closure lying in the forgiveness of their children. Reluctantly, both William and Scarlet decide to make the journey as they themselves also hope to patch up old wounds.


Upon arriving to what they both believed to have been the right house in the desolate, quiet, snow covered country of northern Maine, there is strangely no sign of either of their parents. The two young adults quickly find themselves in a slightly awkward situation upon first meeting as neither of their parents had bothered to mention that their new spouses had also invited their son and daughter to commemorate the occasion. Oblivious to the blizzard about to hammer the entire state, how with these two seemingly unfamiliar strangers cope with being trapped in their parents’ new home as they ride out the storm together? Both have been taking glances at one another since their arrival...longing for a warm body to slide up next to as the temperature continues to plummet.

2. Lessons Learned- Natalie Massey is a successful High School teacher in her late twenties. She is a sweet, kind-hearted soul by nature, and is happily married to her High School sweetheart of ten years. Despite her innocent sense of life, Natalie also harbors another side to herself. One that rarely comes out to play...but is nearly unstoppable when brought to light. You see, Ms. Massey is a complete, and total bombshell. With a body that would make even the Devil melt like ice, and an ass so bouncy and round that grown men weep like children just due to the fact they’ll never get the chance to punish someone so perfect. Various students and staff members, both male and female, that share the hallways with this delightful piece of candy long endlessly to have their way with her, but unfortunately can only fantasize of such wicked deeds. What does Ms. Natalie think of this? Well, she certainly isn’t oblivious to the attention, that’s for sure. As loyal as she truly is to her husband, she just can’t help herself at times when she catches one of her pupils staring, teasing them with her subtle little winks and sways. For Natalie, it’s all just an irresistible game of cat and mouse that quite simply makes her time at work fly by. A game that gets her sweltering hot for the one lucky soul in this world that is fortunate enough to bare witness to the secret, hot little side of Ms. Natalie Massey...

Until that one...little...fatal mistake.

It’s a Friday evening after school hours, and Natalie has just finished her end of day duties and is now involved in a steamy little sexting conversation with her husband...or so she thinks.

William is a Senior at the school, and has quite the reputation around campus as the silver tongued devil that seemingly never fails in laying down any delicious little treat he might set his sights on. He’s tall, hard, lean, and built to please. As a matter of fact, he’s been drawing the attention of his history teacher for a few years now. Though she’d never admit to herself, William has always been the prime target for her teasing. As well as the only one whom she’d get just a tad bit physical with...just enough to raise her libido to the perfect level. Harmless, right?


What will Ms. Massey’s reaction be when she comes to realize that who she’s sending these provocative little pictures and texts to is actually one of her students? The very one whom she is secretly weak in the knees for. The only other person in the world besides her husband who is more than capable of unlocking that unholy side of her. Breaking her, and wrapping her up in an adventure full of lust, sin, and desire that she can’t escape from. An adventure that she finds herself wanting to continue...over, and over again.

3. Revenge, Sin, & Passion- The plot that I have for it is still rough around the edges and isn't totally finished as of yet. However, I can still give you some of the basic information, and we can go from there. Two brains are much better than one when putting a story together, right? Oh, and this does not require any potential partners to play two female leads. It is only optional.

The plot consists of three friends by the names of William Rogers, Arianna Richardson, and Arielle Myer. The setting would be a party at their University in celebration of spring break. Classes have just let out, and campus shenanigans begin to take the grounds by storm the lower the sun sets.

Amongst this chaos, are Arianna and Arielle. However, they aren't exactly in the spring break spirit after being ignored by their overly intoxicated boyfriends. The two girls were craving a much needed escape from the stress of their studies, and if their boyfriends wanted to misbehave and play with other girls, then they would just have to do the same and seek out their own new toy.

After a few drinks to conjure up a plan, the two eventually find themselves standing just outside the dorm to one of their long time friends, William. Who hasn’t been too involved in the same celebration as the rest of the University... The poor boy is exhausted from his grueling work schedule, and must drag himself out of bed in just five hours for yet another round of it all. Due to the endless, pounding noise of the various parties happening all throughout his building, he hasn’t slept a wink. However, what will he do when he hears two tipsy little voices calling out to him in a lecherous manner as they await their invitation to beautiful sin...?

I was thinking this could potentially go many ways. One of these ways being, are the girls so tipsy that they’re judgement is clouded? Perhaps this is something that they’d never do, and will come to regret their decision when they find themselves laying naked next to William in his dorm. Would they even remember? Perhaps some potential blackmailing could occur from their mistake after they try and brush it all off and move on. Unluckily for the two of them, William isn’t quite finished with them just yet...

(End Plot Summaries.)

Unfortunately, these plots are the only three that I’ve had the time to really put together and make whole. As for the settings revolving around fantasy/sci-fi, I have a few extremely vague plots running about my brain, but no idea what direction I want to go with them. A story revolving around a Neko or Vixen(Fox Girl) would be fun. If that sounds like something that you might want to explore, hit me with your best shot!

Again, I love to brainstorm and bounce ideas off of my partners. I’m stating all of this once more because I just can’t stress it enough. I am negotiable with the details revolving around my plot. After all, finding common ground is key to a good story. However, in order to obtain this key, strong communication is a necessity between both parties in the story building process. That being said, don’t be afraid to hit me with any and all ideas that you might have! I’m all ears to see what you’ve got hidden up your sleeve, and am very much looking forward to it.
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