Dark Gay Horror SciFi To serve the Legion (Fallout rp)


Nov 6, 2021
I want to do a Fallout roleplay about the Legion using a Centurion I made called Gunter. I've got a rough idea for the story so give it a read and drop me a message if you're interested!

The idea I have follows the Legion from Fallout New Vegas. The Legion tried their best and gave the NCR a run for their money but in the end they lost the battle of Hoover Dam. Caesar was killed and all seemed lost. Even the mighty Lanius could not best the Courier but the Courier did not slay the Legate when he had the chance.
Instead, he spoke to him and was able to make Lanius leave the battle, convincing him that, due to the Legion being unable to sustain itself, even if they did somehow win this war it wouldn’t count for much in the long run. Angered by his defeat but unwilling to let the Legion fall, Lanius gathered the last of his men and left the Mojave, thus ensuring the Legion did not die at Hoover Dam.
Lanius vanished for years, travelling throughout the territory owned by the Legion and seeing the problems within it, seeing how it was slowly falling apart and learning that the Courier was right. Over time he decided that without his aid the dream of the Legion would die. Determined to ensure it did not, he returned to Flagstaff, the capital of the Legion, and claimed the title of Caesar for himself. Lanius began a series of reforms that changed certain things about the Legion and, hopefully, would see it endure the ages.
Our characters are part of the Legion. My character is a Centurion and leader of the cohort that your character is part of. While Gunter is a veteran who fought at the Dam, you'd be one of the men who was born into the Legion shortly before the Second Battle for the Hoover Dam and has yet to really prove themselves in combat. They are part of a force dispatched into Arizona with a group of ‘enforcers’ to put down a tribe that has rebelled against Legion rule, it would be the first ever real deployment of your character and he'd thus be eager to prove himself.
The cohort does well during the following battles, earning glory and praise from their superiors for both their skill in combat and their unique tactics. This earns the notice of the Centurion in overall command of the mission, who decides to bring the cohort with him on his journey back to Flagstaff. There they are made part of an invasion force being led by Lanius personally that is being used to blood a new generation of warriors.
The new Caesar intends to capture a number of small towns and villages on the border of Legion territory. This will have several benefits, the area is filled with farms and fresh water which will aid the Legion greatly, it will give the newest generation of warriors a chance to prove themselves and earn experience in battle while also testing a number of new tactics Lanius and his advisers have developed.
After that the plot would follow our characters as they prove themselves time and time again, first against the Brotherhood of Steel, then later against a number of small local tribes that they help absorb into the Legion. Eventually the NCR, which have begun to advance into Legion territory, would become the focus of the story as Lanius and our characters would have to work to stop the NCR advance before it endangers all the new Caesar has started to build.

I'm wanting this story to be really dark with all the horror one would expect of the Legion. Torture, abuse of slaves, I even want to include the very messed up view on women the Legion has. In short, I want to actually be playing characters from the Legion so anything really that could be considered 'evil' and messed up is welcome.
I'm thinking the new cohort Gunter has been given command of will be very eager to prove themselves but inexperienced and reckless leading to problems and friction between the Centurion and his new charges. Over the story though they'll learn to work together and become a truly powerful force.
Oh and Gunter is not the sort of man to fall in love with someone but if you want to have smut in this that's more than ok with me! Just don't expect cuddles afterwards. I prefer MxM for such scenes also.
But anyway, if you're interested in this drop me a message and I'll shoot you my Discord so we can get talking!

If you message me, please be:

Ok with a decent amount of smut (even though this is a more story focused rp I'd still like some steamy scenes).
Be able to respond more than once a week, daily preferred.
Be ok with and enjoy messed up themes/stories/actions.
Willing to play multiple 'NPC' characters.
Comfortable writing action from time to time.
Be able to write at least a paragraph (unless it's just dialogue) that is detailed and readable with as few mistakes as possible. If you make mistakes, edit the message and fix them when you spot them.
I live in the UK and would prefer someone from around my timezone since it can be tricky otherwise. A few hours later or earlier is fine but if we're super out of sync it'll be hard to manage us both being online for an rp.

About me:
I am a gay man looking for a mature, grim and long term roleplay.
I write in 3rd person.
In terms of what sort of rp I like to do, I like there to be a good story with some action here and there. All my rp's have more than our characters in them in the form of 'npc' characters and I prefer them to involve a decent helping of smut (although not all my rps need smut, it's just a preference).
If you need to know I play the top.
I am into almost everything in terms of special...interests in the bedroom (including some very weird ones) so don't be afraid to ask us to do/add something in.
I'm also more than happy to include lots of messed up stuff in the rp.
I prefer to use discord so we'll probably use that for anything we do.
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