Tiraka Village

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Jan 3, 2019
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In the far north, there is a mountainous land covered in ice caps, large caves with catacombs and mines, and grave sites for the fallen elves. This land is mostly barren, but the flatter regions are adorned by thick patches of evergreens. Deep in one of the larger arctic forests is Elwood's sister city, the Ice Elf village of Tiraka. Elves from all over are welcome here with open arms, although the climate does not suit the more tropical ones. The town is fiercely racist against most Dwarfs, and they are quite happy to be in an inconvenient and hard to reach place because they don't much care for human visitors either.

Given that they could have built on the barren lands, it is safe to say that the native population likes nature because they went out of their way to live among the trees. The village is frigidly cold, but it tends to be milder than the surrounding mountain because the wall of trees stop the wind from terrorizing it. The last Frost, Eria, is outspoken in her defense of nature and will kill any humans she encounters if they are seen hurting it. The rest of the snow elves would probably kill any human who approaches their village, or at least banish them, but they would make the death especially painful if said human destroyed one of their evergreen forests.

The village consists of the Frost Manor at the center of town. Eria is the unofficial leader of the whole village, but she's rarely seen, and so her appointed staff look after her place and her appointed mayor looks after the rest of this small and uneventful town. Even most of the ice elves end up getting bored and leaving, only to return once they are old, so a large percentage of the population is elderly. Hence their added hatred for humans. They don't much care for change here in Tiraka Village.

- Places of interest -
? (Same as the other Elven village? Shops specializing in exotic ranged weapons and a minor specialization in magic?)

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Ice Peaks

- Village and description created by Vanessa
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